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  1. She is returning. A binch of the soap journalists confirmed it. tv source daytime confindentials jillian bowe. She started filming already
  2. People wanted the storyline to end. And it did in one episode 😂 It was made using a 2019 soap budget it was okay. The episode was fine though
  3. She did. But she said on her FB she might return one day.
  4. How come tony didnt rehire her yet?
  5. I feel bad for sally. Mal clearly wanted the hw Spot. And she got pushed out in 6 months which is not enough time
  6. I dont think so Tvsource said she caved not sony.
  7. I think its the same problem as sally. Is the show bad? Not really but its so boring
  8. I want pratt back Tbh he was exciting
  9. She probably realised that things weren't as bad as she thought.
  10. Nick doesnt think victor died of natural causes and he told chelsea he thinks adam had somthing to do with it. Why are we redoing 2016 stories now adam being accused of offing an eldery person by poisoning has already been done
  11. Tbh i thought he would go alot darker this time around. I was expecting christian to raise daisies
  12. I just remembered JG faked katherines death in 08 lol she was 80
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