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  1. That's good to hear. There seems to be a general lack of something when it comes to Tracy's personal connections - at least the few times I've checked in. Is she any more intelligent, or are they still dumbing her down to make faux-Luke happen, or is it even on the radar with TG gone?
  2. For those of you still watching the show, I read a summary earlier today - Lulu is missing and NO ONE told Tracy? Seriously? Guza was many things that I didn't care for (not that these writers are any better with their Sonny/mob focus), but that's one thing he never overlooked. If it happened to Lulu, Tracy knew about it.
  3. It would seem the zenith of LuNacy was met prior to Jake's death. Since then it's scraps at best. I really hope when TG returns we have something worth watching. Until then, picking as are slim at best. What a shame for someone of JE's talent.
  4. ^^ In TG's last interview, he spoke about JE having a hard time with this story because of the fact Tracy was so OOC-dumb. That should be sign #1 that they need to rewrite the beast. At the very least have Tracy in on something, then they could justify her acting like this.
  5. You know, that would be fine if it didn't make Tracy look like such a damn fool in the end. She's protecting someone who can't even pretend to act like Luke, and she's supposed to be the smartest person in any room. That tidbit alone has turned me off this story completely. Stretching someone's character is one thing, changing it to something unrecognizable is a different matter altogether.
  6. Well... from an actor's POV, I can understand his interest. They don't get in this business to play just one character. But in catering to him, TPTB have done damage to all the other characters around him. I hope in the end it's worth it to them, because I can think of a number of other ways this could have been done without making those closest to Luke look like fools. I will grant the Luke/Fluke scenes were amazing, but it's a lot to pay for so little. From a shipper POV, it's nice that JE/Tracy is the other person he thinks of. No mention about the rest of the cast at all. But still, from the sounds of it TG is having all the fun and JE is doing all the work.
  7. I'm really praying that she's been working behind the scenes the whole time, and will be part of the team that exposes the impostor. fingers crossed...
  8. Real LuNacy or fake LuNacy? Because Tracy scheming isn't enough for me. Being manipulated by fake-Luke is not 'LuNacy working together' IMO.
  9. That's something, I guess. EDIT: As much as I'm hating this Fluke story (and I do), and I'm not seeing how great TG is playing Luke, I was absolutely blown away by the seen in the padded room. TG was phenomenal as a man drugged and desperate to regain his focus. His only outburst was about Tracy, and that focussed his mind. Hopefully she will be the key to figuring this one out, especially now that we know Ned will be sticking around. I really want to believe that TPTB aren't really making her so stupid about this.
  10. I was hoping for something that explained why his medical reports and his sexual partner of the past decade-plus, didn't see a difference in his body. I guess that tidbit of logic was too much to expect. Seriously, how many times has Luke been kidnapped? It's beginning to be as bad as him always the hero du jour in the early days. No imagination with TPTB.
  11. I like Gati. The fact that she's insane and campy one minute, and deadly the next, is part of why I like her. Overused.... of course. She's the creation of the current writers. It's always that way. Now on Mills - agree down the line. I never did get her appeal even in her heyday.
  12. I am so hoping that she is doing a job on 'Luke' and that she's working with her family to figure out what's going on. Tracy being a twit is not in the character. Distracted by her want, for sure, but this oblivious? Nope.
  13. I just finished watching the Nurses Ball. Without Obrecht/Kathleen Gati, that show would have been awful. Cute points for Emma, and the ending was sweet. But the opening with the nurses really was bad, and Willkommen was the perfect thing. I watched that one segment five times, lol. I hope they find a way to keep her out of jail permanently, because she is the best thing they have on that show. Even perennial favourite like our Tracy and Anna, have been boxed into a corner, but Obrecht is multidimensional.
  14. Remember when the wedding was something we couldn't wait to see? Not quite the same.
  15. There's a show still going on? I thought we just had a bunch of actors skipping from one character portrayal to another, none of them staying true to their original form, while a steady stream of well known extras paraded by. Huh... an actual show? With plot and everything? Wow... who'd a thunk...
  16. I don't think she was talking about her own children ILTQ, I think she was talking about society in general - what has happened in the timeframe of 33 years.
  17. Not I, and I think most fans will feel the same way. There are certain boundaries to push - racism, sexism, homo-sexism - then there are bounds of propriety that you don't push. Sex amongst the dead is one of them.
  18. I often wonder how that little incident would have played out in the era of social media. Even 30 years ago, there were a number of people disgusted, but the only media coverage of the day suggested this was a great love story. I was one of the ones disgusted, and I know I was not alone. Imagine if people back then would have been able to talk together, or at least read a different opinion in all the soap rags. Even so, I see this '30 million' thrown around like it's some sort of proof. Ridiculous. I'm with Morgan - how stupid and gullible were the fans back then? I don't think most of them were, they just didn't have many options, and with the promise of Liz Taylor, I might have put my concerns aside as well. My grandmother and sister certainly did. Most of the 'die hards' from what I can see, weren't even around to see it originally. I'm so glad RC faced that one head-on. As for Tracy, I'm not being entertained. Stupid is never a good look on her, nor is it historically accurate. Desperate is one thing, but stupid is something else.
  19. That annoyed me as well - rewrites that make sense are one thing, rewrites that are so obviously against the story are something else again. Luke DID sign a prenup for the second wedding, and it was an issue of discussion. Tracy held him to that, and I don't know if we ever knew about the signature being real, but Tracy's response of love was to tear it up and burn it. Everyone in both families were encouraging them because they were so obviously in love and weren't doing well without the other. The other part of this that bothers me is how they are dumbing Tracy down. Even mad at him, she could always see through him. One of the reasons LuNacy works is because they have never had blinders on and are well acquainted with the faults of the other. Tracy being portrayed as a woman desperate to overlook all of the strange things Luke is doing (while of course Sonny is given free abilities to see through the charade), is simply wrong. She is never that oblivious, and in fact is usually the first to smell something wrong. At this point I don't even care who 'Luke' is supposed to be. Both of them look like fakes of themselves.
  20. This Luke does know some pretty intimate things - like the 'whole enchilada' conversation. I realize it's a soap and they fudge things like this all the time, but surely Tracy would know the difference. They already seem to be making Sonny wise to Luke having a problem. Will they just treat Tracy like a mushroom? I know the last regime wouldn't have thought twice, but this team seems to treat her with more respect.
  21. I see in a spoiler that Tracy is also an intended target - that's far more interesting than having her simply duped
  22. why do they insist on making Tracy stupid? She's the smartest person in any room, and she needs to figure out that young women aren't lying about harassment
  23. they better not have her jealous of Kiki - for a whole host of reasons I'm truly hoping Tracy is worried that Kiki is trying to set Luke up, not that she came on to him on purpose
  24. Bill Eckhart is a lazy way to go, especially since they would be trying to convince us that medical records and Tracy's own knowledge of his body won't be able to tell the difference. The heart surgery scar alone would be a dead giveaway. Until the writers prove that they are that stupid, I'm going to hold out that it's more nuanced than that. Because he does have moments of Luke, then he goes into the darkness. I'm going for drugs and brain manipulation at the moment. I wonder who Ned thinks he is acting like. As for the LuNacy hates, they are really just LauraFF, and can't stand the fact that Luke is far better paired now. Luke and Tracy were together before this happened, and they will be together after it over. One of the things that amazes me about fans is how they latch onto characters who have almost no storyline potential - Laura, AJ, Liz - who are at best propping characters, and somehow blame TPTB rather than acknowledge that no... the character just does't work outside their original context, not if they are going to keep their personality intact. LuNacy haters don't really care about Luke it seems, they just seem duty-bound to protect their "Laura" from reality. Anna is one of the reasons I'm not convinced this is a replacement. Even she was having reactions to faux-Duke, but she had been away from him for about 2 decades, and knew he had been tortured. She was almost set-up form the beginning to dismiss the weirdness. On the other hand, Tracy has been involved with Luke almost constantly for the past decade. Neither woman is so unobservant that they wouldn't notice differences - in fact Tracy has called Luke on it a few times, and done some preliminary investigation. If they do go Bill Eckhart, I'm out. There is no logical way it can be justified.
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