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  1. Yes, Lainey, me too, I'd like the love scene to be something like Deb described in her recent story - with the roulette wheel ! That would be TOTALLY HOT!! I like Tracy because.... she tells it like it is. Next...
  2. knh, I don't know the exact date, but it was the day Robert Scorpio came to the Q mansion and told Luke that he was extraditing him back to the Markum Islands - The same day Luke told Tracy he wanted renew their wedding vows. I like this avatar you are using now by the way. I think I may have had the same problem with the LuNacy avatar i used to use. Even though I deleted it, it kept showing up. So I deleted it and saved the changes, logged off of the site, then went back on and loaded new avatar and saved it. That worked for me. Good luck.
  3. Ms. Q, any combination of the above you mentioned in any particular order, sounds good to me )))))) Actually, I wouldn't mind it happening the way Tracy once described their "dance of attraction" to Skye and Robert "I refuse Luke and then he hunts me down like a wild animal and catches me". LOL and Yay!! Ms. Q, I look foward to loving your "Tracy and her Men" vid!! Keith, great pics! Thanks for sharing. Seems like you had a great day.
  4. Can't get my hopes up over one of the three spoilers unfortunately. Sounds like Luke may have his hands full come May! What is this? Spring Fever?
  5. Same here. I don't write fic, so I would be more than happy to contribute to the flowers and/or whatever other gift we end up doing. Thanks
  6. Stace, Here is "She's A Lady" If this doesn't show up stace, I'll email it to you.
  7. ILTQ, Thanks for responding to my post. Yeah, I saw the beginning of that scene with Luke. At his first utterance of wailing I turned it off so I didn't see the rest - thank god. The "angel" song? Geez, sorry I missed it - NOT!. Yes, I know he nor Tracy had been on since that epi and I knew TG was on vac. but when I saw that commercial I didn't think it made sense when they said "shocking exits that will change GH history" and then they show a pic of Luke, it freaked me out. I thought I missed something or his contract was going to be up or something. But I heard from someone else today too that said that SID is gimmicky like that. whew!
  8. I just got time to watch the epis from Friday on, to catch Lulu and Dillon stuff and ... I saw the tv ad for the new SID and it said,"One of these people will die!", and it showed Jason, Sam, Emily, Nicholas, and Helena. and then it said .... "The shocking exits that will change General Hospital forever" and it showed Jax and Luke WTMF!! Has anybody seen this TV ad or heard anything about it? I am nervous guys. Please tell me TG is not leaving. Also, I hadn't known that it was mentioned on the show that Luke is MIA. Carly mentioned that Luke just took off when Lulu needed him most. And Dillon said that Luke was MIA in another scene.
  9. I've always been a Lulu/Dillon fan. Let's hope you're right Lainey!
  10. Ms. Quartermaine, Totally, loved the new installments of "Oh Baby". Can't wait for more!! MinervaFan, Love AU. I'm still waiting for updates! Pretty please... oh wait, you went on vacation? wahhhh! I want AU Tracy! I guess I have to wait? Anyway enjoy your vacation. School should be done for the symester after next week's finals. I see I have tons of fic to catch up on. I can't wait.
  11. Ms. Q, thanks for posting the tracy/coleman clip. I'm sorry your day wasn't too great but you stilll have 364 more days till the next one. I'm sure you'll have some really wonderful days in there. You deserve them. Nex, Great vid! Deb, OMG!! I love, love, loved your present to Ms. Q!! It was totally SEXY!! - Yeah!
  12. Chatroom was great last (Friday) night! It's nice when we get a group all at once. Nex, Thanks for posting the SID article!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that Tracy/Jane will have a great new contract year w/wo Lukey. Smirks, great to see you here. You should post more often! You must have totally won the challenge at SOC! You were good, too good actually! It was scarey. I felt the need to defend even though I knew it was a challenge! Some of the stuff was so shocking I nearly fell off my chair!! Especially what you said you almost did when you saw Luke and Tracy almost kiss! naughty, naughty! Did you do your penance? Deb, great LuNacy vid! and YES it was toooo short. ILoveTracyQ, Congrats on getting the 200th post! may I have an eggnog cappuccino please? Staci, Thanks for posting the vid by Member! That vid was totally awesome considering it had Carly and Sam in it LOL! Loved the footage in there of Tracy and Monica duking it out in the fountain! and thanks too for posting your vids, they are fabulous! I was in chat till almost 3 am and I didn't get to bed 'til about 6am. I spent 3 hours watching your vids and checking out the LuNacy screen caps from clarissa. Also.. TOTALLY LOVE the banner Ms. Q!! It has all my favorite Q's in it - YEAH!! knh it was nice to finally meet you last night Lainey, welcome home Regency, where the heck are ya? request: does anyone have or know where I can get clips of Tracy and Coleman? besides the bed scenes I already have? thanks. Long post, I know, but I'm trying to make up for lost time . Have so much stuff due for school - 3 papers due in the beginning of this week and the week after is finals. So I better get crackin'. On second thought I'd rather keep reading Deb's AU fic. hmmm what a dilemma... let's see ... school work or Tracy fic? .... oh well... SKIPS OFF TO CONTINUE WITH DEB'S AU FIC ... hee hee
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACI!!!! It should be just after 12 midnight there (cause it's just after 1:00 am here), so that means it's Sunday! Your Birthday!! I hope it is a happy one and that you get at least as many presents as you give us here everyday Stace!! . I hope for you that in the year ahead your wishes are realized and fulfilled!
  14. Congrats on your 1000th post Ms. Q!!! I can't wait to read the new chapters of Oh Baby!! I'll start reading them right after I finish what I was sent of Deb's AU story! Which is wonderful so far by the way Deb!
  15. This is how I understood it too. Not that she was done with the relationship but that she was done with his wallowing nonsense. The Lulu stuff too I feel, besides for Tracy's obvious common prob with the bad father/poor relationship choice stuff is that it's also setting the stage for Lulu's next adventures - Tracy is being used to prop Lulu's next S/L. Edit 5 mins later: I guess it took 50 posts to be able to change my member title and now I can't think of anything else to put 'cept for "the wheels on the bus....." cause now it's stuck in my brain! LOL
  16. Thanks so much Staci! I registered for Hella Good sometime last week, and I got a headache reading the directions/permission for downloads. I was confused, maybe something about posting 3 times, and then I don't know what? sign up 3 friends (or is that aol? or the phone company? LOL) and yada yada, over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go la la la. Anyway, Thanks again! And btw, since the pod cast I am totally even more in love with Jane!!!! EDIT: Just finished watching the clip. I liked it. Actually, I didn't know what to expect considering how he's treated her lately so I guess it was better than what I thought it was going to be. I thought he was going to totally ignore tracy or something. And I thought he was gonna tell Lulu not to move back with the step monster. I was afraid he was totally going to blow tracy off and leave. Well he might do that anyway, but well, I just don't know. lol
  17. I totally loved Jane in the Podcast! It's funny, if she hadn't been in it, Scott wouldn't have had much of a video. I'd like to have it too if there is a way if anyone can get it. Downloaded from Something-More but clips 1 and 3 had a error message everytime I tried to download them. Can anyone post it for me?
  19. Thanks Ms. Q and Jackie from JE.com!! Yes this put a smile on my face too!! "the wheels on the bus go round and round all over town" - is that the LuNacy bus leaving without me? I hope not
  20. You know it Stace!! Hope you all had a happy, and Deb I hope you are feeling better soon.
  21. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Hope you all have a great holiday! Among other things, like being thankful for my babygirl Dana (my daughter) and our health and my family and friends, I am thankful to have found all of you Tracy (and LuNacy) fans to share my obsession with and of course, I am thankful for Tracy/Jane, even with the few stuffin' crumbs they through her
  22. Finally watched the whole show late last night. I am still NOT on the "bus" and had no problem watching luke cry his eyes out - whatever.... Anyway, the whole I'll love you forever which he probably said about, I don't know, 20 times in different ways, makes me think that he may move on. I think there is a reason why they had him profess his love way sooooooo much: 1. He would go back with her IF she came back again. or 2. TIIC gave the public what they wanted so that no matter who Luke ended up with Tracy or whomever the fans will always feel that he loves Laura more than anything in the world - kind of playing it safe so to speak. I almost feel that aaaaaall thooooossee "I'llllll loooooove yooooooou fooooooreeeeverrrrr"s (slow motion here) was because he is going to decide to let her go but always keep her in his heart, no matter what. All the stuff he said to her is what someone would say to someone if they were dying, which in a sense I guess she is (for now anyway). It's what they say so they can make peace with letting the person go, and moving on. Is this the case? Who knows. Just my observation anyway. Also, I thought it was weird that Nicolas should go to the Quartermaine's to make this announcement. I know he is "seeing" Emily again, but I thought it was out of character for him to come in and say "I just wanna let you all know....." More than anything he was letting Tracy know I guess, whether he knew it or not, but I guess TIIC had to let her know some way.
  23. Your comin' down the stretch now Lainey!!! Prize? What is it this time Deb? Ms. Q? A choice of chocolate (dark chocolate), Hard boiled eggs (gak!), or olives? Happy posting Lainey!!
  24. Wow ILTQ, yes your predictions were very close, especially the "wife" comment - dead on! and A little scary! LOL possible spoiler below = from SD "Lulu sets out on an adventure that could possibly bring laura back!" something like that anyway. WTMF!!!!! Can we or Tracy get a freakin' break already!!!!! Then there's another one saying she sets out on an adventure to prove Laura's innocence of her step-father's murder. what's the point? It's not like she hasn't killed before.
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