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November 23, 1989

Created By

Frand and Doris Hursley

Executive Producer

H. Wesley Kenney


Jerrry Balme

Directed By

Marlena Laird

Written By

Gene Palumbo

Maralyn Thoma


Jeanne Glynn

Ellis Marcus

Cindy Jerney Prial

Elizabeth F. Snyder

Linda Hamner


Peggy Schibi

Larry Starkey

Jack Turley

Victor Gialanella

Story Consultant

A.J. Russell

Coordinating Producer

Bob Bardo

Associate Producer

Marty Vagts

Accosiate Directors

Diana Antisdel

Ron Cates

Jolie Lynn Barnett

Casting Director

Marvin Paige, C.S.A.

Art Director

James Ellingwood

Assistant Art Director

Gregory D. Strain

Production Associates

Susan Klinenberg

Diana M. Horn

Teri Wheeler-Weidel

Production Coordinator

Michael B. Bezyack

Script Continuity

Marlene Clark

Associate Casting Director

Lisa M. Snedeker

Writers Assistants

Susan August

Dwight D. Smith

Original Music By

Tom Bahler


John Bahler

Music Supervisors

Stephen Reinhardt

Michael Dobson

Theme Music By

Jack Urbont

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