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  1. Huge ratings for the men’s final for ESPN. It was the No. 1 broadcast in all of cable Sunday, including primetime. Massive increase from last year, which faced the World Cup, and a huge increase from the last time Novak and Roger played a Wimbledon final in 2015.


    Men’s Finals Ratings - Wimbledon 

    2019 Djokovic vs Federer: 0.8 18-49, 3.329 million viewers 


    2018 Djokovic vs Anderson: 0.24 18-49, 1.056 million viewers 


    2017 Federer vs Cilic: 0.38 18-49, 1.393 million viewers 


    2016 Murray vs Raonic: 0.49 18-49, 1.791 million viewers 


    2015 Djokovic vs Federer: 0.55 18-49, 2.022 million viewers 





  2. 5 minutes ago, ChitHappens said:

    But Kit Harrington and Emilia are shoe ins?  Ridiculous!  Absolutely ridiculous, but this is a show that didn't think Charles Dance was worth anything either.  

    To be fair, they weren’t wrong about Kit and Emilia, who were nominated in the tougher lead categories. 

  3. Alfie Allen, Gwendoline Christie, and Carice van Houten all self-submitted for Emmys because HBO thought they were long shots and didn’t bother.


    They were all nominated yesterday, which apparently doesn’t happen much with self-submissions. GoT was, of course, riding a wave in its final season and scored 32 nominations, the most ever in a single year for a program.



  4. 12 minutes ago, Khan said:

    Depending on who ultimately gets casts as Papa Rosales, I wouldn't mind seeing a quadrangle with him, Mama Celeste (ha), Victor and Nikki.  Something tells me ELR and EB would be good together in scenes.

    As much as I hate Victor with these young chicks, that’s a very inspired idea, which seems to indicate that they’d never do it.

  5. 1 hour ago, Gray Bunny said:

    Meanwhile, what is UP with Katie's appearance? She looks like she went to a costume store to play undercover witness protection with her bad wig and huge glasses. My hubby, a psychotherapist with expertise in handling substance abusers, thinks she was high the entire episode. 

    😂 That was totally what she looked like.

  6. Every line out of each character’s mouth on this show is utterly predictable. And not in a “I know these characters so well, so I can anticipate their responses” kind of way, but in a “This show is written by the numbers” kind of way. Those Celeste/Kyle/Lola scenes were the epitome of writers phoning it in. There was no shading, no specificity or individuality to how the characters spoke. Don’t bother if you’re just going to write dry dialogue meant for high school acting exercises.

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