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  1. so is the show doing Chadam now? i see a shift in the writing
  2. also Nick gets distracted by his politcal career and since chelsea is spending more time with adam i think we all know where this is headed.
  3. Sharon/Rey- Sharon will do her best to resist her connection to Adam. The sparks between Sharon and Rey are still present but Rey will face a tough decision as he decides if he will give a relationship with Sharon another chance. Nick/Chelsea/Adam/Chloe/Kevin- Nick's venture into public service will take an interesting turn when he decides to run for City Council. As Nick launches his campaign he quickly learns that the Newman name is both a help and hindrance. Trouble finds Chelsea in a big way, forcing her to resort to her con artist past and rely on Kevin and Chloe to help keep her one step ahead of an adversary. A dangerous situation will place Adam front and center in Chelsea's orbit, much to Nick's dismay. Abby/Nate- Nate's career will be at risk, thanks to his part in faking Victor's death. He and Abby will find their relationship at a crossroads as Nate deals with regret of his actions and finds himself receiving help from an unlikely leading lady. Kyle/Lola/Theo/Summer- The rivalry between Kyle and Theo heats up as Theo develops a friendship with Lola. Meanwhile Kyle will be given more responsibility which involves spending time in and out of the office with Summer. Elena/Devon/Amanda- Familiar faces from Devon's family resurface as the mystery regarding Katherine's will unfolds. Cane will take matters into his own hands to prove his innocence and viewers can expect Jill to be front and center as she searches for answers. Devon and Elena will have difficulty adjusting to Amanda's presence in their lives, and Amanda's connection to Katherine's will will be exposed as we learn more about this mystery woman. The Abbotts- As Traci works on her memoir of the Abbott family, a secret about Dina will come to light which creates a dilemma for the siblings on protecting their family's image.
  4. In the CDN adam called chelsea the love of his life.
  5. Longer for BB. Brad said he plans to move it online when it gets cancelled
  6. No ones got time to read this huge chunk of text
  7. Week of the 28th The Abbotts have a visitor. Halloween haunts the dreams of Genoa City residents. Phyllis’s dream of being in control at work takes a turn. Rey assumes a dangerous persona with Sharon’s help. Abby becomes the center of unwanted attention. Nick’s dream of life without Adam becomes a nightmare. Kyle experiences a time warp.
  8. Yeah donna if you have too just read through the board.learn the rules etc. No one here wants you banned or anything but these people are trying to help you out on here so please take their advice.
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