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  1. EB also posted a pic with the top of the tower set
  2. How are the younger generations on other soaps? Are they aimless like on YR?
  3. I would definitely give sally another shot. Her last stint was a mess but she was just thrust in there without a plan.
  4. i'm a new viewer so bear with me but, Whats the deal with Stefano? Did he like have plastic surgery to look like Steve or was he memory mapped like on GH? lol
  5. Why are you here though if you hate the shows so much they should be cancelled?
  6. I wouldnt be surprised if she gets another shot. Tonys her wife if they are looking for someone he can easily say "Hey my wife wrote the show once!"
  7. I hope so. Say what you will about mal and pratt but they knew what stories they were gonna do.
  8. I think sally could have been better. She was thrown into the job right after her brother died and canned after 6 months which is not enough time to make a change.
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