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Days:SOW Spoilers

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Sneak Peeks

Week of March 26

EJ and Phillip strike a deal.

Kayla and Max head to Italy to investigate EJ

Hope uncovers evidence that could clear Chelsea.

Steve has a "shocking" encounter with a hospital orderly.

Philip arrives on the island.

Can't Miss - Thurs. March 29 - Shawn to Belle: "I love you!"

Week of April 2

EJ catches Sami in a lie.

Jack is back.

Max has a rendezvous with Abby.

Phillip finds Shawn, Belle and Claire.

SOW - Sami has a dream of a happy family with Lucas and the kids, and fills out a blank DNA results form and gives it to EJ. Says EJ buys it, or at least he pretends to...

What Will Happen

Shawn gets into trouble on the island.

Kayla asks Max to help investigate EJ

Hope breaks into Willow's room at the YWCA.

Kate and Chelsea set up Sami's place for the wedding shower.


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Sounds good. I like the EJ/Philip one. I knew once he targeted Shawn this would happen. It seems like we are seeing the EJ and Philip stories converging now. Good to see Hope in spoilers and I can't wait to see Jack. I hoping Philip finding Shelle and Claire means that we can get back to Salem now.

Looks like some good things. Steadily improving.

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If shawn and belle manage to escape again i will be so pissed..this on the run storyline has gone on long enough..Time to get Belle and Shawn back to Salem....the spoilers sound okay...the jack stuff kind of sucks because we have faux abby..and once again there is no Marlena in the weeks ahead from the looks of the spoilers...

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