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All Soaps: Current Craziest Characters

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I was wondering who you think are the craziest characters on daytime as of now. I only watch GL and OLTL and GL right now is real good. As far as people who criticize it, its really been good lately.

As far as craziest characters, Beth and Lizzie on GL are definatly the craziest. Beth is funny and Beth Chamberlin plays her so well. You never know what she is going to do next. Lizzie is another one, she's always been a little unstable, but I think having unpredictable characters makes the show exciting. Reva and Alan also are unpredictable

OLTL on the other hand, Boring as ever. All the characters on the show are the same, they think they are saintly and theyre really boring and annoying as hell. For example both John and Natalie - it makes me wanna puke that theyre on almost every day. The only crazy characters are maybe sorta Todd or Dorian, but they both can be real annoying. Lindsay - the only one I seem to like anymore is like never on its a shame.

Are there any other shows that have crazy/unpredictable characters? Ha Im trying to find a new show to get into but there definatly gotta be a good villain or crazy..

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