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Days Spoilers!!!!

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Shawn confronts Mimi after overhearing her conversation with Bonnie

Philip supports Belle in the emergency room

Bo comforts Hope in the hospital waiting room

Chelsea is angry with Billie

Sami and Lucas prepare to take Will on a family outing

E.J asks Sami out on a date

Bo and Hope take a walk on the docks

Bonnie finds Mimi after Shawn walked out on her

A hooker gives Shawn a angel medal

Bo and Hope wake up on the boat together

Mimi visits Patrick at the courthouse before his hearing

E.J and Kate are optimistic about Stephanie's chances

Mimi tells Bo and Hope that Shawn has left her

Belle's condition is critical

Abby finds a note on the garage floor

Hope talks to Shawn about his situation with Mimi

Belle begs Philip to protect her baby

Stephanie is upset when Steve arrives with Billie

Bo presents the evidence against Patrick

Stephanie is taken to the trauma center

Billie urges Steve to go to the hospital for Stephanie

Max blames himself for the accident

Shawn drops his suit for custody of Claire

Dr. Ross tells Philip he must choose between Belle and the Baby

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