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B&B - Hilarious CBS poll

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Who do you want to see Ridge with?

- Taylor 17.35%

- Brooke 18.19% :D For B&B's supposedly # 1 couple not too great results, eh!?

- Donna 0.00% :lol::lol::lol:

- Ashley 47.15%

- Someone new 17.31%

EDIT: Just checked the letter rip which is usually so incredibly filtered as if Chinese government were in charge at CBS. But Woaw! Even there; lots of anti-Bridge-letters and very loud disappointment in Brooke. Finally, people get things right. :;): Hopefully the writers will get a clue. Brooke either with or without any man for a while is very much needed. It's sick and tiresome.

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LOL...Letter Rip is so predictable. ATWT's is full of anti-Kack mail this week...I shudder to think what next week's will be like.

It's a conspiracy, don'tcha know. They publish the stuff that furthers the show's agenda.

Poor Eileen Davidson...Kyle Lowder and Ronn Moss? That's probably not exactly what she expected to be working with.

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