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  1. They are showing dru? Good on her and the show for not being petty.
  2. Tom Casiello was in the canadian YRs credits again
  3. No one new, So it will be a previous hack.😂 True, But they have to deal with network Bullshit.
  4. Please do😄. I was so excited today. https://mobile.twitter.com/YandR_CBS/status/1245860644705808384
  5. I think you guys will get it, The channel that airs the CDN usually likes to do their own thing.
  6. Global aired an episode 6 weeks ago. I hope the classic ep airs tommorow for you all.
  7. Does anyone even want this job though lol
  8. Hes great but I'm over adam vs victor. Its been adams story for 10 years
  9. i'm so excited. We know we are getting the ball and Paul and Crickets honeymoon, I wonder what else
  10. I think its the masquerade ball. Tracey bergman mentioned she was wearing a wig in the eppy.
  11. It wil be a mix of old and new, Than when they run out of episodes i assume old episodes will air until they come back.
  12. RC cates said they have about 3 weeks left of material. So soon it will be ALL classic, No doubt Cassies death will be shown. OT, I wonder what bold will air?
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