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September 20, 1982


Macdonald Carey as Dr. Tom Horton

Written By

Margaret De Priest

Sheri Anderson


Maralyn Thoma

Executive Producers

Mrs. Ted Corday

Al Rabin


Ken Corday

Directed By

Kenn R. Herman

Location Scenes Directed By

Al Rabin

Assistant Producer

Beth Milstein

Music Composed By

Ken Corday

Ken Heller

ron Elfving

Charles Albertine

Tommy Boyce

Bobby Hart

Music Coordinator

Marty Davich

Unit Managers

Lou Onofrio

Fran Zawalonka

Art Director

Chip Dox

Assistant Art Director

Joe Stewart

Mary Weaver

Production Coordinator

Becky Greenlaw

Production Assistants

Sheryl Harmon-Ware

Anne Schoettle

Production Secretary

M. Jacobson Kobber

Associate Director

Becky Greenlaw

Stage Managers

Carl McCarthy

Roger W. Inman

Casting By

Doris Sabbagh

Wardrobe By

Lee Smith

Makeup By

Carol Brown

Hairstyling By

David Blair

Technical Diretor

Jerry Weiss

Lighting Director

Herb Margolis


Tom Ruston

Senior Video

John Dirnberger

Videotape Editors

Robert Veatch

Gary Cheney


Roy Holm

George Meyer

Debbie Brawner-Wade

Sound Effects

Geoff Cooper

Supervising Producer

Patricia Wenig

A Corday Producers Inc.

Columbia Pictuers Television Presentation

Copyright 1982

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