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  1. I'm glad they addressed Connie's death. I knew Tracy would feel guilty about that, and I'm glad to see that acknowledged. Those scenes with Olivia/Tracy/baby made me want the judge to find in Lulu's favour so we could have these women - all three generations - interacting on a regular basis.
  2. I think it speaks to JE's awareness of children, that she keeps adjusting her position so the baby could play with that button. As for the 'replacing Laura' theory, I think it's a bunch of hogwash spouted by people who can't seem to get their heads around the fact that Tracy has been Luke's partner for the past decade. It could be completely argued that Tracy was OOC making her way to Luke on that island, but after one episode it was so obviously Tracy - the dialogue, the bravado without the gun skill to see it through, the willingness to fight for him and with him at all costs. That's LuNacy and always has been. Tracy has been his sidekick on more than a few adventures along the way, and we know what lengths she'll go to to save the people she loves. And with the recent stuff, it's all true to the TraLu relationship as well. Tracy has been the one consistent parent in Lulu's life for that decade. No matter what was going on with Luke at any given time, Tracy has made a point of reassuring Lulu that none of that changes how much Lulu means to her. In return, Lulu has been the most consistent child in Tracy's life, so it's a mutual experience. I am not surprised in the least that Lulu would want Tracy looking after her baby. Months ago, almost a year by now, TPTB, JE and TG all said LuNacy were getting back together. The LnL-obsessed don't want to acknowledge that and are coming up with theory after theory to explain why the couple they think they deserve (don't even get me started on how idiotic that concept is) didn't happen. It usually ends with the same conclusions - TG writes the show and gets what he wants, GF is even more a victim in real life than Laura is on the screen, JE is the evil witch taking over everyone else's life, and TPTB are spineless in enforcing what 'everyone' wants. It's all deck chairs on the Titanic - only their 'ship' sank in the first years of this century. The Epiphany thing was funny. Her name gets more screen time than the character herself. And it's all contrived. That's what makes soaps so fun. It's campy with OTT emotionality mixed with a paperback's sense of romance.
  3. I want Tracy to get that baby. Their cuddles are so sweet.
  4. Part of me really wants Ellie to be Tracy's daughter and bring Spinelli back into Tracy's world. Part of me wants Maxie to get her daughter and have the family she wants so much. Part of me wants Lulu to get the baby, so we can see more cuteness with Grandma-Tracy and Grandpa-Luke. I will be happy and sad with any outcome of this trial and the show status of Ellie and Spinelli. As long as we get more Tracy and baby, I'm good. Those scenes were golden, and most of it was JE looking after the baby.
  5. LuNacy and the baby were so adorable. They couldn't help it - Luke and Tracy slipped, and Tony and Jane were babysitting. Even as Tracy said she wasn't that good with babies, I couldn't help but laugh because Jane is. And Mama is fiercely on Lulu's side, without a doubt. That's no surprise, but it's nice to see. When you're in with Tracy, you are in... no questions asked.
  6. We have a Tracy-sighting date: November 13th.
  7. Tracy in spoilers for next week supporting Lulu. Lante tell LuNacy about Connie/Georgie together, and then later Tracy is in the courtroom to support Lulu.
  8. As long as we have no further Mexican food references, I'm good. Even TG in the interview suggested it was awful terminology. Glad Robert and Anna escaped. We need some action. And I'm not at all opposed to Bobbie/Jerry scenes, even if it's just to get some idea of why we had a lovely Jerry for years, and now have this psycho.
  9. More than a piece - she's got the biggest chunk. It's hard to believe with all the static about Luke's pairings, that LuNacy is almost a decade old. It's the longest on-air pairing either of them have had, and it just keeps getting better. I really hope this team writes Tracy with fewer insecurities than the last teams. It seemed that was the place they went, but originally Tracy was fully confident in Luke's affections. The B&W ball changed so much for so many. I hope she starts to smile more, too. I was listening to the dialog yesterday, and Tracy keeps bringing up 'the doctor'. TPTB aren't subtle in the least, so that's significant. She's more concerned about the doctor than Luke seems to be. I wonder how it's going to play out when they realize that doctor was Robin.
  10. It's not much, but it's a shout-out to JE. http://tv.yahoo.com/news/50-years-looks-good-abcs-general-hospital-200222284.html
  11. LuNacy is the only reason I watch GH, and that's been true this past decade. Where there is that much spark and chemistry on the screen, one can't help but be drawn in.
  12. Who is Kate Hall? I finally saw the show - LuNacy truly was great. The tears in Tracy's eyes when he spoke plain English were powerful. She's wanted this for a long time. The thing that gives me the most hope was the last few lines about wanting it spicy. Remember in the early days when they played and teased? Then about year four or five, Guza got them into this rut of Luke running around behind her back and Tracy being a shrew. That wasn't the LuNacy that we fell in love with, but it was the one we had to endure, with a few extraordinary scenes to elevate it from the same-old-same-old. It started around the time he wrote that they had never been married in the first place - which did horrible things to the pair. I'm hoping we are heading back to the playful LuNacy who really were a force of nature. No more broken Tracy and reckless Luke. I want them scheming and manipulating, and laughing all the way to the bank.
  13. Oh... I can't wait to see the show! I'm so excited.
  14. Sabrina and Emma being Electra and Dynagirl are hilarious! They desperately need Princess Cleopatra to show up. That would be the best!
  15. None of that is going to happen. The Q's are even smaller now than they were last year, and all Tracy was given was some BS about relish. If anything, the shift from the Sonny obsession went to the Scorpios and Davises, not the Quartermaines. Now that's not a bad thing, but it certainly doesn't give any reason for Tracy to have something written to highlight her strengths. Being with Luke at least makes her multidiminsional. For years before Luke, she was the most a-sexual character on the entire canvas. Relationships aren't everything, but in a soap they are paramount. It seems Tracy has one of three jobs: Luke's wife, fighting for ELQ and propping other characters. None of that is about Tracy developing herself. So given the three, it's LuNacy all the way. At least we get JE's stellar scenes when she's with TG.
  16. Haphazard or not, Tracy with Luke is far more dynamic a character IMO than Tracy without. And vice versa. God knows the relish story didn't do anything for her.
  17. i hope Tracy lowers her guard and accepts what he's giving her, but this is Tracy - she won't believe him
  18. That sounds positive. She's pretty much convinced he doesn't remember what he said when he was dying, so if she doesn't believe him, it must be a repeat of his death-bed pledge of love. She might want the "whole meal" for herself, but when she's presented with it, she's too scared to take it.
  19. Yup, mostly just rumours. And TPTB seem to enjoy toying with viewers. Personally I think it's too easy to make Ben Lante's baby, but you never know. Most of these stories have so many turns and twists that the outcome is anything but logical. Lulu throwing miscarriage in Maxie's face as 'killing the baby' yesterday, was not out of left field. Neither was Brit's telling Faison the baby wasn't biologically hers. They may be clues or they may be red herrings. But either way, they weren't thoughtless drops. And we don't really yet know if it really is baby Georgie or baby Connie - Brit isn't exactly a bastion of truth. This baby story, as ridiculous as it is on the surface - the baby is clearly Maxie's as far as the story goes now - has the potential to tear apart the PC nano-sphere more effectively than any of Sonny's "mob wars" ever could.
  20. It's too soapy to have this baby story over in a month. I have seen the rumours about KS leaving and Maxie kidnapping 'Gorgie'. That to me is much more likely than a Shadybrook visit for Maxie. LuNacy with the baby will be sweet - JE and small children are awesome, even when Tracy is supposed to be awkward about it. I can see a scenario where Tracy or Luke or Sonny bribe or blackmail the judge into choosing in Lante's favour. Any of them would do it for a multitude of reasons. In the end Spixie will get their baby, but we're a long way from that. Has Ben as Lante's been confirmed anywhere, or is that still just viewer expectation?
  21. Hey guys, I haven't seen today yet, but it looks like the gloves are coming off with Lulu and Maxie. I wonder if TPTB are setting that up as the next big sweeps for February after Robin's story is told. If you think about it, on Lulu's side there is Luke, Tracy, Sonny, Olivia and Alexis, with all of their relations. On Maxie's side there is Mac, Felicia, Anna, Duke, Diane and perhaps Robert, if he sticks around, and all of those family members. Not only is that the dark side of the force vs. the light side of the force (Maxie and Lulu are at best grey compared to their respective families), but that's also a lot of friendships being challenged. If I was the writer, that's not a bounty I would stay away from. Spencers/Corrinthos vs. Scorpios/Jones. The only person who is truly in the middle aside from Baby Connie/Georgie, is Aunt Bobbie herself.
  22. that's quite the stretch. it was very Tracy and Luke. conspiracy theories are always ripe for the picking, and I think a large part of that is because certain viewers can't seem to tell the difference between GF and the "Angel". it doesn't take much of an imagination for an anonymous person to say their spoilers are wrong because there were last minute changes - not that they were just wrong or were playing a fanbase that is as gullible as all get-out but regardless of conspiracy theories, some things are just canon, period. Tracy saved Luke, period. Tracy and Luke are together, period. daydreaming another story is only fanfic, not canon
  23. I don't buy that. These weeks would have been in the can before the latest TG thing hit the gossip waves, and GF wasn't part of the story anyway. It's easy to feed conspiracy theories when you're anonymous. One of the rags does have them mentioned as part of November sweeps.
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