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AMC: SOW Scoops

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Via Jules at the Z/K Messageboard

Week of March 12:

Alexander continues to torment Zach.

JR swears to Babe that he's changed.

Bianca blasts Barbara.

Zach is freed by Kendall's love.

Can't Miss: Thursday, March 15: Ryan has a surprise for Annie.

Week of March 19: Adam goes on the warpath. Babe takes off. Zach makes Kendall a promise.

In: Stacy Haiduk (Hannah): Ethan's mother arrives March 27. The part is a contract role.

Dual Role: Beginning March 30, Leven Rambin (Lily) will take on the role of Ava, Lily's older half sister, on AMC. Ava lives life on the wild side, and Aidan can't believe his eyes when he spies the racier "Lily".

The main stories are Krystal telling Adam about the baby, and McTavish's firing.

Regarding McTavish, SOW gave her credit for the babyswitch storyline with Bianca and Babe, and the Zach/Kendall romance, and cited as lowlights Bianca's rape, Erica's unabortion and Dixie's death, with the jury out on the Zarf/Zoe storyline.

"At press time, set sources said two writers already on the AMC team would take over head-writing duties, with former Y&R headwriter Kay Alden (who has been consulting for months) taking a more active role in the direction of the show. Tune in tomorrow to see if the three gel and become permanent..."

Also, for those hoping to see Michael, William de Vry reappears as Storm Logan on B&B on March 12.

SOW gave the discovery that Alexander Cambias Sr. is the Satin Slayer a Miss.

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Thanks Jules at the Z/K board :)

The main story is that Tad finds out he's Charlotte's father.

Week of March 19:

Krystal's lies light a fire under Adam.

Erica and Josh reach a new understanding.

Babe and Little Adam go missing.

Meet the newest Fusion girl--Zoe!

Can't Miss: Wed., March 21: Annie gives Ryan her answer.

Week of March 26: Tad sets out to destroy Adam. Bianca makes a plea to Zoe. JR stages a coup.

Winners and Losers:

Winner: Zach. He wrestled the trigger away from Alexander. (Too bad he wasn't around to save the day on GH, too!)

Loser: Kendall. She ditched her bodyguards to go meet "Zach", which her real hubby would have never asked her to do.

Comment from the Peanut Gallery: Did AMC's Ryan really crack the Satin Slayer murder case with an online karaoke machine? Or have we been hit in the neck by a dart?

There was a letter criticizing the choice of Alexander as the Satin Slayer, and a letter praising CM for granting the interview about his busy life.

Viewers' Voice:

What did you think of the Satin Slayer?

46% It was horrible! We lost Dixie, Simone and Erin.

40% Loved it.

14% Thought it was lame.

Mail Call: AMC: Binks needs a storyline of her own.

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