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  1. Here's new chatroom ------> Chatzy.com/45884031738968. If you want to join at anytime PM me or funny for the password.
  2. Helloooooo! Anybody home? Anyone around for a chat? If so, post link or pm me the link. thanks!!
  3. LOVED the scene of them together on the bed eating fruit. They just seemed sooooo comfortable together! I had a feeling at some point that they are working together. It could be that or that she seemed knowing of what Luke meant when he said it would all be okay. Oh and since I don't have DVR at my new place and can't rewind ..... did she say I wouldn't touch HIM (Anthony) with a ten foot pole or IT with a ten foot pole. LOL! On a side note.... What's this with Sam? She needs a paternity test?
  4. oh and Hooked I DID see your pics with Jane from the habitat thing! They are great!! i wanted to ask you how it all went and how she was. I think you have this phone number for me but here it is again ...
  5. NOOOOO!!! LuNacy CAN'T end! Maybe they are not really divorced just like they weren't married for many years. Maybe the divorce is a ruse? PLEASE! I can't see them EVER breaking up for good. Nope, can't happen. As far as KM being PG, I meant Kimberly Mc, Not KeMo. As for Days.... LOVE LOVE LOVE Marlena/Deidre!!! Drake is NOT a good actor, agreed. I only like Drake with Deidre and can't see Marlena with anyone else but John. What happened to Maxi? This new girl taking the role permanently? And this new Kate sucks @$$! ugh! And what's this I hear about Parsons? He's leaving?
  6. Hey All!!!! Happy New Year! I hope everyone has been well. Have been super busy the past couple of months even though I am not working. I moved out of my apartment and got a new place. Dana is staying in my old place with the cat and my baby-boy Jasper is with me!!! Anywhoooo..... It's a studio and its super smail but easy to keep clean and all. It's in a new luxury high-rise in midtown and I have my own washing machine and dryer and dishwasher in the apartment! YAY!!! For those of you who don't know nyc real estate it's almost unheard of to rent an apartment with wash/dryer in the apartment. So I lucked out. It's been a little hard paying the bills seeing as I haven't been working but THANK GOD I start back on Jan. 26th. I feel like I've been out of work for over a year and it's only been 4 months so far. My theatre is getting Jesus Christ Superstar. Gosh I hope it lasts. Haven't had much luck with shows since Hairspray left a few years ago. . I don't have a computer in my new place. I left this one (I am at Dana's right now) at my old place for my daughter since she needs it for school. Good to "see" you all. So I haven't really watched GH in forever. Though I did happen to catch yesterday i think it was... I haven't seen our girl since Luke mentioned divorcing her for her own sake. I need to get my hands on some LuNacy edits for 2010 and 2011. What's up with KM? She PG? I noticed her face looked fuller the other day. And who killed Abby? Oy. Non-LuNacy/Tracy question... For anyone who watches DAYS..Sorry guys just a quick one 'cause I believe someone on here watches the show (REMOS?) ...... What's up with what's his name? his name escapes me.... Will? He's pissed about his mom and EJ I know but what else is eating at him? Also ... Did Maggie find out that her husband knew about them using her egg years ago? AND I am jumping up and down with joy that they brought Deidre and Drake back!!!! LOVE THEM!! And Dee is GOOOOORGGGGEOUS! Anyone chat anymore? Or am I the only who gets it going for a day or so when I come back? I'd like to chat sometime.
  7. Hey guys!!! hope all is well. My show closed yesterday so I'm out of work for a while. arrgghhh! What else is new though, that's the nature of this business. Anyhoo... Hooked I LOVE LOVED LOVED that clip of your husband and son! He did a GREAT job. And well i've told you this before that your husband is GOOOOOOOOORGEOUUUUUUUUS! I had been DVRing GH regularly and lost all the tracy stuff I didn't watch when my cable box broke down and started to make noises like a meat grinder. oy. So I don't know much going on with our girl right now. Well I do know Anthony is trying to get to her and Skye is blackmailing her. Did I miss anything else?
  8. BRAVO Remos!!! I can count on my fingers and toes the times I have read on this thread that it was the end of LuNacy since I first starting posting here. Oy.
  9. Hey guys! Hope everyone has been well. I havent watched Tracy the last two days yet. LOVED LOVED LOVED LuNacy scene when our girl dropped off her man at rehab. It was super yummy!!! Am I misreading or did one of you all say that GH is being canceled? Hooked - who are these actresses from Days being fired? I only know the names by character not real name. VERY VERY Happy to hear that Deirdre and Drake are coming back! YAAAAAY!!! TracyQartermaine - have watched a couple of your LuNacy vids the past two nites. GREAT WORK!!! I especially LOVE the ones with the Katy Perry Music and "Perfect". Remos - Good Luck in your new home.
  10. Hope you all have been well. Anyone up for a chat @ 11pm Eastern?
  11. POPSICLE???? Is that YOU I see lurking? Get your butt on here and post!!! Long time no see girl! anyone up for a chat in about 1/2 hour?
  12. Here are my pics. Of course NOW that the voting has begun, I think of some noms... I should have nominated drunk dancing Tracy for best comedy. that was hilarious. Your vid reminded me of that epi, Tracy Q. BEST SINGLE EPISODE – DRAMA 6-16-10 Tracy tells Luke how he broke her heart and she gives back her wedding rings. 12-27-10 Wedding Day 3 6-9-10 Tracy is really sick, Luke threatens Helana and the Wedding Flashbacks. BEST SINGLE EPISODE – COMEDY 3-8-10 Ethan needs a green card, Tracy and Ethan think about getting married. 6/09/10 Flashbacks to Vegas wedding – Tracy Angelica Quartermaine 11/11/10 Flashbacks to Ethan and Maya's wedding; Tracy calls Luke a "cheap bastard" and throws the flowers at him BEST SINGLE EPISODE – ROMANCE 6-10-10 Luke and Tracy renew their vow in the dungeon, Tracy gets worse and she finds out they were never married. 11-24-10 Luke gives Tracy her engagement ring on Thanksgiving. 12/27/10 After wedding reception when Tracy burns the prenup and kisses Luke passionately BEST SPEECH 6-10-10 “Lucas Lorenzo Spencer... I have always taken great pride... in being the difficult one-- hard to handle, hard to please. But you are the challenge of my life. You outdo me every time. You know me better than anyone. You know my heart. Heh. You even know that it beats faster when you walk into a room. You're worth the trouble. I love you with all my heart. You are my beloved husband.” 12-21-10 “Okay. Well, you're right about the unlikely and unexpected surprise thing. You brought me back to life. You gave me something to look forward to. You gave me a reason to get up in the morning. And every night... I look forward to our next adventure. Luke Spencer, I will love you until the day I die.” 5-4-10 “Michael's had a lifetime of damage. Comes with the territory, I guess, when your father is a mob kingpin. You were the one that chose to marry Sonny. You are the one that chose to allow him to adopt Michael. What the hell did you think, he was going to grow up a choir boy? Carly: I expected Lulu to care more about Michael than her boyfriend the cop. Tracy: Don't misunderstand me. I have no use for Dante. My fear is he's going to be just as manipulative and a liar like his father. But Lulu chose loyalty to the man she loves. And given the hell you have unleashed in the name of loyalty to Sonny Corinthos, you have no right to criticize. BEST SEXUAL INNUENDO 6/04/10 "At night we'll go up to our private villa, with no distractions." 11-4-10 “I crave some horizontal time with my pink popsicle.” 11-15-10 “We could barely make it to the hotel room” SEXIEST SCENE 11-4-10 Luke asking for horizontal time. 12-27-10 Luke and Tracy dance, Tracy burns the pre-nup, and Tracy kisses Luke. 11-15-10 Luke and Tracy talk about their wedding, Luke says they barely made it back to the hotel room. BEST KISS 10-13-10 Luke returns to Port Charles and kisses Tracy. 12-21-10 You can now kiss the bride. 12/27/10 Tracy kisses Luke while crying BEST QUOTE 1-28-10 “I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone. That not actually true. I would on a few people.” 10-7-10 “And I have Barack Obama waiting for me in my hot tub at home.” 11-24-10 Tracy: “Mr. Luke is come here to see me, his fiancé. Not you. Why don’t you go and scrub a toilet.” Luke: “Tracy you look like a million bucks.” Tracy: “Actually that would be Maya. I look like a lot more” BEST EXPRESSION 3/08/10 The smile when she says she will get a quickie divorce from Luke and marry Ethan 12/21/10 The look on Tracy's face when she sees Luke standing at the bottom of the stairs 12-27-10 Smile and Wave BEST FACE-TOUCHING 6/03/10 Luke tends to Tracy in the dungeon 10/13/10 Luke touches her face and kisses her 12-22-10 At the wedding (right before cake) BEST NICKNAME 3-8-10 Ethan calls Tracy ‘Spanky’ during the green card episode. 6-23-10 “Miss Spanky Angelica Quartermaine” 12-21 “Tracy Spanky Popsicle Quartermaine” BEST HAIR 3-17-10 Styled to the back with volume 9/21/10 Longish and styled to the side 12-21-10 Wedding Hair BEST OUTFIT 3-22-10 Pink Jacket and light pink and white scarf 10-21-10 Dark blue with a matching skirt. 11-15-10 Magenta blouse with black pants
  13. What she said. Well I usually nom but my memory is not serving too well lately, so I'll just wait for the voting to begin.
  14. Can we start a new chatzy or is the whole chatzy thing F'd up all the way around?
  15. I can't get into the chat. Can people get into bravenet one? http://pub13.bravenet.com/chat/show.php/1049349012
  16. yeah, what the freakj!!! what's the password?
  17. woohoo!! 'bout effin time!! Loved the look of sincerity in Luke's eyes. Loved when our girl got choked up. FLOVE the dress as well. VERY classy. Remember the dress from "vow renewal"? EEK! heh. Sorry I missed the chat tonite guys. TQ, thanks for posting the caps. Lainey, the cable is on the fritz AGAIN? Some not-so-good things never change. heh. Remos Good Luck on the move. You are a strong woman and will get through it. There is a small possibility that I may be moving in the next few months (if I get accepted into a new building going up in my neighborhood), and the thought of even the possibility of moving scares the freakin crap out of me. I've lived in my current apartment since I was 15. Hooked, I wanted to ask you last night but got side-tracked by the moon... When you met our girl, was there ever a hint of her "the wheels on the bus go round and round" personality? Edit: Thanks for posting the lyrics to that song lainey! SO perfect for LuNacy I agree! oops - edit-Again: Welcome soapboy!
  18. yeah I think it was some chatzy thing. What about bravenet? I don't have that link either though.
  19. me neither, funny chick. My old computer is long gone as are the links to everything. oh well...
  20. Yeah I can't remember the last time I saw so many people on at once. Was a loooooong time ago.
  21. *waves* to Funny chick, Hooked and TQ!! Am excited about tomorrow. Can't wait! Did I miss something? Someone has wedding pics? Hooked, thanks for posting the articles! Linnierose, Welcome! Remos, What did I miss something while I was gone? WHY do you have to move?
  22. Hey guys!!! Long time no see. ;/ Hope everyone is well. Our girl has been looking VERY fabu for a long time. now. Can't wait for the wedding. I've been busy as all heck since late summer working 8 days a week. heh . The show "Rain... A tribute to the Beatles" is currently running in my theatre and is leaving mid Jan to make room for "Catch Me If You Can" coming in March. Have been laid up for 3 days now since my back went out. The pain is excruciating at times. like back labor ... Anyone know how BSG and the baby are doing? I don't have anyone's # anymore. I lost them along with my phone and sim card quite a while ago. Effin phone was a hunk of junk anyway. I think I may have posted my new number a while back (this was BEFORE i lost my phone). Anyway here it is.... 718-916-3996. Well, it's off for some rest with an ice pack and some meds. Do you all ever have chats anymore? I remember we used to have a blast there! teehee. Funny chick - miss you and your luNacy Lust Ms. Q - good to see you post now and again. How the teaching going? Nex - I think you (AND Stace) should make LuNacy vids in honor of the LOOOOONG overdue wedding. Hooked & Remos - Hope your families are well. Tracy Q - thanks for posting your vids and pics of luNacy to keep us in the wedding spirit. Remos & TracyQ - GREAT banners! Lainey - You were right on!! Whodathunk? teehee! j/k BSG - I hope to catch up with you soon!
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