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  1. Y&R is dusting off old Phyllis/Abby antics for this Phyllis/Sally feud. With Sally’s threat to hit Phyllis “where she least expects it,” it appears they’ll pivot from Sally pursuing Jack to Sally going after Nick. Nick doesn’t have a story beyond Faith, and Sally/Jack has been poorly received (due to their own poor execution, of course—you can’t play a May/December romance like that these days without playing the necessary beats, or people will be grossed out).

    Clearly, folks are getting vaccinated (?) or guidelines have been loosened, as we’ve now seen Billy/Lily and Devon/Amanda lock lips.

  2. 25 minutes ago, Mitch said:

    He would have worked on GL as he had really incredible chemistry, really the only sexual chemistry MKA had with a man, on GL..if he was just cast as someone other then Phillip.  GA owned Phillip and Bolger came off more as more east coast formal then GA's midwestern golden boy. He shoudl have been a young exec at Spaulding working his way into Alex's good gracess and they should give Phillip a rest until GA could return.

    I haven’t watched enough of that era, but did they play up any of Phillip’s mental fragility with JB in the role? That I can’t really picture...

  3. 41 minutes ago, KMan101 said:

    Eh, it felt genuine to me. I can relate to some of his story. I get it. I don't think he's lying for PR. Why? lol

    I don’t think people are saying he’s lying. It’s more they’re saying it’s a (admittedly far less cynical and less eyeroll-worthy) Kevin Spacey-esque diversion from the horrible press he’s gotten. Certainly it’s created more positive sentiment for him than he’s had recently. He was really getting slammed, and a lot of people are still angry GMA “gave him a platform” (which I don’t agree with—it’s their job to do this stuff).

  4. Colton, best known as the Bachelor Who Jumped the Fence, just came out as gay to Robin Roberts on GMA. There had been plenty of speculation. But after his season, he had all of these disturbing stalking allegations toward a (female) contestant, so this could be an attempt at PR rehab (not saying he’s lying about being gay, but he’s clearly troubled to put it mildly):


    Lol awkward 



  5. 1 hour ago, AbcNbc247 said:

    He had Covid. Last I heard, he was doing ok though

    Thanks. The temp was on, then RA was back, and then we saw the temp again, so I was wondering if it was due to scenes filmed out of order or if RA had some sort of complications and had to go back on leave.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Skin said:

    I think what made it progress was the more political, culture, social-economic discussions they started having around season 3, and what they ended the series on. I don't really trust the reboot to do that, and engender meaningful conversations of what that now looks like in the gay community in 2021. 

    They’ve committed to making this series “diverse,” which at least gets my attention. The writer who is doing the reboot, Stephen Dunn, also worked on Apple TV’s immigration series “Little America,” which I haven’t seen but has been well received. Dunn is white, but episode he wrote and directed dealt with a gay male refugee from Syria, which suggests he won’t shy away from current-day politics.

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