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  1. So....I gave this one more try. I watched the season premiere. Finally admitted I either don't like or don't care about these characters. I understand the show is based on books that I've never read so I guess I'm coming at it from outside but I keep comparing it to other shows that just seem to have done it all better, like Supernatural and Buffy. I'm glad there's talk of a Grimm 2.0. 


  2. The first one from that EON period would be on eonschuylerwhitney's channel, episode 6051 (7/17/79). This is the same starting episode from when AOL was streaming them some years back.  Apart from the occasional single-episode omittance, there are some gaps of missing episodes later on...so far I've come across several weeks during Nov/Dec 1980 and the better part of January-early June 1981 missing. The early part, for instance, of the Raven & Jeff Brown/FauxSky relationship wasn't there.


  3. I just started the first half dozen or so episodes of the original Dark Shadows (I had only ever seen the brief 1990s remake). I've heard things are kind of slow in the beginning. So far I'm just having fun spotting the familiar faces....although I didn't even recognize Joel Crothers looking very unlike Miles Cavanaugh.The acting so far seems to comes across very theatrical, as if they are on stage doing a play in front of an audience.

  4. On 10/25/2018 at 3:08 PM, titan1978 said:

    Wasn’t Lee Baldwin running against him?  And Scotty was doing some underhanded things for his father that Lee did not approve of?


    Speaking of Scotty-  were there scenes between Scotty and Laura when she came back from the dead (Cassadine Island)?  I know they shared a couple when he interrupted their wedding before she left, and they had scenes together when L&L returned in the 1990’s.  I just don’t recall Scotty seeing her alive again.

    Yes, about Lee. Plus, as far as contributing to Luke winning, I think Luke was also riding high on the town being grateful over the whole Luke saves the world from the Cassadines and the Ice Princess thing.

    IIRC, between the actors coming and going during that decade, one or the other was off the show so they didn't interact for a long time. After Laura "died", Scotty became involved with Susan & Heather, then left. When Laura returned she was being pursued by her other obsessed husband, Stavros and I don't think Scott was around. That got wrapped up and L & L didn't stay on too much longer after that so they took off together and didn't return for almost a decade. During that time. Scotty returned, eventually starting relationships with Lucy, Dominique and Katherine. Also, Scott got transplanted over to the spinoff Port Charles. So, yeah, I think it was a very long time before they shared scenes again.



  5. Just curious...how is anybody posting anything DOOL on youtube at this point with their copyright police in seemingly full force? I'm asking because I haven't uploaded anything in over 10 years and stopped because it wasn't worth the effort, what with getting the e-mails later that they got blocked. I used to have about 50-60 soap clips on that account, all 1980s-1990s, nothing current. Over the years, they've reduced that to about half...particularly BMG with the music clips in some of the soap scenes and Sony. I just got another 7 e-mails about blocked videos, all Sony, all posted more than 10 years ago and all Steve & Kayla. I've gotten a few others the last few weeks. Funny, I have another channel with some old GL clips and I never hear a peep about those....maybe because that one has a lot fewer subscribers or less interest. :blink:

  6. Michael Zaslow from villainous Roger Thorpe (GL) to good guy David Renaldi (OLTL) twice over for each

    Michael Easton - vampire Caleb on PC to cop John McBain on OLTL

    Kassie DePaiva and Laura Wright both played basically nice girls on GL (Chelsea and Cassie) and not-so-nice girls on OLTL (Blair) & GH ( Carly)

    Stephen Nichols from streetwise hero Patch (DOOL) to wealthy, manipulative Stefan (GH)

  7. Been binging The Edge of Night this week. Almost to the end of Draper's amnesia story which I actually ff-ed through as I saw it when AOL first streamed the episodes years ago and once was enough. Feels long even ff-ing! Always found Draper and April (and Emily) rather boring. -_- But I originally saw the show only in its last few years so I missed a lot of its history.

  8. 9 minutes ago, reallyhateskateonlost said:

    Sometimes LOST and Dark Shadows on HULU

    DS is on my watchlist but haven't started it yet. I've never seen a single episode of the original but they have it on several streaming platforms, I see.

    I see a few of us got into Unsolved Mysteries lately. Love that they brought it back, and with updates, where possible. I'm almost done with the Stack episodes.

  9. Just thought I'd start a topic about what everybody's currently watching...like, maybe your regular shows aren't airing right now so you're tuning into something else, or you found time to watch something you'd been meaning to see, or something you discovered recently. Here are some of mine:

    Detective Anna - a Russian show (with subtitles) on Amazon Prime. Takes place in the late 1800s in a small Russian town and it's about a 19 year old medium who unofficially helps the police solve crimes. It's pretty good.

    The Doctors - I'm way behind but I've watched most of 1970 the last few weeks

    I started some other older shows on my watch list during the summer but haven't binged them at this point:

    Babylon 5 - couldn't last through 5 minutes of it and took it off the list. I think the silly spiked hair makeup jobs turned me off.
    Earth Final Conflict - about the same as above. Just zzzzz...
    Torchwood - watched 2 or 3 episodes so far...can't say I love it but will give it another chance or two before I decide
    The Time Tunnel - 60s classic...kinda meh about it but that may partly be because it's on youtube in reduced-screen fashion (to avoid the copyright bot I guess)
    Unsolved History (not to be confused with Unsolved Mysteries, which I binged earlier this year) 
    Star Trek Into Darkness (film)....wow, that sucked on so many levels

    I've made a bit of a game of things. Since I have a bunch of stuff on my watch lists and sometimes don't know what I feel like watching, I wrote them all down on little pieces of paper and folded them. When I don't know what to watch next, I'll pull one of the papers and watch at least an episode of whatever is written on it. :lol:



  10. Another pregnancy one...Kate Mulgrew while on RH. Mary kept her baby but Kate gave hers up for adoption.

    I remember Larkin Malloy's car accident while he was on EON and James Horan replacing him. I don't remember if anything was majorly rewritten because of it, though. When Larkin returned, he/Sky was using a cane.

    Real life couples being written off their show together: Beth Ehlers & Mark Derwin, Judith Light & Robert Desiderio

    On AW, when Linda Dano was going to get a facelift, didn't they write about Felicia falling through a window?

  11. I co-owned a David Andrew MacDonald website and board while he was on GL...my first and only foray into that sort of thing. I saw the Rassie/Jassie vs. Cadmund stuff. I heard and saw stuff about how rabid some of Bradley Cole's fans were, to the point of some of them hating DAM. They would never post on our board but they read everything. We were always careful about not allowing any negativity from any fanbase there because my friend and I didn't want that to be associated with DAM in any way, esp. since we were really the only site about him. But, yeah, that whole time was really my first exposure to fanbase wars and methods.

  12. OLTL - When Clint Ritchie had his tractor accident they wrote the character of Clint off the canvas as recovering from a plane crash, hence out of the Viki/Sloan story.

    GH - When Luke & Laura returned in the early 90s, with Frank Smith still after them, I think TPTB intended to continue their adventure-type stories but then Genie became pregnant. I think that's when Laura became Mother Earth a la Mary Mae Ward.

    Michael Zaslow's ALS diagnosis and eventual death impacted both GL and OLTL.

    AMC - Louis Edmonds' death wasn't addressed for years but since they didn't recast Langley, he was forever on expeditions. As an aside, I always thought it kind of a shame that he never got the tribute treatment other actors, particularly on AMC, got when they passed away (Herlie, Heflin, Mitchell, Warrick).

    DAYS - One of Mary Beth Evans' pregnancies resulted in Kayla being drugged, lying in a bed in the Devereaux mansion.

  13. I don't particularly think the rise (no pun intended) of L & L and the action-oriented emphasis was the beginning of the end...perhaps it was for a certain type of storytelling, but not for the genre. I think that phenomenon and the copying of it, gave soaps a presence and "hipness" beyond what they had before. Without it, it's possible the soaps might have declined and gone off the air sooner. I think the fact that GH is the only soap left on ABC is a result of the favored status it gained during those years. Likewise, DOOL for NBC. Mind you, I haven't watched any of them for years but they're still there so a lot of people must be.

    Curious about something for those in the know...I know that the CBS soaps have a big overseas presence and I see stars from those shows now on my Italian cable channels. What about the other soaps? What kind of life, if any, did/do they have internationally?

  14. Not to play devil's advocate here, especially as I agree with the point about mediocre and redundant storytelling, one thing is that these are shows that, unlike most others, have been on for decades and daily, as opposed to weekly. I think the possibility of any type of original storytelling ran out a couple of decades ago, probably more. Even the youngest soap (B&B) is over 30 years old. Any character on the canvas long enough is going to have multiple relationships, spouses, children, personality changes, and retcons of all of the above. There is nothing new left to do with them except tell the same stories with new faces added to the mix. Otherwise, the folks end up like Emily McLaughlin (GH's Nurse Jessie), who, as I recall, pretty much spent her later years manning the nurse's station and doing little else.

    So while I think we did get saddled with a lot of mediocrity over the years/decades, I think even a Labine or Riche type would be hard-pressed today to come up with something that hasn't been done to death before. They may present things better, but the stories would still be who's cheating on whom, who has a terminal disease, a long-lost child, etc.

  15. On 7/26/2018 at 7:05 AM, Paul Raven said:

    Mike/Michael has been pretty popular


    Mike Corbin

    At one time, I thought you couldn't be part of the Corinthos clan if you weren't named Michael. There was Mike Corbin (aka Michael Corinthos, Sr.),  Michael Corinthos, Jr. (Sonny), Michael (Stone) Cates, Carly's son Michael. Years earlier, I think the Webbers (Rick & Ginny) adopted a kid named Mikey, too.

  16. 5 hours ago, vetsoapfan said:

    In the Star Trek universe, for example, Kirk and Spock are supposed to exist. They are real for themselves and to each other. As viewers, we willingly suspend disbelief and accept the events and characters we see portrayed as "existing" within that context. Kirk and Spock are real in ST.

    You mean.........they're not really real??????????  :mellow::huh::o:(:wacko:  ;)  


    5 hours ago, vetsoapfan said:

    Now imagine the final scene of the very last Star Trek episode, after the series had given us many interesting and thought-provoking stories; after we had come to care about the Enterprise crew. We see a Romulan furiously typing away on a computer device. Another Romulan happens by and asks him, "What are you doing?" The one with the computer guffaws derisively and replies, "I'm writing stories about my pet tribbles, Mr. Kirk and Mr. Spock, and reimagining them as a pompous human and an anal-retentive Vulcan who run a Starship. Humans will fall for anything I write!"


    Cut to a shot of two small cages with a tribble in each one. The first cage is labelled Mr. Kirk, the second, Mr. Spock. Fade to black. And...that's it. The creators end the show with a joke, a wink to the audience, that nothing the viewers had watched, enjoyed and invested time in was even "real" within the context of its own universe.

    Ironically, DS9 and Enterprise tinkered with this concept a bit, with differing reactions. 

    In DS9, the possibility was presented (not at the finale, though) that Sisko was really a 1950s writer named Benny who imagined the whole concept, using his fellow writers as the cast of characters. But that was not the reality within the show and things went back to their normal universe.
    The much-hated finale of Enterprise, while it didn't turn the characters & stories into someone's  imagination, turned the series into a holographic historical program that 2 characters from TNG were running. 

    BTW, I have it on good authority that one of Captain Kirk's ancestors was a cop. His initials were TJ and were reversed when Kirk's folks were naming him..or will name him. :lol:


  17. 1 hour ago, j swift said:

    My criteria for good vs bad retcons is the amount of exposition that is necessary for the story to succeed.  In 1989 it was considered so unlikely that a female character could have a long lost child that OLTL created Eterna to explain the relationship between Vicky and and Megan. 

    I actually found the Eterna storyline less crazy than Viki and the viewers supposedly trying to figure out for months which Gordon sister (the elder Megan or the younger Sarah) was her daughter when Roger didn't have any other children at the time she was conceived.:rolleyes::P

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