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  1. Interesting show today, and it looks like Ben won't be kidnapped unless 'Mutter' can take out both Dante and Lulu. Nice to see the grandmothers working together. Probably wise for them not to tell the grandfathers right away, but I did think it strange that they headed for the launch rather than Lulu and Dante.
  2. Hopefully they will make that up at some point. When if involved Maxie, that was a young woman Tracy had some measure of affection for and interest in. Britch is wide open territory for destruction.
  3. Huh.... okay, I'm going to call it: Tracy and Sonny significantly interact during this story. If that's not a set-up, I don't know what is. While they've shared insults in the past (and there was that one time where they wrote Tracy afraid of Sonny - stupid writers), they are both being duped by someone who is not only younger, but he will turn out to be more stupid and 'hungry' in the wrong way.
  4. I'm with you, Halee. I hope Tracy doesn't look like an idiot after this story is over, especially after what happened today. A Barrett Industry mention... that does lend credence to the whole Bill Eckart thing. I just hope TPTB are a little more inventive than that. And surely a woman of Tracy's experience can tell the difference between Luke and an impostor in bed. Or is it just men who think women can't tell? I'm afeared that she might be a victim of the misogyny in the writing again in that regard. She's been the first to highlight his being off somehow. I hope she's the one that gets to follow that point through to it's natural conclusions. Wouldn't it be ironic if this was the thing that brought Sonny and Tracy together? I'm going to have to reread that ELQ/Barrett story. It's been far too long since that story happened for me to remember. What's a good version to read? (SN is double posting again)
  5. I'm starting to think this is Stavros, not Bill. Or one of the Cassidines. And I don't think he's a duplicate so much as someone has planted something in him. There's no reason to have Bill back.
  6. Agreed - Tracy is already fighting to get her Luke back, and if this turns out to be an impostor, Mama will be PISSED. It would be a set-up for his summer hiatus, though they've done the 'Luke is captured' thing a few times for that.
  7. They had Alzheimer's rumoured for Edward for years as well Spoilers say Ned points out that he is acting like someone they both know. Did either know Bill that well? I'm trying to figure out who they think Luke is acting like. Whatever TPTB are doing, it's different from what has been the LuNacy defacto story, so I'm willing to go along with everything.
  8. Alzheimer's still doesn't explain all of his actions, but it would be far more meaty than some of the alternatives they've given him. However that would be a 'whimper' not the 'bang' TG is reputed to have requested for the end.
  9. I would have liked Tracy to be a little more receptive, but I loved the laugh at the end. These two really are made for each other. I hope whatever the weirdness is that it brings them closer, and does't push them apart.
  10. I thought I recognized the hands with the ring in the previews.
  11. Wow... TG hasn't been able to do that for years. Good to hear.
  12. Any idea what they will be covering, Hooked?
  13. I was just on FB looking at the pictures for the 13000th's episode, and you know who's missing - every vet aside from Finola. I've lost complete interest in the show, so I'm not sure if people are actually tuning in, but it's hard to recognize anything as General Hospital. It's frustrating. Tell me when LuNacy graces our screen again and I might show up.
  14. Well, they have a lot of people in common, so it makes sense. Both are characters that are kinda hanging out there and isolated from the action.
  15. that will be nice to see. there's nothing appealing to me on GH at the moment
  16. Mmm... for all their 'great saviour' praise, they are still overplaying the hogs, and misusing their vets.
  17. That's so original. And the whole raccoon thing... this is why I really hate people in SoCal writing about reality around the Great Lakes. First raccoons would only be where there's food (not a boat house), secondly raccoons are rather silent unless they are fighting, thirdly there's no way that the main house would have any connection with the boat house when there is THREE FEET OF SNOW. Idiots
  18. 'pest' doesn't necessarily mean insect - but I agree, not the most inspiring of spoilers. at least she's being mentioned after way too long
  19. I'm in the same boat. When we see Tracy, then I'll get interested again. And Happy New Year to all from the frozen north. It's official - we were colder than Mars and Antarctica today! Windchill brought us down to -41C. (and yes, we were all out enjoying it )
  20. This is sweet - and a death that did NOT need to happen, at least not after this duo got together. With Sonny, not so much, but with Tracy there was BFF gold.
  21. Haven't watched any, Baby boy.... what's you opinion?
  22. TPTB might miss some on timing, but they've been fairly good about historical links. Cassidines aren't my strongest family for history, but I do know there are links between the Cassdines, ELQ and the Quartermaines, that have nothing to do with Luke.
  23. Oh boo... now I have to brush up on my Cassidine history. I wonder how they are going to mix LuNacy, the remnants of the Adventure Gang and the Cassidines... and possibly ELQ.
  24. All this means for me is a lighter holiday season for TV. Their pacing is horrible, and none of the stories going on currently hold my interest. Spin/Ellie/Georgie leaving isn't thrilling me in the least. Robin lost interest for me a long time ago. Jerry isn't real - never has been. Carly/Franco.... less said about that the better. And why, oh why does the term 'mob war' seem a constant on this show? Surely there is something else they can be doing.
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