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  1. Funny, I was thinking the same thing today when I was watching Deb. I totally agree with you!! I think Tracy knows that Luke is not in his right mind right now and I think the mere fact that his feelings for Laura can affect him this way is what concerns Tracy the most whether Luke loves her or not. Yeah, I was wondering too if the spoilers had been exagerrated because they played out more subdued like. Well I hope the "tender moment" spoiler that is supposed to happen before he leaves doesn't turn out to be a pat on the back.
  2. Never heard this song. Kathy's got some voice! She used to be in the B'way show I work at - "Hairspray" ! Ever hear her bang out "Another Little Piece of My Heart (Janis Joplin)"? Totally amazing! Do the vid Deb! sounds like a great song choice. I will sing praises to all you fanfic authors when I get a chance to read them. I still haven't read AU yet Deb. But I will read that one first, first chance I get. I have like 5 papers due for school next week and I haven't even finished one. YIKES!!
  3. I certainly will Deb, I certainly will. From your mouth to the writers ears!! Lady Ashton, Welcome to the TQ Lovefest!
  4. Oh, sure Ms. Q, blame me . At the risk of influencing anyone elses opinion , I will refrain from particulars on how I came to feel the way I do. So I will just say this: I am a Tracy fan first and foremost, as we all are. I still of course LOVE LOVE LOVE Tracy and as I've mentioned before, it's difficult because we are often torn between Jane getting airtime and great stuff and Tracy being in pain. That being said, Luke is causing Tracy pain. The writers have jerked LuNacy around for a while now. And so I have decided to get off the LuNacy bus. I'm almost afraid that LuNacy has less of a chance now given the reaction of the LnL fans when Luke professed his love to Tracy. ABC probably got tons of hate mail! My point is I am tired of getting my hopes up about LuNacy. And I don't want to do it anymore.
  5. When he said ILY, twice practically, I knew it was too good to be true. I mean we were all very surprised. Not that he would love her, but that Tracy should be happy for once. Why should things change? The development of of the character of Tracy has always been such that she's always a loser in love. Why would they change the character format now?
  6. After watching the episode with Luke and Laura today, *I* AM officially off the LuNacy bus and I never thought I'd ever say it. Tracy is going to breakdown Luke is going to hit the road hopefully Tracy will gain a new perpective and fly to DR and divorce his sorry @$$!! She will get to keep the $15 million because even though Luke an Laura probably didn't get a marriage license and therefore it is not legal, Tracy's not-so-darling son Dillon does have a video of the wedding! There's her proof! If the writers don't want Luke and Tracy together romantically, Luke will not come back grovelling. They've had all the time in the world to bring them together and they haven't. LuNacy has been at a standstill for quite some time now. Something had to give - and I think it just did. Ms. Q, Love the new avatar!! ROFLMAO!!!
  7. Stupid me had to watch the show today. - 15 mins left. DO NOT READ below if you want to avoid agravation and depression. No Tracy. Not that I thought there would be but the show began where it left off yesterday. Since all the guests are gone from the Q mansion I hope Tracy is not still in the closet. Watched LnL scenes. And from what Luke says to Laura, I don't see how LuNacy can go on. Why is it our girl always has to lose. I have to tell you I almost feel as though I am done with this all already! I can't separate my feelings for the character from Jane getting airtime and rocking it, not right now anyway.
  8. Alright Deb, alright. Watched the show live which I don't usually do but I wanted to get it over with already. I kept myself busy in the room during the non-Tracy scenes so I wouldn't have to pay attention. Tracy's first trip (in the foyer of the Q mansion) which I believe was an accident. I gasped and then laughed hysterically. The rest of the drunken stuff I did not really like at all. I didn't like what she was wearing though the hat was cool. She had way too much make-up on as did Luke. The scene in the closet was not funny at all, especially when Alice handed her the piece of cake (I guess that's what could have been meant by "Tracy doesn't get her cake (her way) or eat it either (her cake from Alice - pretty clever).". Later last night.... A friend came over and wanted to watch the LnL wedding. WTF!! NOOO!!! So I ended up watching Tracy and the LnL wedding this time. - The ceremony was really quick, no biggie, I didn't think it was great, though the scenery was nice. Tony was more into it than Genie. Overall I thought the LnL scenes were just eh. Luke did seem sincere in his vows but not intense love type of thing. Maybe I am biased because I don't want to see any connection. But there are some LnL admirers who have said that they have not seen chemistry between them this time around at all. Luke seems to me to be the protector type more than anything. I saw them get married 25 years ago. And though I don't remember many details, this one didn't even come close to that. There was a little magic back then which I did not see yesterday. I was more of a Luke, robert, and Tracy fan back then, but I did like Luke and Laura as a couple. I have read some of the boards where they have spoken about the wedding and Tracy. But the ones I've read haven't been that awful (maybe I'm reading the wrong boards? or are those the right ones . Many people thought Tracy was hilarious and/or they felt sorry for her and thought she was GREAT even though they are not necessarily Tracy fans. So even though I did not like that Tracy was humiliated and made to look like a fool once again, I'll "accept" it this time because it kind of took the heat off of her a little in terms of the LnL thing. For some reason I get the feeling that the age of the fan plays a big part here in terms of their perception of Luke loving Tracy and/or Laura and questioning which is REAL. As one grows in years so does their capacity for the understanding of what love is. I don't believe anyone really ever understands it totally. it may take lifetimes but I feel it becomes more inclusive than just the idea that one feels of "magic". And as some of you youngin's move up there in years you will know what I'm talking about. One thing we've all posted about and discussed in the break-room is true... we knew the s/l would tear our girls heart out, make her look like a fool, drunken her up, silly her up, biatchy her up...and we were all unanimous in saying that no matter what - TRACY/JANE would ROCK IT!! And we were right! Yeah, Spanky buns ROCKED IT OUT!!!!!! I Love that woman, I truly do!!!!
  9. Yeah, I'd like to add a kick in there for Bobbie too. How dare she tell Tracy to leave Luke alone, that he has a wedding to prepare for. sheesh!
  10. Ms. Q, It means that things are gonna get VERY SUCKY for Tracy!!! She DOESN'T get her cake or eat it EITHER meanwhile Luke GETs to have his cake AND EAT it too! I am sooooo hating on Luke right now. I can not begin to tell you. We were so happy that Luke finally admitted and told Tracy that he loved her. We thought it would make Tracy happy (and of course give Jane more airtime). But it's probably worse for Tracy now BECAUSE he loves her. Before he admitted he loved her, though we all suspected he did, we felt sorry for Tracy because after all eveyone knows that Luke married her to get his 15 million back. Since the marriage was a sham, did Tracy really have the right to fight to keep Luke, if Luke is not emotionally responsible to her? BUT now that Luke admitted he loves her-"I LOVE YOU TRACY" , he IS emotionally responsible to her. So now Tracy is humiliated since she is the only one who knows they are still married, the whole town thinks he dropped her for Laura. How can she save face now? He is leaving town and leaving Tracy in pieces. And running out on his kids who will be grieving for losing Laura again. Who is going to fix all this since he is not going to be around for the fallout? When he comes back, Is he going to tell everyone he was married to Tracy all along, admitting that he lied? Or is he going to say he and Tracy are getting married again? Or none of the above? Yes, I understand that Jane has definately gotten more air time out of this. Just the plain fact that luke has not let Tracy in on his "laura plan" from the beginning and she has had to hunt him down every step of the way through his trail of lies and deceit for it, definately gives Jane more air time. But how much more will she have when Luke goes away? It is spoiled somewhere that Lulu will look to others for comfort so I doubt Lulu will necessarily be moving back into the Q mansion having Tracy play babysitter like she used to. So now, as I often am, am torn between Tracy's feelings and Jane's airtime. If this is going to continue to give Jane a 3 show a week airtime, I guess I could deal with it, BUT, if we ended up going from 3 shows a week of Tracy being humiliated and emotionally torn apart only for it to go back to having Tray once every other week. I'm not so sure it's worth the trade off. I'm tellin' ya if he wasn't Luke-more-airtime-than-any-vet=Spencer, I'd want Tracy to kick his butt to the curb!!
  11. When I read the posts that Luke said ILY to Tracy today I couldn't wait to watch the show! As I watched for those three words I suspected I would hoot and holler as soon as he said it. I didn't. For some reason I assumed his delivery would be different. More than that, I assume Tracy's reaction would be different. So I was underwhelmed by her reaction was well. Given this is Tracy we are talking about, who has probably never had a man tell her he loved her and mean it, What should her reaction have been? I think she believes Luke loves her but she is being cautious. Maybe she is leary and is not sure whether he is scamming her to get her to go along with the wedding at the Q's. I think the reaction we got was a "Tracy" one. Afterall Luke is involved with helping Laura to have the best experience while here. Maybe Tracy will have a different reaction after all this blows over. Maybe that "tender moment" that Luke and Tracy share before Luke "hits the road" will bring about a different reaction. Then again, who knows since she may be insecure depending upon this next mission he is leaving for. Nevertheless he said it and I am HAPPY! BTW - Tracy/JE looked totally GORGEOUS!! LOVE the new outfit!!
  12. Yeah, I can't get into the room either. oh well.
  13. I am wondering what "adventure" Luke is supposed to be on while TG is on vacation?? any thoughts? And even though TG is going on vacation, don't they tape in advance where there would be episodes with him in it while away? Luke better profess his love for Tracy in a BIG WAY before he goes. Tender moment? WTF is that? I want MORE!! I am starting to get nervous again. Speaking of getting nervous, when will we know for sure that Jane is NOT leaving? After what date will we know she's "safe". I mean already with Luke/Tracy/Laura thing I'm getting an ulcer and biting my nails. By the time we find out whether Jane is staying or not, or whether LuNacy will continue, I'll be bald!
  14. Happy Birthday knh!! Nex, Thanks for the vids!
  15. Thanks for posting the pic of Tracy from the wedding Ms.Q. Not as bad as I thought but not good either. Jeez, when are they gonna put this woman in something sexy for once. geez!
  16. Get the MF OUT!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! Yeah - Baby! TG Rocks!!!
  17. Luke is going out of town from end of Nov. till Feb 2007? what the heck?
  18. Strange, because I took those lines to mean.... L: I had no idea you were paying attention I took all of this as a reference to the present meaning while Tracy and Luke were married. She could certainly see who he is NOW since he's not much different from who he was in the past in terms of committment. T: You have no idea how much attention I paid I took this to mean, while they were married (Tracy & Luke) L: God, I wish i'd known that. I took this to mean that he wish he'd known before working on bringing Laura back (and maybe he'd wished he'd known before he got involved with skye - who knows) But that's what I got out of it. weird huh?
  19. Neither, Luke nor Tracy declared any grand love for each other. But they do love each other. They do not have the magic Luke and Laura had, the illusion. What they have is the reality that they are a perfect match. Something that neither Luke nor Tracy has ever had with anyone else. and to me that's grand
  20. OMG!! So happy today!! LuNacy yeah!! Can this week get any better? the new JE site! Jane's tootsies! and LuNacy!!! did I forget anything folks? BTW, wasn't it totally delicious the way Tracy touched Lukes face and brushed his lips with her thumb??!!!
  22. Deb, Lainey, or Keith, How do I change the word "member" under my avatar? I want to put something else there.
  23. Deb, Read Casual Cruelty finally! All I can say is ... F-ing WOW!!! I thought they were gonna get busy right there on the docks! but you psyched me out! LOL. I love the way you describe their physical contact!
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