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  1. 9 minutes ago, mikelyons said:


    I'm still waiting for soaps to give us a full integrated, functioning Asian family on soaps. We've had a stray character here, a product of a liaison from the Vietnam War there, but I want a dynamic family from Asia who are either working class & on the up or the richest family in town. 


    I wish soaps were still viable. This moment could allow for so much diversity, but daytime is playing it safe to hold on to a dying audience. 

    We briefly had the Voliens/Keemo on Y&R and the Chin family on AMC. Haley and Trask on DAYS were just a stunt. The problem is that these shows see themselves as essentially white and always have. They don’t want to give up too many spots to POCs, and they rarely allow the ones they do have to build a legacy.



  2. 5 minutes ago, DramatistDreamer said:


    It wasn't even as nice as a "striver", in most of those cases it was the one "uppity" sibling that had to be 'brought back down to earth' by the "hood" sibling. 

    Good point. In a lot of those cases, the “hood” sibling wound up eclipsing the “uppity” one, who was seen as either boring (Neil/Hank/Ben) or sanctimonious.

  3. 5 minutes ago, mikelyons said:

    Having minority characters as best friends and talk-to's is a trope of which all soaps carry collective shame. 

    I had posted this in the Y&R thread but it might be appropriate here:


    For a while, it seemed like almost every show with a black family did the goody-two-shoes striver with the “hood” sibling they were responsible for keeping in line.


    Y&R: Olivia/Dru, Neil/Malcolm

    OLTL: Hank/RJ

    GL: Gilly/David

    ATWT: Ben/Isaac

    11 minutes ago, SFK said:

    I didn't see these episodes but I've read that the show even went to the trouble of reshooting Addie's flashbacks of her sexual assault with a white actor in place of the original Asian actor.

    I guess they could argue they were undoing an ugly stereotypical story? It certainly didn’t feel that way at the time.

  4. 25 minutes ago, Khan said:

    I don't know whether this counts, but I was definitely appalled at seeing ATWT's Jessica and Margo fighting over Doc Reese like he was Mandingo.

    Oh dear. I remember how pathetic both of them looked. (Not gonna deny D.J. Lockhart-Johnson was attractive but still...)


    Oh here’s the clip of Margo salivating over him:


    Saw you covered “Kong” in the Y&R thread...

  5. Like a lot of Western culture, soaps have often had problematic relationships with race and depictions of people of color. We’ve spoken about this many times in different contexts on different soaps over the years, but what are the moments that leap to mind as particularly egregious?


    We talked a bit about Mamie as “mammy” in the classic Y&R thread. Recasting biracial Asian-American Mia Korf with white, Kentucky-born Kassie Wesley (later DePaiva) as Blair on OLTL, essentially erasing a key part of her history, ranks up there for me.

  6. 4 minutes ago, mikelyons said:

    I thought it was problematic as a 11 year old kid in 1994! I could never figure out why Mamie's name was so close to "mammy" when that was the crux of the relationship with the Abbotts. Couldn't they have named her Joan or Anne? I disliked it then and I dislike it now vis-a-vis the fantastic Y&R re-runs from the 80s & 90s.

    A lot of people did, I’m sure, but I rarely saw any criticism of Mamie in the soap media over the years. 

  7. 15 hours ago, Chris B said:


    Rumor has it Gigi almost got disqualified because they were told their lipsync videos had to be filmed at their homes and she went to a studio to have hers professionally done. They made her refilm it. All in all I thought all the videos had a good idea. Crystal suffered from poor execution. If it looked more put together it would’ve been my favorite. Jaida was stunning. Gigi’s was good but I was bored with the song. I do think Crystal should’ve done Rhythm of the Night. Ru would’ve loved that and it would’ve been a nice bookend on her lookalike comparisons. 


    I think the weird arts-and-crafty thing was what Crystal was going for, but I do feel it needed something else. Like a big full-costume reveal at the end as mentioned. 

    Ru seemed like she loved Jaida (in addition to how her win speaks to the moment). But if Gigi did indeed attempt to cheat, I can imagine that sealing Ru’s decision.

  8. 9 hours ago, GLATWT88 said:

    Was she the favorite to win? I didn't really watch this season, but I did see some crazy stuff on twitter. 

    I think Jaida’s edit this season laid her out as the favorite, although they provided arcs for Crystal (finding her quirky voice) and Gigi (early front runner rediscovering her confidence after several shaky weeks) to try to make them seem competitive. (To be honest: The mostly white Drag Race fan community have often diminished the black queens, so I’m not surprised if there’s controversy beyond the usual “my favorite didn’t win,” but I see a good bit of support for Jaida.)

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