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  1. 1 minute ago, Gray Bunny said:

    I think it's pretty groundbreaking that SNL, who had a long history of distasteful gay-hating jokes throughout the 80's and 90's, is having RuPaul host. Taking a look back, and even 12 years ago when RuPaul's Drag Race began, he didn't get to make appearances on late-night talk shows and popular daytime shows like he does now. It's pretty remarkable how Drag Race has only grown in popularity over the years (despite some clunker seasons) and it's not just a cult hit, but a mainstream hit now. 


    Side note: I'm sure RuPaul's episode will give a lot of great material for newcomer Bowen Yang, whom I absolutely *love*! He's become an instant hit, IMO, right out of the gate. 

    Remember all those interviews Ru gave in which said, “What we do will never be mainstream,” or “I’d rather have an enema than an Emmy”? Now he has like 60 Emmys and is as mainstream as they come. The sad thing is that Drag Race, while still fun, has lost a lot of its luster with all the exposure and accolades. TBF it’s also an aging show that has been overexploited (two seasons a year and they are running out of All-Stars).

  2. 1 hour ago, ChitHappens said:

    Can't tell Coco or Wang jack about revenge...just ask Naomi and Serena!  Coco's game has grown leaps and bounds.  Lots of work in the off season. She's looking really good!  


    Fed fought hard for that win, but it may be his undoing.  Millman should go home and cry for a month after he gives the Aussies the finger!  

    And that Raonic beatdown of Tsitsipas... 👀 

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