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  1. This was In Soap opera digest "Ashland & Tara Locke's arrival in town will have long lasting consequences that will be felt across canvas. The tycoon is coming to Genoa City not just to unload Cyaxares but settle some scores."
  2. Kyle abbott has a son and he (Ashland) believes the boy is his.
  3. Or Tony Morinas if shes got all these awards for marketing and EPing.
  4. I was just wondering, Has days always sold merch or is this new?
  5. I was honestly expecting him to be some old fossil so richard is good
  6. Richard burgi shows up march 11th as Ashland locke. https://deadline.com/2021/03/the-young-and-the-restless-richard-burgi-recur-cbs-daytime-drama-1234702349/amp/?__twitter_impression=true “Burgi will play Ashland Locke, an uber successful tycoon with a reputation for being a shrewd businessman. His character arrives in Genoa City to oversee a bidding war with the Y&R’s high powered Newman and Abbott families and will also expose some secrets during his visit. He’ll be introduced in the episode on Thursday, March 11.”
  7. I was just thinking, im kinda surprised none of the streaming services (Besides the ones that already carry the 4 daytime shows) have ever said "hey people binge shows maybe we could develop a daily drama for Netflix etc
  8. Should have made myself clearer when you asked me in the pine volley thread, I didn't watch Amc and oltlt when they aired. Im trying to now, i watch clips on YouTube i read about the storylines and characters etc.
  9. Susan A. Banks is a television producer, screenwriter and award-winning marketer who has been hailed as "One of the Most Powerful Women in Cable" You would think eh?
  10. They do the same with hunter king i noticed. I don't get it either.
  11. Just thought i would ask since i saw a few comments about oh if OLTL came back i would do this. Or if passions gets rebooted this should happen etc
  12. Cameron Johnson will reprise the role of Theo Carver on Days of Our Lives during the week of March 8,
  13. Lynn Martin, susan dansby and her now right? I think it is the same one. I read the IMDB and it days she did branding for YR. https://m.imdb.com/name/nm2475406/bio?ref_=m_mn_ov_bio
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