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This disgusts me ...


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I went to school with this guy! He always was an ass ... we never got along.

I'm so against stuff like this. Ugh. Makes me sick.

It's always weird to see my area in the news. Nothing ever happens in Indian River County Florida. :lol:

My house also had a jar of the contaminated peanut butter. Thank god I'm allergic! And luckilly, no one got sick from it, even though they ate some of it. Ew.

Motorcross Porn Arrest

Jessica Edwards

February 16, 2007 - 5:04PM

A local internationally-known Motocross biker is behind bars Friday night, arrested for child porn charges. 20 year-old Vero Beach biker Garrett Edmisten was headed out of the country when deputies arrested him in Indian River County. The sheriff's office says an undercover detective posed as a young girl and chatted explicitly with Edmisten. He's ranked 11th in the World in his GNCC league.

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And actually, a year ago or so, an old friend of my dad's (and mom's), who still lived in town, was arrested for child molestation. I knew him as a kid, but was never ever alone with him so ... nothing happened, but my god, sometimes you never really know. It's unbelievable. And the kicker? His wife ran a daycare center ... out of their HOME.

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