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  1. Isn't this the one where someone's cancer was cured by a holy light? :S
  2. Nelson or one of the current soap scribes called Pam Long one of the GREATS--only having watched her AWFUL run at OLTL I'm left dumbfounded.
  3. Well and of course Max Martin, the svengali behind most of Britney's early hit sincluding One More Time (not to mention Ace of Bass, Backstreet, NSYNC, etc) and now doing more rock pop ever since his string of hits for Kelly CLarkson just had another number one--with So What for Pink (coming after their collaboration of U and Ur Hand...)
  4. CCT if you have time--Iv'e been slowly making my way thru them--that yotuube poster has TONS of eps from April thru July of 83 with much of that story)
  5. There's an all too brief, but interesting Yearbook style ad for Loving's TV Pilot movie and premier week at the 6 minute mark of this fun 1983 ep of AMC on Youtube "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">
  6. My British friends all thing John's been overexposed--for a while he hosted or was on about 5 diff BBC shows... I admit I find him WAY less appealing the more I see him--and I met the guy when he was in Miss Saigon in London in 1999--super nice guy.
  7. Amy P is co-HW till she leaves when she has her baby--according to Ent Weekly tho the credits only list Seth. Tina of course writes the skits she's in which explains the big jump. I thought the weekend update was really poor--tho I assume having Sarah Palin bobbing her head to a rap was the most innocuous thing they could do that she agreed to. And yeah nothing else stood out except I stand by thinkign Kristen was brilliant as Suze O--but that may just be a personal thing I felt bad for Brolin, an actor I like, because with Palin having a cameo, Baldwin havign a cameo, and Mark Wahlber spoofing his own complaint only a few days before about that sketch last week, Brolin was left with basically nothing to do
  8. Did they stay steady tho? Ent Weekly mentioned how the drop off after the first (nearly always political) skit has been far sharper than ever before for the show--dropping over 70% sometimes by the end. I have to admit we watched the first half or so at a party I was at on Saturday--but after Weekend Update no one wanted to continue watching and we turned it off (Kristen's impersonation of Suze O was, however, *brilliant* and not just cuz I had already had several drinks by then...)
  9. Interesting that none of those people were hired--and that I don't remember Laurie McCarthy writing at all
  10. I *LOVE* Pausini! I just can't listen to Celine though I admit I find her goofiness oddly endearing... (and I do own a few dance remix singles that remind me of clubbing in Montreal... *shh*)
  11. Surely this is just being exagerated by the UK press--considering Hollyoaks airs at what like 5--and nearly every other UK soap has had gay kissing now--and EastEnders is known as one of the grittier ones... The BBC has been flooded with 145 complaints after screening a gay kiss on EastEnders before the 9pm watershed. The 'offensive' scenes were screened on Tuesday's episode of the soap and showed Christian Clarke (John Partridge, 36) and Lee Thompson (Carl Ferguson, 27) engage in a passionate kiss. In a statement the BBC defended itself by saying it was down to parents to decide whether the content of the show was suitable for children to watch. But some viewers were left deeply unimpressed. One viewer wrote on the BBC’s Points Of View internet messageboard: 'I am appalled by the display of homosexual kissing before the watershed shown on EastEnders. 'This is disgraceful whilst young children are watching and sets the wrong example.' Another, Pat, wrote: 'I had to explain to my seven-year-old son what was happening. 'He now thinks he is gay because he kisses his dad.' And another angry fan added: 'I think pre-watershed standards have been irresponsibly lowered in recent years.' Tuesday night's scenes saw Christian and Lee caught in the act by busybody Dot Cotton as they kisses on Arthur Fowler's memorial bench. She tells them that she is as liberal as the next person, but does not approve of canoodling in public places. The latest outrage comes 21 years after EastEnders screened the first gay kiss in a British soap. Back then, Colin Russell – played by Michael Cashman, 57, who is now a Labour MEP – gave Barry Clark (Gary Hailes, 42) a kiss on the forehead. The move resulted in a record number of complaints and there were even questions asked in Parliament about whether the scene was appropriate. In a statement the BBC confirmed it had received complaints - but refused to say how many. The statement read: 'We approach our portrayal of homosexual relationships in the same way as we do heterosexual relationships. 'We believe that the general tone and content of EastEnders is now widely recognised. 'Parents can make an informed decision as to whether they want their children to watch.'
  12. Building back up the campus was *really* smart I think--this was aroudn when I got into the show (with the AMC Carter Jones crossover--I wish some of that was on youtube) and as a yougn teen I admit it appealed to me and seemed different from AMC with its campus focus (though soon OLTL would--for a while--build up their campus too.
  13. You guys are making me wanna buy all the DVD sets... Hrmm I wonder if there's anyway cheap. I have like 5 of the old video tapes from the 80s that I bought used in Jr High.... Adam and Eve oddly, sounds a lot more like the kinda story that Strange Paradise was doing--you knwo the cheapo Dark Shadows rip off with a Dr Moreau/Sci Fi bent filmed here in Canada that Harding Lemay (!) wrote for. I saw two months of it when we got Drive In Classics, a Canadian cable station, for free and I admit, while it had NONE of the atmosphere of DS, in its own campy way I found it a lot of fun and not as awful as many soap books (none of which seem to have seen it) did.
  14. I've only seen a few dozen episodes (well prob close to 60) but always intended to get all those DVDs and make myw ay thru... I don't remember hearing about an Adam and Eve story--what was that?
  15. Love that video remix -- and it goes to show how you can make a GOOD video with zero budget when the label is being arses and you have to fund it yourself in the middle of a major tour Still really into Myleen Farmer's new album--the album more than the single but I still like the video
  16. Interesting--sadly I only saw Taggart's later era teamed up with Guza--but I think she's a great writer. I didn't realize they wrote for RH and ATWT together
  17. Well the first 6 months of City *were* weak--maybe not weak but they were obviously trying to find their footing--and I guess that's when Harding watched? However, even then with Nick, Angie and Jesse, etc I'd argue he was wrong. And he did say he disliked it--which I obviously don't./
  18. Haha love your new opening (I always smile when I see how you've inserted yourself into it--very cute). i agree with everything you said. I know Haridng Lemay apparantly told ABC, when he was consulting, that it was an awful show and proved that you needed families to be the center of a soap--I don't htink he coulda been more wrong. They managed to show how you DIDN'T need families to be a core and couls still have a sense of community (setting it in the same building was a spectacular idea). I admit it's nearly entirely my lvoe of this show that gives me so much patience with Brown and Esenstens's other projects.
  19. While I liked Morgan Fairchild on the show--it only really came together when Tracey joined. I didn't know her or her character from Gh but I was enthralled--I seriously have thought about becomign a GH watcher a few times just to watch her again but... A few things to remember about the City. I still don't think it was given its fair chance. It started off rocky--and making a serial killer storyline that was a close clone to the just ended, and superior Loving Murders was an idiotic move--but the last 8 months or so were pretty much brilliant by my mind--it did exactly what it had set out to do. It also at the time was the ONLY ABC soap to see its ratings consistantly climb each week in those last months--albeit by very small degrees. But they had already decided it was to be replaced. Apparantly it was an expensive soap to film--and I think the fact that many considered it still more Loving, a soap that had been given more than ten years to succeed, and for whatever reason ABC didn't own it but Agnes Nixon's company did (ABC owuld own Port Charles--and they could shoot it on GH's sets) was a big factor for hte quick cancellation. It was repeated on our local ABC at 1am or so and I actually thought the late night was an even better time for it. That's another factor--it was force into the loser time slot that already was bad for Loving but maybe even worse for a "youth" soap.
  20. Haha I think I'm becoming a bit obsessed with this show I hadn't though of in ages, all over again. Oh dear. Here's the final ep's ending montage of clips from the show (I remember Jane, after the geisha episode was arrested for murder and she returned in the final ep 4 years later only to find out it was her ghost--I still have no clue waht that meant but.,..) "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">
  21. Found this bizarre, slightly bitchy but interesting piece on the show--I sorta assumed it never got ANY soap nominations The Strangest Soap Ever? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Written by Gary Ryan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the surreal late night soap Night and Day is nominated for an astonishing 12 gongs at the British Soap Awards, Gary Ryan talks to its stars Nick Schofield, Seb Castang. Georgina Walker and the inimitable Lesley Joseph. "Ooh, Lesley Joseph. She's a maniac" insists Nick Schofield, her co-star from Night and Day. The majority of you may recall Lesley from Birds of a Feather, where she played Dorean Greene, an endearingly promiscuous old shrew of a next door neighbour. You remember her: Tracey was the dowdy one, Sharon the fat one, and Dorean was the old one. The very old one. She was the one notably absent from the opening credits, peppered with childhood photos of Sharon and Tracey, which is perhaps because hieroglyphics don't work well on TV (Oh look! It's a young Lesley! And she's carrying a spear!). Following Dorean's stiletto marks was never going to be easy, but she seems to have managed it playing the manipulative Rachel Culgarin in Night and Day - the critically-acclaimed, innovative soap nominated for 12 Soap Awards. It's tricky to imagine Lesley divested from Dorean; that's why, when I'm informed that, due to Night and Day's gruelling production schedule, she enjoys a sly nap during the day, the first word that pops into my head is 'alcoholic'. Perhaps Night and Day isn't so much a job as a hangover. Fortunately, Nick is sober enough to step over Mad, Drunken Old Lesleyä and explain that: "She's absolutely hilarious. She's one of the nicest people you'll meet. She's up for best actress" It's easy to see why Night and Day has been lavished with praise: deliriously surreal, it rethinks the stale concept of the soap. Set in the fictional Thornton Street in upmarket Greenwich, the show revolves around the disappearance of the Lolita-esque Jane Harper and makes extensive use of flashbacks and fantasy sequences to further the plot. "If I wasn't in Night and Day, then I'd definitely watch it," beams Nick, "Definitely. It's my sort show and I'm really glad to be part of it." As Ryan Harper, the vain brother of Jane, Essex-born Nick has received the lion's share of bizarre fantasy sequences. "It's fantastic" he says, "I've been dressed up as an Arab sitting on a magic carpet against a wind machine, I've been a doctor in a mad hospital with these carry-on nurses, with a chainsaw, trying to cut off a character's doo-dah. You just get to dress up all the time in fancy dress. Two of the characters just dressed up as Pinocchio with the nose growing longer. Bet you can't get guess what that symbolises. God knows what's going to happen next." Lesley - evidently not drunken - elaborates: "Most soaps that are on have been there a while and I wouldn't say they're getting stale, but they're getting familiar. And the reason why they keep bringing out a plane crash or a rape or you know a serious assault is to keep people watching. Instead of actually adapting the way it's shot or the way it's put together or the sort of characters, they make the story lines go more and more extreme' "What Night and Day did was say, well look this is going to be shot in a really extraordinary way that will make people go, Oh my God is that a soap?' "We're doing fun television. The thing you get when you have the fantasy sequence and all of the costume stuff, you really do have a laugh. We've had an awful lot of fun. You wouldn't get to do that in anything else. I mean, you really wouldn't. I can't think of anything that's so much fun. And sometimes frustrating and sometimes incomprehensible. But when it works, it takes off in a way that no other programme does because it's stretched the boundaries completely.' Launched in a blaze of publicity earlier this year, Night and Day replaced Home and Away, before being axed from its teatime slot due to lacklustre ratings. Now, it is restricted to its late-night, 'adult' omnibus slot on Thursdays - something Nick regards as "a blessing in disguise". Seb Castang, who plays Josh in the show, adds: "It is a lot easier to follow if it's just one episode a week. And all the adult content they put in does make the show more interesting. It makes the show more risque as well, because there's a lot of sex, drugs and religious references that you can't put in the daytime version. Most of the interesting things in Night and Day weren't allowed to be shown during the day: so you were getting half of the story lines cut out, actually." Twenty-one-year-old Seb is tipped to win Sexiest Soap Actor. As a former male model, he's used to people looking at his body. "The first catwalk show that I ever did, the designer came up and put my outfit on the clothes rail and I thought, 'Oh God, you must be joking'. And all it was, was a really long blue furry coat with a huge collar and under it, I had to wear a little red pair of leather hot pants." Not planning on wearing that to the soap awards then? "No" he laughs, "I didn't keep the actual costume. I tried to but he wouldn't let me." Georgina Walker - vampish Jane Harper in the series - is up for Sexiest Female as well as Best Newcomer. At just 17, she laughs, "It's just very good make-up, very good lighting, very good angles.' "Men tend to chat me up more now. They'll come up to me in clubs, and have seen me somewhere but aren't sure where. They'll say, 'Where do I know you from.' Are you ever tempted to say, 'Don't you recognise me? I'm Your Niece! She chuckles: "No". What happened to my birthday card! "I couldn't be that cruel." A former model, Georgina had no aspirations to be an actress. "When I was younger, I wanted to be an archaeologist, but I didn't get my A-Levels so I couldn't carry on with that." Luckily, an interest in dried-up old bones prepared her for her role of having an affair with Joe McGann. Says Georgina: I didn't get teased by my friends but I remember watching him when I was growing up on The Upper Hand, and when they told me that was the person and they showed me the photo, I just went 'Oh My God' He's twice my age." For a soap where anything can and does happen, it's not surprising to discover that both Lesley Joseph and Nick Schofield acquired their parts in less than normal circumstances. "I went to a psychic in Blackpool," says Lesley, ", Gypsy Petrilengo - when I was doing Annie on tour there. And she said: Oh you'll do soap next. And I said, a-ha-ha, sure I will ha ha ha. And then literally, at ten o' clock the next morning, my agent phoned me and said let me just run this by you, are you interested in doing a new soap? Now that was what was so strange." Nick had a similar experience. "I got the agent and the part all within the same fortnight. It's a miracle." After leaving home at 16, he took on a series of low-paid jobs. "And then, I thought 'Oh sod, this. . So I just opened up Contacts, the book with all the agents and in it. Shut my eyes - this is absolutely true - opened up a page, put my finger on the middle of a page and thought 'Right, that's gonna be the one who's gonna do it for me.' It was in Bognor. This lady in Bogna'. I thought, 'Ooh Gawd'. Never mind, I gotta go with it. You know, 'cause I'm a bit superstitious. And I wrote to her, and she took me on without even meeting me. Just by looking at the photo." With a theme tune sung by Kylie, the Vera Lynn of Generation Pecs, Night and Day couldn't fail to be gloriously camp. Lesley explains: "I'm cast as those slightly larger than life characters just because that's how people probably see me. That if you're thinking somebody who can push the boundaries a little bit, oh we'll get Lesley. So I think that's probably just how people see me." Similarly, Seb was spotted at Liza Minelli's wedding. "When she was over here, we got chatting to her in a club and we had dinner with her as well. And we got invited over to the wedding." Why would she invite a complete stranger to her wedding? Was she drunk? "No, no, she's off that. She chain smokes loads though. She's ever-so-nice. Her and her husband." Night and Day aside, Lesley Joseph will forever be preserved in our minds as ricocheting around a stage in a skimpy skirt, belting out Like a Virgin. When you're out, do people go 'Come on Lesley, do Madonna?' "Quite often, yes" she giggles, "Terrible thing is if I've had a drink, very often I do. I think I've done it in clubs throughout the country so far." "I get letters from young men saying can I take you out to dinner all of the time" she reveals, Do you think they might be . . . well, gay men? I ask perhaps a little too pointedly. You have been revered as a gay icon? "Oh, have I?" she asks, bewildered. "No, I think it's because age is a state of mind. Sometimes I look at people who are dressed like my age, I think 'Oh God, that is so boring' So I'd rather wear tight jeans and tight sweaters and things. I used to go out in the Like a Virgin dress, I'm afraid. It's skimpy and it has sparkles all over it." Taxi, for Miss Mutton! "Oh, I know. I'm doing a make-over show tomorrow and I know the words mutton dressed as lamb are going to be thrown at me.' But that's Mad, Drunken Old (But Lovely) Lesley for you. "I want to grow old completely disgracefully," she says. With the continued zaniness of Night of Day, you can't help but feel she'll get her chance.
  22. I read a British article about it finding some success with young adults who would watch it after a night at the pubs, drunk while eating their chips and curry It\'s interesting that it aired at a similar time here in canada from the start. I liked Josh too! Actually I had crushes on a couple of the guys which is prob what started me watching--Kylie aside. Right he thought he killed Jane during one of his blackouts initially. Actuallya s the show got weirder and weirder I was sorry to see some of the more serious elements I was enjoying completely dropped. Remember there was Jane\'s brother Ryan who Iw as sure was meant to be gay and would do weird things like have bit scenes on a flying carpet and dress upin bizarre outfits. The actors who played Ryan and Sam are both now on Hollyoaks I think--Night and Day loved to have scene swith them almost nude--I remember the steam room was a popular place (something the show mocked itself) and other excuses for almost complete nudity--I appreciated that unlike American soaps the actors didn\'t have to shave their chests Anyway, I also liked Sam\'s overbearing aunt too who for some reason kinda reminded me of Robin Strasser... And Sally Dexter's character--I know her from her theatre work.
  23. That's very true--I should change my original comment about it being really good to it being really enjoyable--I loved it but I admit I was frustrated with how the mystery was dropped (I can't even remember all now though I remember the lookalike character). Its use too of very short scenes could be a good and bad thing. How long did it last in its late night timeslot?
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