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  1. Charles pratt JR. but fans got him fired.
  2. According to the CDN. Richard is now on contract.
  3. Carson Boatman cast as Johnny Dimera.
  4. Days Ejami/Lucas/sami: EJ is back in Salem to be a good husband to Sami take the company back from Jake w Tony/Chad's help. Will see if Sami can keep her secret Kate/Jake/Gabi : Kate is faking amnesia and blindness. She wants to punish Gabi/Jake. Will see if Jabi can survive it Sami/Nicole : They are both trying to prove that the other cheated on their husband Ben/Ciara: Ciara comes back and wants Ben to sign the papers for a big reason (they don tell us the reason) . Ben thinks this is his best chance to fight for her. It all leads to the Olympics cliffhanger and will see if they get their reunion. Xander/Gwen : RC always wanted the 2 trouble makers together. They cross paths living at Jacks house. Sparks fly and Xander wants to help her with Dr. Snyder. But Gwen has never been use to having anyone's help Abe/Paulina : Paulina wants to set up businesses that make Horton Town square more diverse. But its not all on the up and up. The plan might go south especially with her feelings for Abe and relationship w Lani Lani/Eli : Their anniversary coincides with Paulina's plans and everything will collide Tripp/Allie/Channel : Tripp wants to be with Alli and notices Alli/Channel have a connection which Allie denies. Allie/Channel also go into business together Rafe/Nicole/Ava : Nicole is jealous of them and Ava notices. Also Eric is not any closer to coming home Brady/Chloe/Phillip : Kristen leaves and Phloe start connecting more. But Brady throws his hat in the race. Justin/Bonnie/Kayla/Steve : Bonnie wants to take things w Justin public. Steve/Kayla have their doubts. Bonnie feels she needs to get their approval and will try to get it
  5. It's their. Its this Victor & Adam work to take down Billy. Nikki is glad they are working together .. but .. cautions Adam. Victor looks forward to Nikki's birthday
  6. SOD Summer previews Nikki and Victor Victor & Adam work to take down Billy. Nikki is glad they are working together .. but .. cautions Adam. Victor looks forward to Nikki's birthday. Chelsea/Adam/Sharon/Rey: Chelsea vows to reunite with Connor. Rey still suspects something is "off" with Chelsea's admission of guilt. Sharon & Adam can't deny they are attracted to each other. Amanda/ Devon: Devon assists Amanda in discovering the truth about her family. Elena/Nate: Imani will be attracted to Nate Billy/Lily: Lily gets to know Billy’s kids. Billy tries to get a hold on his unruly behavior. Mariah/ Abby: Mariah's pregnancy continues to require adjustments to her life. Christine assists Abby and Nina who are trying to locate Chance who has gone missing Kyle/Summer/Sally As Kyle adjusts to fatherhood, the Lockes' return to GC will challenge Skyle's relationship. The Lockes' separation will be volatile with Tara turning to Kyle for support; Nick and Phyllis worry that Summer's commitment to Kyle will once again cause her heartbreak. Summer will be distracted by her relationship drama and will not notice that Sally has one more trick up her sleeve as she seeks revenge against her rival. Ashland The reveal of Harrison's paternity will fuel Ashland's anger, which puts Jack in defensive mode, ready to protect Jabot and Kyle at all costs. Ashland and Victoria will discover they have more in common than they realized and form a bond in & out the boardroom.
  7. Great interview. And i agree with Corday. Days and the other 4 will be on for atleast DECADES.
  8. They see eachother for neils episode. And, Richard Burgi says they extended his stay through the summer.
  9. Michael B Jordan talked about AMC at about 4:33. He was talking about how he got his work ethic from the show.
  10. I'm so happy fans will have a year off worrying about cancellation
  11. Question for long time fans who kept up with all this renewal drama for years. Do you think two years will be the new normal or after 2023 go back to one?
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