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News Story in Leven chatting about Ava. I'll type it up later.


O Friday (meaning of next week), AMC fans will catch their first glimpse of Leven Rambin's (Lily) new alter ego: Ava. Her older, half-sister on her father's (Denny) side. Aidan encounters her when he takes a trip to Philly. "I'm so excited. It's gonna be a lot of hard work and it's gonna take forever, but I'm gonna do it and I'm gonna be happy about it!... I wasn't working forever, so I was literally like, 'Is it time to go to L.A.?'"

Nadine Aronson, a producer, called her one day and asked her if she has free time to come in. She told her Julie (H. Carruthers, Executive Producer) "wants to play around with your hair and makeup, just to test out something fun." Leven was like, "'Uhhh, I hope it's not a dead corpse kinda fun!'...They're always so hush-hush about everything. I couldn't get any more information out of her."

So they put brown in her hair and dramatic eye makeup, "I looked completely different from lily - but I still had no idea what it was for." She finally cornered Julie and asked her is Lily going to rebel, is this a fantasy for a day? Julie was like, "'No. it's going to be long-term...[Leven still assumed she meant Lily would be experiencing the change, so...] It's another character but it's not a twin.'"

Rambin can't say too much about Ava just yet, but she does add "I got a whole new wardrobe that's very revealing When Aidan finds her, he is really struck by the resemblance, obviously. He starts talking to her as though she's Lily, asking her is she's undercover and Ava is like 'Who are you? Get away from me!' But eventually, she'll come to town and there will be a lot of interaction with Lily, so it'll be a lot of split-screen stuff, which takes a long time...I would rather work all the time than never work. I just don't understand why it has to be one or the other!"

MARK LAMURA, NOW OF OLTL, DISSES ON AMC [That's not the title of the article]

Although LaMura played Mark on and off from 1976-1989 and has made several appearances since then, he says that he hasn't been watching his alma matter as of late. "I think they've run amok," he opines. 'Dismissing Julia Barr in the fashion that she was let go is disgraceful. She deserves far better... What can i say about that? Karma can be a dreadful thing....One thing he likes about OLTL is its apparent respect for the actors. "They allow the people who have actually been there awhile to actually have a say, and that's a good thing."


It's war between the Chandler spouses! Now that the truth about the paternity of Krystal's child is out, Adam sets out to get his revenge on Monday, April 2. On, Tuesday, April 3, a stubborn Krystal digs in her heels and refuses to leave the mansion.


Erica is hit by the harsh reality of her split from Jack.

Bianca makes a heartfelt appeal to Zoe.

JR stages a coup against Adam.

How is Zach coping with the recent revelations about his father?

TK: "He's shaken up, obviously. If you find out as a person that everything you've based your life on is a lie, that's gonna be a pretty hard one to take."

What was your reaction to hearing Kendall was coma-bound?

AM: "I was bragging to everyone: 'Guess what? I'm gonna be in a coma! I'm not gonna have to memorize lines' Then I got the script and I was like, 'Dude. Not only am I rambling up a storm, but I have fantasies that I'm awake! Can't I just enjoy the damn coma [laughs]?'"


A letter about the Broadway Cares event, that's from P.E.C. of Solvay, NY. In the Mail Bag an AMC fans says "JR and Babe should get back together. After all the times Babe hurt him and vice versa, they are meant for each other." And another viewer opines that Ryannie seems forced, "she has more going with Jonathan."

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I really am excited about this Lily/Ava storyline. Leven finally will be working again and I am glad. I was really afraid they were going to cut her loose. Use Leven while you have her AMC! Her wings are just beginning to spread. I hope Ava gives Colby a run for her money :lol:

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