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  1. Dern and Pitt have won the supporting trophies. And then Joaquin and Renée. Yet another rubber-stamp season, it appears...


    They gave Kristoff St. John a nice speaking clip (with Nichelle Nichols on Y&R) in the In Memoriam segment. Can’t believe it’s almost been a year...

  2. 16 minutes ago, Errol said:


    Before Disney+ was released, Disney noted that the streaming service would be for family oriented programming only. They have set Hulu up for the adult oriented programming, particularly the FX related content. If the ABC soaps were to have their libraries available on a streaming service it would definitely go through Hulu. Ironically, that's where the reboots were hosted for the short period they occurred. 

    Right right. Well, GH, Coronation Street, and Hollyoaks are all on Hulu now, so it would also make sense to put the old soap stuff there. 

  3. 46 minutes ago, Chris B said:

    There’s a rumor on Twitter that Peacock is negotiating to have the entire run of Days of Our Lives. If that happens it would be a game changer for soaps streaming!

    Totally would be. Would love to see how they’d handle the ‘80s, with all the music that would need to be removed. Perhaps the old episodes of the ABC soaps could then be viable for Disney+, if successful. 

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