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  1. 13 hours ago, BetterForgotten said:

    It's a tricky situation no matter what Billboard does - people will always find loopholes and ways to game to the system. Whether that's Sony/Tommy Mottola discounting quite a few of Mariah Carey's singles in the 90's at $0.49 in order to push her singles to #1, or record companies and managers paying radio station programmers huge sums to play songs/artists in heavy rotation (back when radio airplay alone meant a high charting position in the early 00's), and now this. 

    It’s tough, I know, but IMO the charts feel particularly off right now.

  2. 5 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

    Most of those beloved vets have NO stories.


    There are now more characters on the show as support than leading story.

    Merely having all these people in the same room gives this show a jolt of energy. Even Jill addressing Nikki with her back turned to her crackled with a tension that this show lacks on a day-to-day basis. Victor, Nikki, Jill, Nina, Jack, and Ashley all feel mythic and glamorous. Some of the other cast members are fine actors, but they don’t have IT.


    It’s also great to simply see characters touch, hug, and be close together.

  3. 21 minutes ago, soapfan770 said:

    Liam and Steffy already kissing at the end of Monday’s show....GEE who didn’t see that coming...:rolleyes:

    I stopped watching. I can’t with the “idiot plots,” which B&B loves. And that Steffy/Liam/Hope merry-go-round just isn’t engaging. Steffy has barely gotten to know Finn.

  4. 58 minutes ago, Toups said:

    Agreed that Billboard needs to make changes to the Hot 100.  But how?  What about giving more points to radio play and streaming and less to sales?  With sales, you can basically buy your way to #1 if you get enough of your fans to purchase the single.  At least with big radio play, it means more people have heard of it, and there's longevity too.  Also, don't allow these pay-and-play on radio where companies pay radio stations to play a song every hour for 24 hours - I only know of this because Taylor did it for some of her lead singles. 


    Hitting #1 used to be big and "special" but now it's just getting ridiculous with so many #1s and one-week-wonders. 

    Yeah, for me, charts need to accurately reflect what people are consuming, and streaming and radio are the ways most people listen to music. And the industry wants to incentivize revenue and reward fandom. But how many people beyond the small-set of BTS fans are listening to “Life Goes On”? That’s really the No. 1 song in America now? The charts have always been an imperfect way of providing a snapshot of what’s popular, but I can’t see how Billboard’s current situation does anything other than accelerate their march toward total irrelevance.

  5. 1 minute ago, Taoboi said:

    See? I never saw Debbi that way surprisingly during that time. I just wish they would write her better because Yolanda as written was full of possibilities and then her relationship with Tucker was never explored.

    Eva Marcille’s Tyra was more obvious, and they even made mention of it, but I did think they gave DM lines and a sort of attitude that would have matched VR.

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