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Executive Producer

Julie Hanan Carruthers

Directed by

Jill Ackles

Written by

Karen Harris

Barbara Bloom

Marla Kanelos

Casandra Morgan

Beth Milstein

Anne Schoettle

Judy Farrell

Hannah Shearer

Elizabeth Snyder


Neal Bell


Thom Babe


Hope Harmel Smith

Coordinating Producer

Mercer B. Barrows, Jr.


Wendy Riche

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    • @Vee I can't believe that article first came out this year. Feels like so much longer. I see that she is still playing victim, claiming she did all this because people weren't supportive enough of her knee surgery. People only felt sorry for Nancy Kerrigan for about three months, I'm not sure what the hell she expected.
    • I enjoyed Bill and Katie's scenes, best work from Don Diamont in awhile. @Noel Sheila could make a lot of money in LA  Please register in order to view this content
    • I haven't been able to watch or read recaps, I've been really busy.  Has the current Jeff interacted with Monica at all?  The characters were married once.   It was a really big storyline, Monica married to Jeff but she was also involved with his brother Rick.  I remember watching that live. I mean, if they're going to have dialog about Jeff's commitment issues, shouldn't Monica come up in the conversation somewhere?  In that case it was Monica's commitment issues but ... that could have affected Jeff's future interactions.
    • Please register in order to view this content                                   BEN PIAZZA   THE DOCTORS        Unknown Role "Beyond the Shadow of a Dream"  week of  11/18/1963 LOVE OF LIFE        Jonas Falk       1965 THE SECRET STORM        Unknown Role             11/1965 ANOTHER WORLD              Man     1965 FOREVER FERNWOOD    Bob Truss                1977 GENERAL HOSPITAL          Unknown Role       Unknown Year DALLAS                       Walt Driscoll         1982-83 SANTA BARBARA        Dr. Rawlings               1986 DYNASTY                      Dr. Charles Hampton     1988-89 GENERATIONS             Judge Alan Spencer       1989 also..... THE WALTONS     George Reed     1974 THE WAVERLY WONDERS      George Benton    1978 THE CHISHOLMS    John Sutter       1980 Appeared in two episodes as Dr. Josiah Bartlett on SAINT ELSEWHERE (1986-87)-- Mark Craig's former mentor. movies A DANGEROUS AGE   David     1957 THE HANGING TREE     Rune     1959 NO EXIT    Camarero   1962 TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME, JUNIE MOON    Jesse     1970 THE OUTSIDE MAN     Desk Clerk   1972 THE CANDY SNATCHERS       Avery     1973 THE BAD NEWS BEARS      Bob Whitewood   1976 I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN     Jay Blake    1977 NIGHTWING      Roger Piggott     1979 THE CONCORDE:    AIRPORT '79     Associate    1979 THE BLUES BROTHERS      Father      1980 BLIND TOM: THE STORY OF THOMAS BETHUNE     1981 WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS    Bill Wrather     1982 MASK        Mr. Simms     1985 CLEAN AND SOBER       Kramer     1988 ROCKY V        Doctor     1990 GUILTY BY SUSPICION   Darryl Zanuck     1991   Playwright :  Wrote  the play Khaki Blue in 1969. Married to Dolores Dorn (1967-79). Died of AIDS Related Cancer in 1991 and was survived by his companion of 18 years, Wayne Tripp.
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