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  1. Regency, YAY!! I can't wait to read your fic! Nex?, Ms. Q? Do either of you have edited clips of Tracy/Lulu when Tracy was wearing the blue robe thing last month I think? and Tracy/Lulu/Dillon/Spumoni stuff? AND the segment of the epi from the explosion of the MC from Friday? My damn cable company screwed up and disconnected my cable!!!! When I noticed this, this morning I flipped out! I called them up and they reset it for me. BUT a few of the epis I had saved where missing from my DVR!! ARRGGHHH!!! All my Tracy scenes from last week are gone too but at least I have the clips that you all posted last week. My Alan scene of him having the Heart attack is missing also. If neither of you have them, maybe I can still get them from Hella Good, problem is, I don't know the dates of the shows. I would be eternally greatful if either of you could help me out. Thanks.
  2. Hi All!! Was wondering if someone could help me out with vid making question.... I realized thanks to Lainey that I have iMovie on my mac which means I can make vids supposedly. I tried to check out the program last night to play around with it. When I try to drag the clip to the frame it says that there is an error. I am assuming it's because my clips are in Windows Media Player, which I had to download with the help of a friend when I first started collecting clips because Quick Time real player could not play them. Now when I drag these clips to the iMovie program it says that Quick time can't read them. Which means it obviously can't read them because they are in Windows Media Player. Any suggestions? Please? Someone? Thanks.
  3. *WAVES to LAINEY!!* Woohoo! Good to see ya girl! Deb, sorry you had to go through that. It's a scarey thing. I am a fellow panic attack sufferer, but it has been a while - THANK G-D!! I am sometimes able to feel it coming on and often use a slow breathing method to help me. And I use other stuff too. I was also once involved in a study for a non-medication remedy to control them. At any rate, the stuff they gave me to read on some findings that may cause them were quite interesting, including a theory that there is a possibility that people who have sensitive internal physical systems, any normal change physiologicaly can be "felt" and trigger a flight or fight response. In any case you might want avoid caffeine. BTW, have yet to read the AU but have finished "Tracy and Ned's Excellent Adventure" and "The Cellar" - They were both totally FABO!!
  4. Update on the SOC paring poll... common guys ya gotta vote for LuNacy!! The top pairings at last checked is Scrubs and Liason! LuNacy has only 8 the rest between Lunacy and Scrubs/Liason have votes in the teen numbers but SkyLo has only 2 right now! - LOL - no surprise there right now... CarJax has 5 and Nem-6
  5. Yay! Ya see, we did get a nice Valentine's Day gift afterall!! Nex, and, Ms. Q, Thanks for the clip edits! Deb, Thanks for the AU update! I will read it sometime this weekend. Right now I'm in the middle of Ned and Tracy's adventure in Europe!! - Lovin' it!! "The Cellar" was totallly FAB also!! - Thanks. To all you SOC posters, head over to SOC. There is a poll for your fave current GH pairing. Vote for our girl and her guy!!
  6. I loved Tracy's scenes yesterday. Especially the segment where she was yelling at Alan to wake up and that he should make her regret telling him how much she loves him. Just superb! Love, love, love how she looks with less make-up - just beautfiul. Our girl is gorgeous either way but less make-up makes her look natural, more real, and vulnerable. - It's sexy. Deb, feel better. Looking forward to AU update. Off to work now.... can you say akunamatata 10 times fast?
  7. I love it when she gives that look too Knh!! - It's Yummy!! And Tracy looks so beautiful when she smiles doesn't she? I LOVE her smile! Thanks for the clips! Ms. Q? Oh Baby? For Real? Yahoooo!! Which one has Dillon and Georgie, so I can skip over it? LOL teasing I can't wait to read it. I want a Tracy/Dillon hug too. Oh, and about Skye and Luke's scene, I wish he hadn't called her "Blaze" and when he referred to Tracy, he should have said "My wife pointed me to you..."
  8. Hi all, just finished watching the show.... ............... Tracy was on today! yay! When she was listening to Edward talk about his children, Tracy looked like she was going to cry. They confronted Skye in a BIG WAY when she came to the waiting area. Tracy thanked Luke today and gave him a hug - like you would hug your friend - eh. She is in previews for tomorrow. She, Edward and Monica are standing by Alan's bed side, he is unconscious.
  9. Back from work - I was early today. Thank G-d I didn't have to stay until the end of the show. And there's no show tonite. They added an extra Sunday one instead arrrrggghhh!! Knh , The kiss of with her hands on his face, I don't have a clip of. I think it took place the same day that Luke and Tracy "struck a deal" about ELQ and divorce or something, the same day as the Alice choke hold I believe. Am I right Ms. Q? I got the screencap/pic from Ms. Q. I don't think anyone has that clip though knh, not anyone that I know of. There is a Tracy video called "She's Everything?" where? Do I have it? I don't even know.I look forward to seeing the Bobby/Tracy clips, Knh. Yes, hooked, the vow renewal kiss is the day Luke grabbed her and asked her to marry him again with the teal jacket. I don't have the clip, just the pic I lifted off of Ms. Q's or Nex's vid, I can't remember which one. I think Clarissa has the screencap though. I do have the scene on the DVD I got from Jen Bengley, but not the clip. Nex? Ms. Q? Well, it's just after 3pm eastern here. The weather is so crappy outside. I'm gonna check out the new fic, start watching GH at 3:30 so I can fast forward the commercials, take a nap for about an hour and finish my paper that's due tomorrow. Yeah, I know, I'm rambling. I'll stop now. I wonder if Lainey is nice and warm in sunny Florida with Mickey, Minnie, Donna and her mom heehee
  10. Thanks, Hooked. And Yeah, it's a shame that those are all the kisses we have for almost 2 years of marriage. But hoping we will get ten times that many in 2007!! Woohoo! And yes, I did have a prob with the clip. When I started downloading, it said that it was going to take up to one hour, so I got nervous and canceled the download. The downloads usually take about 5 mins tops for me so I had to stop it. MinervaFan, who's fic? Yours? And thanks for the permission to use T&L Storms of Love Have to run off to matinee. Will catch you all later. Edit: Actually there are two kisses I didn't use, I couldn't fit them. The "vow renewal" day kiss, and The "Tracy's hands on Luke's face" kiss.
  11. To All My fellow Tracy/LuNacy Lover Peops, Happy Valentines Day! Nex, Thanks for the clips .... again! Ms. Q, Bet you're glad you have no linguistics test today . Now if only they'd cancel my class for tomorrow I'd be happy. It'll never happen - they hardly ever close colleges in NYC MinervaFan, Can I "borrow" your L&T Storms of Love? I want to use it on my desktop. Hope Tracy's on today. That would be a great Valentines present for us! Have a sexy day everyone!
  12. Nex, Thanks for posting the clips In the breakroom, if anyone wants to join http://pub13.bravenet.com/chat/show.php/1049349012
  13. Hey all - This is my 6th post today. See what happens when i have the day off! There was alot of discussion about the convo between Tracy and Edward in the chat tonite. It never dawned on me that Tracy might know something about Rick's murder from their convo. The way I saw it... Tracy seemed concerned that Dillon took part in trying to prove Alan killed Rick. After Tracy mentioned Lulu's name, Edward made comments about how strong she was and that she would get through the hostage thing. Tracy seemed to not be listening to him but she seemed deep in thought. She turned around and started the convo about the loyalty of the family. From this I gathered that she was trying to figure out a reason why Dillon would be disloyal to the family. From that I thought Tracy concluded that Dillon is in love with Lulu and that may be why he was disloyal. Maybe I was wrong. But I hope not. Considering what the alternative could be for LuNacy if she knew something. But I totally did not get this from the scene. I am off to watch again though, just to see if it changes my opinion. Any thoughts? Though, I'm sure we should find out more info by week's end. Lady Ashton - I'm looking forward to the Scott/Tracy, Paul/Tracy, and Ashton/Tracy clips yeah!!!
  14. Hi, in the breakroom for a few, if anyone wants to join.http://pub13.bravenet.com/chat/show.php/1049349012
  15. It's like being on a M-Fing roller coaster already!! And I am slowly but surely becoming nauseaus - AND TIRED!!
  16. Yeah, I also didn't like Alice's comment of "you hope" when Tracy said Laura's condition is incurable. I know it is prob leading up to her coming back, that and it may entice Tracy to team up with Scott. I am like very nervous here. No sooner does our girl have Lukey poo to herself, then this one comes back? - or almost as worse, risk losing him by teaming up with Scott. arrrggghhhh! GH can be such a pain in the ass sometimes!!
  17. Yes, Tracy was on today, as we knew she would be. spoiler if you haven't watched show... ........... Dillon, Monica, Edward, Tracy are in the den. Her scene started with her telling the rest of the Q's that they are going to let a hostage go. Don't remember any scenes in order but... anyway... Dillon "confesses" that he is responsible for Alan being in the lobby and why. Most of the remaining scenes with Tracy in it, revolve around Monica telling the family that she loved Rick and that she after all this time, she has realized really did belong with Alan. Tracy seems to be concerned at Dillon's part in this. After Monica leaves to go to MC (no, they don't know Alan is being relieased), Tracy has a convo with Edward about family loyalty. I bellieve after their convo, Tracy realizes something... I believe she realizes that Dillon is in love with Lulu (IMO). The end of the epi, - very sad - Alan is released, he is walking out of the metrocourt, more like half dazed stagger, and he begins to have a heart attack in the middle of cross fire between the Metro court and the PCPD and he falls clenching his chest. Previews show Luke and Lucky break a window I believe to be able to get to him on the ground. That's the jist of it anyway. Ms. Q is better at this stuff than I am . EDIT: LOL Ms. Q!! There you are! If I knew you were on, I wouldn't have attempted my half ass recap. LOL, you are so much better at this than me.
  18. Nex, Thanks much for the clip from Thursday and Friday's epis and Ms. Q, Nex is right, you should load your vids onto YouTube. They are awesome and you should spread that Tracy-Love around
  19. Oh, Ms. Q, Just watched your new vid again - I forgot to mention that I LOVED the affects you added to the "take a bus" kiss!! SCRUMPTIOUS!! - YEAH!!
  20. Hi DaysFan, Welcome to the Tracy Quatermaine LoveFest. No we're not exclusive. But everyone here LOVES - LOVES - LOVES Tracy Quatermaine! Many of us are also HUGE LuNacy (Luke and Tracy) fans. I can't speak for the others but I myself only visit The TQ LoveFest on SON. Yes, Luke and Tracy are fun together. Actually they are a fun AND sexy couple! Pinkpopsicle, Thanks for the screencaps! I see that you captured Luke's expression right after the kiss! YUM!!
  21. I am even more in love with Tracy now, it that's possible That teeny tiny one second LuNacy kiss scene just said so much about how Luke and Tracy feel about each other. She gets to him and I LOVE IT! Dare I say it? haha - MinervaFan, I just may ask you to save this cigarette-smoking-back-seat-slacker a seat on the FRONT of the bus right behind bus driver LaineyBabes! I made my friend, Lauren, watch the LuNacy kiss last night - She laughed and said "Yeah, that's something YOU would do" meaning the way Tracy pulled Luke in and then pushed him away. LOL I see the down-loading-up-loading-video-making-fool Ms. Q, has been up to her old tricks!! haha and I LOVE IT! Great vid Ms. Q, thanks. PLEASE Tracy - Don't listen to Scott! Don't do it! You've always had that ESP thing goin' on girl - don't fall for it!
  22. Spoiler below if you haven't watched the show today.... ......... ........ Awwww, how adorable was that little kiss today???!!! She could have thrown in an "ILY" after the "be careful". Luke looked so cute after she kissed him, and then pushed him away like a kid. It was sooo cute! I know we want major passion folks but, well, cute was good for a start. I thought it was hilarious too when after Tracy said "If any of the hostages die, you won't be able to forgive yourself" Luke says: "Yes I will, let's go (to Lucky)". Lukes too funny sometimes!! I have to run off to work now so... Hope to catch you all later. I will be home about 9pm eastern if anyone is around for the breakroom.
  23. Just finished watching the epi. I thought we were gonna get more than that one scene - arrgghhh! Small as it was it wasn't bad though. The preview from the day before led me to believe that Luke was gonna get mean with our girl - but he wasn't. When Luke first arrived at the Hospital and held Skye's hand I was like WTMF - you should be holding your wife's hand -her brother is trapped along with your daughter - but I realized as the scene progressed that he just wanted the info he got from Skye and he was outta there! Yeah! So I wished it could have been longer but our girl was standin' by her man and mama looked pretty damn good doin' it too!
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