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  1. i can wait an extra week for them to return. I think California might have things settled
  2. this is a better date, Especially after 4th of july
  3. I think they’re full steam ahead unless told explicitly not to!! Plus sets are more of a controlled environment then beaches and bars and the production has to enforce those protocols so it still falls into a different category since it’s a private sector
  4. according to Jason47 days studios are being cleaned.
  5. #8169 - July 4, 2005 Gloria plays hostess at the Abbott 4th of July pool party and BBQ. Ashley tells Jack that she's never seen Gloria so excited, and he says that John looks very happy, too. Michael, Lauren, and Kevin arrive, and Gloria can't contain her excitement that everyone can be together today. Later Ashley lets in Malcolm, who brings his camera, saying he will treat everyone with some candid shots. John, Gloria, Jack, Ashley, Jill, Brad, Kay, Esther, Paul, Michael, Lauren, Kevin, Sharon, Noah, and Abby are all gathered, socializing with each other. Jill is interested that Brad brought Sharon along. Noah asks Sharon if he can go swimming, saying that Cassie will be his guardian angel and look after him. Sharon is touched, but wants him to wait for her. Esther tells Gloria what a great party this is, and Gloria is so happy. Jack and Brad bump into each other and Jack asks what Brad has been up to lately. He says he's spending time with Abby and enjoying life at a slower pace. Jack says that Jill could use a right-hand man, and Brad wishes him luck finding one. Malcolm asks Sharon if she's heard anything more about the kids, and she said that Nick has confirmation they are in L.A. Later Jill and Malcolm talk about when he will come back to work at Jabot, and he says he is looking forward to it and will be there soon. Kevin thanks John for inviting him and Michael to the party, and says this is the happiest he's ever seen Gloria. John agrees, knowing that he is falling in love with her all over again. Brad asks Paul if he feels uneasy about Tom, and Paul agrees. Later Gloria gets everyone's attention and makes a toast of happiness to Michael and Lauren's upcoming wedding. J.T. and Brittany stand firmly against Mac returning to the loft. Mac feels like she's dying inside, and blown away by how hurtful J.T.'s being about the situation. Devon tells Dru that he went looking for this mother. Dru wonders if Devon has been feeling left out of their family lately, with all the attention they've been paying to Lily. Dru understands that Devon feels it's important to see his birth mother, but wants him to have her or Neil with him when he does it again. Nikki is sad that they're not doing a Newman family BBQ this year, so Victor surprises Nikki with a romantic dinner at the club. They dance and Victor surprises Nikki with a three week cruise around the Greek Isles in the fall. Nikki is so excited; this is exactly what she needs.
  6. Bolds still filming so i thinlk they will be fine...but lets see how July 4th goes.
  7. i agree, The show has 8 days till that july 6th date. So if theirs a delay i imagine they will announce soon
  8. The show starts filming again in almost 8 days...Im gonna miss the classics
  9. Ms said they are still on track for july. I think EB was just ranting. Not that i blame him
  10. #6679 July 27, 1999 Billy apologizes to Kay and Jill for his behavior last night. Mac wants to earn her living and wants to look for a Summer job. Grace is miffed that Tony is invited to the party at Newman ranch but she is not. Tony then receives a letter from the DA's office: he's charged with conspiracy and grand theft auto! Megan does not want her father to find out about Tony just yet. Keith continues to interfere with Ryan and Tricia. The entire Newman family along with Paul and Chris and Lisa gather at the ranch for a pool party to celebrate the court win. Also present are Doris and Millie who announces that she is going to leave for Madison again. In the midst of the celebration Cassie calls Nick "dad" for the first time.
  11. so cool! i will check this out
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