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  1. First place I thought of when I heard the news! Hey hooked mama!
  2. Thanks True North for the date. Ms. Q, the whole thing just seemed thrown together without any thought :/ its been so so long since I've been in here. I didn't realize til now that they got rid of the banners
  3. Yeah I thought that epi kinda stank! Even if it was all negative why didn't they use good negative stuff like her fist fight with Monica, her scheming about Georgie. Her best negative clip was withholding daddy's meds. :/. Yeah and if she didn't get hit with the plaque what knocked her out? It was on the wall when she woke up. AND Most Important of all... what do you mean a newcomer is the reason she leaves? I thought Luke was ushering her off? Waaaahhhh!!!!! Oh and Stace.... what was epi and date when her and Robert were in the cellar and she kit him in the head with the frying pan
  4. Decided to make an appearance when a co-worker of mine who waches GH said she heard Jane was leaving the show. Haven't watched in months. Figured I could always catch up w YouTube at some point. Any chance Tony could come back to escort her off?
  5. Stace can't we do one of those fake chat rooms like we used to use sometimes? I just CANT get into bravenet. What was the other? Chatzy or something?
  6. I am soooo frustrated right now I can't begin to tell you. I can't download java because this is an iPad mini. In Order to be able to I need chrome or yada yada blah blah and blah and I don't know WTF IM TALKING ABOUT. Not only that but Safari said it can't open the send space so I can't see your list Stace. I am in like technology challenged hell right now. :/
  7. sorry i missed your posting the link i was so busy on my list and racking my brain. not only that i couldn't get on from the comp here. I'm gonna have to figure out how to download java on my iPad. :/
  8. Here are some of my noms for Best of all time LuNacy awards (this is a first DRAFT of my nominations) i have more and there are some i need to refresh my memory of because i can't remember some stuff to comment for some categories. We should come up with a date that all the noms have to be in by. Best Overall Episode - Drama 1. The epi where Luke is cutting down the tree and he puts his jacket on tracy and she says her piece and drops the jacket from her shoulders 2. The epi where tracy comes in and slams the door wearing a pretty dark red jacket she makes herself a drink (
  9. I haven't watched since last Wednesday. Was Tonys last day sad today? Did tracy get to see luke one last time. Going down to the computers in my bldg to work on my luNacy nom list. If anyone is up for a chat for a few please post the link.
  10. Can we set up,a chat time for sometime this week in advance? I can't get into the room on my ipad. That way if I know in advance I can go down to the business center in my bldg and use one of the ones Down there.
  11. Yeah Ms. Q I think I suggested it. I wish I would have seen the chat room link,earlier. I just came back on here so I'm sure your not still up. . Ya know it's really not too late to make the luNacy vid I suggested years ago prob.
  12. Thanks so much for the Far Away link Ms Q . I love you I know is on youtube. I meant to ask if you've ever done one to Home by Daughtry. Mid thought you had. A lil inspiration to generate some noms for the final LuNacy Awards (hope this worked) ...
  13. Thanks for th clips Stace! Didn't you make a vid to "I love you" or "far away". Or is that just my wishful thinking? :/. Yay!!! You made the categories! I wanted to post a pic for inspiring other to nominate and vote for the last lunacy awards but I can't remember how to post a pic in my message :/
  14. What happens today I'm afraid to watch. Why was like pointing a gun at his chest? I mean I think I know why but I kinda wanna know what happened before I watch.
  15. How come it doesn't work when I press the link? I selected view as a free member and then the screen appeared with a lock on it.
  16. You rang? Heehee! First I wanna know what's up with the trailer for tomorrow with Like holding a gun at his chest? I am not into THIS Paul. I wish PS would have been able to return. Jane was crying today for sure. Happy that in the end Luke wants Tracy. None of us were ever sure how it would ever end with them when Tonys departure would come.to pass. Most people thought Luke and Laura would ride off into the sunset together. Doing cartwheels that that is not the way it's happening. I too have hopes that Luke will return for Tracy when Jane is ready to retire. I am more than a li
  17. What'd I miss? I just got back after ages. Keep posting funny! um... chat anyone? lol!
  18. Participate meaning you'll vote Ms. Q and that's it? No nominations? No excuses. There's youtube . they've been together soooo long some of your fave scenes must be in your brain there somewhere. I'll keep track of nominations and tallys etc but folks have to nominate. I want them to end with a BANG! If not on the show, at least on here.
  19. Thanks ms. Q! I look forward to watching those scenes. Whaddyathink? Can we have a LiNacy awards best of all time?
  20. Ms. Q do you have the date or at least the month that tracy was dancing with luke wearing that red jacket and he was singing or something? I've see that piece in videos and would like to see the whole scene. I'm assuming she is tipsy. Lol!
  21. TN I've never been a Laura fan so I don't know either. I think Luke's been over her for a while for good and I believe there is something else going on here that has not been revealed to us yet.
  22. Love when Tracy said "...when you get bored of Laura, and you will..." Lmao!
  23. I'm happy for Tracy's rant at him. That's about it. I'll be upset in a big way if he leaves and never returns and she never finds out the truth.
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