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  1. Ms Q, you have any new or old LuNacy dates? I used to be the keeper of the LuNacy kisses back in the day but that stuff was on my old COMOUTER. I need to get some screen caps to make myself a banner for my fb page
  2. Anyone around for a chat now or later? The end of LuNacy is giving me a lil anxiety.
  3. I didn't realize that all those characters connected to Luke (Ethan, holly, lucky, etc) were coming back. Do we have a last air-date for Tony?
  4. I'd rather him die than see him leave with Laura. Btw Hello all! Long time no see
  5. You go gurl! Do your thing and I wish you much luck. Keep us posted on your audition and how it goes. Anyone know when LuNacy are scheduled to be on again? partyperson LOVE your banner!
  6. And why is that? There are pics of lunacy kissing all over this thread.
  7. Oh okay. Thanks for the info SeanM Halee, what's up with the email privately thing? Ms. Q I was half joking about my request for the lobster bib kiss thing. At any rate, scratch that. Adios
  8. BEAUTIFUL, Just BEAUTIFUL! Now can ya do that with the one where she is tonging him with the lobster bibs? lol!
  9. Wedding? Robert and Anna? This is like a freak out! I cant believe I've missed so much in so little time. What happened to Duke? ugh... back to youtube :\
  10. Congrats again! So what now? Actress? Yeah, I finally got my BA in 2008. It had been my 3rd time back in college. Glad I did it and glad it's over. I do think now and again about going for my masters but I just hate school so much....ugh!... LOL! Are you working now? Seems like alot has been going on on GH that i've missed only in the 4 months that I havent been watching;. Catching up a little bit on you tube. I didn't know about maxie's baby and brits, and don't know if anyone knows Robin is back etc. I'll catch up eventually hopefully, but I gotta keep track of my LuNacy FIRST!! I oh so want a love scene already but don't we all. It's long long long past due.
  11. Cripe! Are they gonna be on again tomorrow? I was hanging on every word of that last scene and then they kiss and it blacks out. arrghhh! I was hoping they would be tugging at each others clothes. sigh..
  12. Hey lady how have you been! Congrats on getting you degree in December! what is your degree in? Great to see you! Haven't watched the show in about 4 months though i did catch Tracy's rescue of her man, etc. I am headed to youtube in a minute to see if today's epi has been posted. We should all do a chat night sometime soon. I miss chat nite
  13. Hey Lady, How've ya been?!!! I've missed you but have been on and off on here and the show for the most part. Headed to youtube in a minute to see if today's epi has been posted. Congrats on your December graduation! What is your degree in? Come back more often. I should talk though since I only post here like maybe once every 6-10 months. We should all have a chat night sometime soon like we used to in the old days. I LOVED chat notes.
  14. thanks so much Halee! Found this HOT scene the other day Had to fan myself. ..........
  15. OMG what have I missed? I haven't watched the show in almost 4 months. Since I have been back to work I am out from 9am til 11pm most days. Can someone post clips or links to clips or dates that there was some great lunacy or TQ? Don't have a tv at work anymore Hope everyone has been well and wonderful!
  16. Thanks Ms. Q! Just watched them. I needed that fix. I also watched some of yours, nex's and TracyQart...! Miss having my own computer :/ . Had to use the one in the computer center in my bldg. Hey Remos and Hooked! i'll see ya on fb as usual. Funny honey, come out come out wherever you are!
  17. Hey All! How have you all been? I can feel the LuNacy luv between them i know they WILL be together again soon. I didn't like the transplants from OLTL before and I dislike them even more now reincarnated as other characters. I mean this is the new Franco? How can you go from FRANCO Franco to this TP from OLTL as Franco? Oy! nice to see some "new" people have joined since I've last been here. "Hi!" Funny-broad I miss you and your stories, Ms. Q, I miss your vids and Nex's too! But most of all I miss our late nite chats in the "sky box". )) I guess I may have been out of the loop during the time of the Jeromes on GH from back in the day because i don't remember them. I'm going to have to research this because I don't recall them.
  18. Hey all! Hope everyone is well! I haven't watched the show since the first time luke made goo-goo eyes at Anna. The last LuNacy scene I watched was when our girl gave Luke major tongue action at the floating rib. Decided to check here the other nite and saw how u were all talking about this joe guy. I had no idea Tracy was seeing someone. I'll check out a couple of their clips on YouTube and weigh in on that. I didn't know SB was leaving. Why? And how are they writing off his character? I want LuNacy back ASAP and i prob won't watch until they r reunited. KNH - when u send your res to a theatre where a show is going but has not started load in yet... Make sure you put the name of the show along with theatre name and propmaster. That way even if the show is not in there yet it will be saved intil they get there. If You have connections where U are I'd say u should start using them. These jobs often go to family and friends. It's the Same with all theatre related jobs from the box office sales people to stage managers. It's all the same.
  19. KNH, I work at a theatre on Broadway. It's VERY tough to get in. It's about connections, friends, and family. If u send something to a theatre make sure there is a show there and send your resume directly to the propmaster in charge of THAT show. Or you might want to send to a show in tryouts (pre-broadway) and send it to prop master. It will take alot of research to get info but even working regularly as a prop person on broadway requires keeping your ear to the ground.
  20. If they show Anna an Luke in bed I will TOTALLY blast them by mail email and phone!
  21. Didn't watch the show today, couldn't bring myself to do it. Interesting though to know we are not the only ones who want Luke/Tracy pairing over Anna. Most of the comments by fans in response to the LUke\Anna/kiss teaser by GH Facebook were "NOOOO! Luke belongs wih Tracy ... "
  22. Holy friggin crappoli!!! Luke and Tracy just kissed and mamas tongue was all about it!! Damn it's hot in here!
  23. Oy here it comes! Luke touched Anna's hair! It made me shudder. I can't believe they r going there. And I saw red when Luke commented "gee I wonder why anyone would want to leave her (Tracy)" when she stormed out of the interrogation room. Arrrggghh!
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