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  1. I love the Cricket appreciation thread this has become. LLB went from glaring nepotism hire to a decently strong actress IMO. Like I said, you don’t withstand Hurricane Michelle without having some chops. But before that, even if she was green and overexposed, she was used in meaningful ways throughout the canvas.

    Neil’s turn to the dark side was horrendous. I would have loved if he’d brought that energy to becoming a fierce businessman, no longer willing to be the company man in the shadow of Victor, et al. That would have made sense. But the alcoholism stories, Pratt making him a mustache-twirling psychovillain—they only served to further marginalize him.

  2. 7 minutes ago, prefab1 said:


    Although when you see how GH managed to shed nearly 400,000 viewers between Monday and Friday, that's not a great sign...

    GH at least had some lead time for promo unlike B&B, which just dropped new episodes with very little fanfare. Whether or not its stories keep people engaged remains to be seen. I find it very lackluster personally.

  3. Garcelle can gather each and every one of these heffas, and she has Black Twitter as reinforcements. This is an example of “I wish a muthafûcka would.”

    If this ever happens, let me know when to tune in, as I refuse to voluntarily watch that show again. (EDIT: unless there are serious changes.)

  4. 29 minutes ago, prefab1 said:

    I swear Days must have at least one breakdown writer who's been tasked with finding ways to get Brandon Barash shirtless. Not that I'm complaining!

    DAYS definitely plays up its beefcake (Xander, Ben, Eli, Jake). B&B had its moment with Thomas and Vinny, but the other soaps tend not to flaunt their male assets. It’s curious, especially with GH, which has a veritable Chippendale’s troupe of muscle hunks (Brando, Chase, Curtis, even T.J.).

  5. 16 hours ago, titan1978 said:

    This really resonated with me.  I lurked and barely posted for a long time, from the early days of this site.  But in the last couple of years I just really wanted to invest in soaps again, and mostly that has happened here.  I have been directed to lots of classic episodes, and really seen a lot of stuff that I had only heard about or watched so long ago.

    The center of gravity of SON has really shifted to the Cancelled Soaps thread. Thankfully YouTube and other platforms have so much great old stuff, and you can rely on a lot of our scholars and long-time viewers to add context. And yes, in the past few years of upheaval, it’s been a comfort to re-invest in the genre, even if the current-day stuff is a snooze. There’s so much great stuff that came before I started watching in the early ‘90s. I wouldn’t have checked out old ‘80s episodes of the great British soap Brookside if not for the community here.

  6. 8 hours ago, Chris B said:

    Beverly Hills is getting tiring. The Brandi aspect of the Denise drama isn’t fun for me. I don’t care about the affair or focus on it.

    Yeah, life’s too short for me. My BH watching has been sketchy for years for this reason. Too much focus on trivia, and I find most of the cast unwatchable. I’ve sort of also lost interest in NYC this season, especially after watching the great S8.


    Meanwhile, Potomac has real drama and goes from strength to strength. It really hasn’t made a step wrong since the end of S1 after a slowish start. I’m living for the Potomac ladies‘ social media right now.


    I’m also crushing on Monique’s gay brother:



  7. 11 hours ago, chrisml said:

    I was amused that Tina Sloan kept calling her Maureen.

    I was laughing about that. At a certain point, I think Ellen got a little peeved, but it was all love. 

    Rachel Miner is incredibly well-spoken. Glad to see her doing ok. It’s a shame that they didn’t allow her to grow up in the role as Kimberly McCullough did on GH. But given what happened to Michelle and GL overall, she dodged a bullet. Can you imagine Miner’s Michelle with Danny?

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