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  1. 7 hours ago, Toups said:


    What if I bought 5 songs one week and then 5 songs another week?  That wouldn't count as 1 album unit because it wasn't bought in the same week? 

    0.5 would count to one week, 0.5 would count to the next. 

  2. 36 minutes ago, Toups said:

    Can someone explain this?  Say an album has 15 songs, but I only download 10 songs, does that count as the 1 album unit?   Or does it mean 10 different people downloading just the same one song will count as 1 album unit?

    It’s both. If you just bought tracks 1 to 10 on Taylor Swift’s latest album and no more, that’s one album unit, or if 10 people bought “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince,” that’s also one album unit. Basically, they are simply dividing the total cumulative tracks bought from a particular release in a week by 10, no matter if someone buys all of the album tracks or just one.


  3. 11 hours ago, ranger1rg said:

    The writing is deadly for them, and Freddie Smith nails that coffin shut. The guy playing Evan is  incredibly good looking, and if FS can’t do gay chemistry with him, he can’t do it with anyone.


    Just once I’d love to see the gay boys in Salem ACT like gay boys — energetic, fun, sexual, and even horny. Sonny and Evan act like they’re ready to do some quilting.

    I agree, but the guy playing Evan is as bland as a communion wafer.

  4. On 12/31/2019 at 5:24 PM, BetterForgotten said:

    To be honest, I don't know if the fact she can only score a hit these days with a classic holiday song is something she should be proud about or want her lasting legacy to be. No one's been checking for new material from her for at least a decade, and she's never been a successful touring artist like Beyonce and Madonna. 


    But hey, at least she's guaranteed revenue each year with this song, so she can laugh all the way to the bank with it. 


    The funny thing is her former writing partner, Walter Afanasieff, who co-wrote/co-produced this song and most of Mariah's 90's hits continues to dispute many of Mariah's stories about the writing and development of this song. 

    Well she’s broken another record:



  5. I think part of the problem with time jumps on soaps is that it’s truly hard to be fully invested in things you haven’t seen play out. It kinda goes against the idea of a daily soap. The “novelty” of the idea wasn’t enough to cut through the digital noise as a marketing strategy, and the execution hasn’t added a spark to what we see on screen, which is just as flat and dollar-store as before. I watched over the holidays and I was not compelled to stick with it.

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