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  1. Finally all caught up!... Nex, thanks for the clips! Any new LuNacy vids cookin'? Angel, Loved your Tracy and women of GH vids! Loved all the Tracy expressions you captured! Just great! Remos, Lisa Q, Ms. Q, What can I say? That fic just blew my mind!!! Remos, you really should write for this F-n show! Love how you had the whole family and co, into the Tracy-love in a BIG WAY!!! Mama was the star, for sure, as she should be! LuNacy was Smoooookin' HOT!!! Lisa, The vid was really great and complimented the fic FABULOUSLY! BRAVO!!! Ms. Q, Your banners are always stunning! You guys should do this more often, GREAT COLLABORATION!! Ms. Q, LOVED LOVED LOVED your newest vid!! Always loves me some string of LuNacy kisses! The Tracy expressions and LuNacy love you captured reminded me of why I fell in love with Tracy/LuNacy! That little clip of Tracy skipping was hilarious! I'd never seen that before. Great ending with their most recent kiss. Speaking of string of LuNacy kisses.. Hooked, Can I have the links to those screen cap sites again? I've had to switch my browser and lost all my old bookmarks. I want to update the luNacy kiss banner so I can repost. it. Thanks. Funny-chickie, gotlunacylust? I know you just have a stockpile I haven't read yet. it's 5:10 am here right now. You are not the only one who fell asleep, hooked. And I know I am going to pay for it tomorrow (later today). arrgghh!
  2. Watched the show. I want Ethan gone!!! It's a good thing our girl is as kinky as she is and gets off on the competition, otherwise I would REALLY hate that they are not in this scam together, but since she seems to be enjoying it, i'll give it a pass. But HELL-O, it would make for a better story, drama-wise and comedy-wise if they were on the same side. Not to metnion SEXY AS HELL!! they should be written to scam TOGETHER - NOT against each other. It was nice to see that the jacket she was wearing was cut low for once, but the thing is an atrocity. ugh. Haven't had a chance to check out any vids, fic, or banners, etc. Hopefully this weekend. I'm sure they are all just fabulous!! Anyhoo, on my way to the BR, if anyone is still there.
  3. Sorry TQ, I don't have rat poison clips. Anyone for BR?
  4. JMB/Lulu, the next Laura? Hahaha!! Hardly. I have never been a fan of the EWCBO, BUT - Lulu cannot even hold a candle to Laura. heh.
  5. I replayed yesterday's epi, and YES, I heard the kiss! This is what, two epis in a row that the camera "missed" their kisses? WTMF!!!
  6. Oh, Remos, I am going to have to listen again for the "kiss" sound. I loved yesterday because Luke and Tracy just seemed so natural together. Not only did I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he stroked her leg, and gave innuendo, but LOVED that he did it in front of Lulu. And I LOVED that Lulu paid it no mind as if it were a regular, normal, every day occurrence. I agree Remos, from yesterday, it is more apparent that what they have is deeper, more natural, more open. And it's SEXY AS HELL! And I noticed too, on SOC there were some LnL fans that admitted that it was the first time they saw sparks between LuNacy. And it was good.
  7. Nice sexy LuNacy today! I'd like to see more (and then some ) like today. BTW, funny, I think you are right, i heard a kissing sound in yesterday's epi. I think Luke kissed Tracy but the camera "missed" it. Anyone for the BR for a few?
  8. Yeah, actually the last mail I sent him was a postcard with a stack of thread prinouts, just before EWCBO returned. My postcard read: Hey Tony, if there is anything you can do about this, please do. Thanks." LOL!!
  9. Hey All! Never made it to the autograph signing yesterday morn. I had my clock set to wake me, as well as had a friend call me who was getting up early to see Kelly Clarkson on the Today Show... but with like only 3 hours sleep, I was like...."not gonna happen". Oh well. It was weird 'cause I kinda had it all planned out in my head what I would say to Tony after I asked him "What's up with Jane, that she couldn't get her @$$ on a plane and be here?" LOL! Anyhoo, after I got home last nite from hangin' with a friend, I opened my mailbox to find a picture-postcard of Tony Geary and on the back it was 'signed'... "All the best, Anthony Geary". Too funny, right? Did any of you all get this? The postmark was from LA. You can tell that it's his greeting and sig, but already printed on the post card. Anyway, cool to have, but I am not an autograph hound and really just wanted to meet him. We could have had a two second chat about how Luke and Tracy rock my world and how the writers are a bunch of F-n asses and how I want to see more and Luke and Tracy because he and Jane act circles around everyone. I am soooo pissed at myself for being a [email protected]$$ and not getting out of bed to go meet him.
  10. Hooked, Thanks for posting the link to that great interview! very telling . Loved Tony's comment about "spankybuns" and how Luke and Tracy are so suited to eachother now!
  11. Thanks for the BC info, Hooked. The BC Town Hall event it Monday nite. They will be signing autographs on Tuesday though. You wanna fly in and go with me? heh. anyone for the BR?
  12. Hey all! Nex, Thanks for the clips! anyone for the BR for a few?
  13. TQ, I will post a pic of my self once I find a recent one. Anyone for BR for a few before I have to walk the pooch?
  14. 1. tenure 2. interact 3. require 4. recant 5. certain 6. retract 7. mercy 8. niece 9. anemia 10. animate I want my LuNacy!!!!
  15. wow, I didn't know you were so young, TQ Lisa Q, love 'queen' and 'tyrant'. heh. Here's my 3 for this hour... 1. antique 2. nectar 3. require PLEASE GRACE MY TV SCREEN with LUNACY NOW!!!! I can't take it anymore!!
  16. okay one more for real now. Can you tell I have no life? Haha! 1. martyr 2. ruminate 3. ruin
  17. okay, one more .... 1. requiem 2. terrier 3. remain
  18. 1. marry 2. aime (love in French - teehee) 3. return
  19. These are from Dana... 1. rare 2. eminate 3. matter pretty good, no?
  20. 1. trace 2. quarter 3. main LOL! Here's my real list.... 1. creamy 2. nature 3. truce
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