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  1. Laurie arrives at the Brooks home as Jill is performing a tracheotomy on Mr. Brooks. She screams “What are you doing?” and tries to pull Jill away from Stuart. Snapper is on the telephone giving instructions. There was a later hospital scene where Stuart is asked questions to check brain damage. One was his year of birth which he said 1927. There was also a scene following this where Ma Foster thanks Jill for saving his life. Jill is on her hands and knees trying to clean the blood off the carpet.
  2. I love ratings data, but I do question the highest ratings in two and a half years for The Price Is Right in May 1983. Maybe one and a half as I thought the Luke & Laura November 1981 episodes were in the 15-16 range.
  3. My recollection is Derek Thurston picked up on calling her Katherine. I believe it was mentioned in a Soap Opera digest issue in the late 70s.
  4. I would love to know who was involved in the steamy sex scene on The Doctors.
  5. I have a memory of a scene with Maeve Kinkaed’s Angie. She was downstairs in the Matthews home possibly working for Jim. Hugh Marlowe is behind her and flubs a line and she has an expression on her face and mouth may have fallen open with a “What?” Wish I could see again to confirm. I expect 1978ish.
  6. By this point, a lot of households had VCRs. If one wanted to follow the show, I see no reason that time slot mattered so much. Unless there was different competition whenever the local station carried the program. Cable, independent stations, syndicated shows, the O.J. Simpson trial, and the internet paved the way for those once popular soaps demise.
  7. I suppose anything is possible. But the show had changed greatly since her era. The existing audience identified more with Carmen Duncan at this point. Miss McKenzie was probably living in California with her health in decline. I mean I wonder what Sam Groom was given for his one day role as the minister. Actors do have to work so often to keep their benefits. Judith Barcroft had to endure a one day episode a series a pharmacist on AW for that very reason I read in an interview.
  8. Ms. Penberthy certainly seemed dissatisfied in 1976 when reading the article in the soap treasures thread from the Daytime TV series interview alongside Michael M. Ryan. I have to wonder what the actors playing the Matthews family in 1975 thought of the storyline change. She never seemed to be the lead actress during her run.
  9. Lynne Adams was Leslie. Brooke is married to Tony Shaloub and was in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  10. I recall one of the last scenes was when Stuart was selling Jonas’s to Gina. Maybe Leslie was the owner still? Kay had invited Jill there to discuss trying to reconcile Stuart and Elizabeth. Jill referred to Gina as a “dish” once she caught a glimpse of her.
  11. Was 02/84 on of those rare to find magazines?
  12. Marc Mergeon also took Jill (Brenda Dickson) dancing. She started out slow but he encouraged her to loosen up. I believe temp Jill (Melinda Fee) had a one time tryst with him.
  13. IIRCI there was a scene at Jonas’ where Stuart was in the process of selling it to Gina. Kay contacted Jill (Deborah Adair) to meet her there to discuss bringing Stuart and Elizabeth back together. Jill spotted Gina and referred to her as a cute dish.
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