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The Hiccups With No End


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I always heard that if you did the following, it would stop 'em. It always did it for me.

Lay on a bed facing up. Scoot yourself halfway off the bed. Let your body relax while you just hang there...tummy up...and take a deep breath. Hold it for just a while and then slowly let it out. Repeat three or four times. Get up. See if the hiccups are gone. If they're not, do it again.

All in all......this is probably the weirdest story I've heard in a long while!

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There was something on the news today about another woman whose hiccups have gotten so bad she has had to quit working and stay in her apartment all the time. Her hiccups are so loud they can be heard outside her home. She also has a problem with her arms and legs shaking.

They said doctors think they are related, but are unsure what caused them to happen. She has had the hiccups for awhile now.

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