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  1. 1 hour ago, Franko said:

    Question for viewers who were watching in late '86-early '87 ... I see several front-burner characters were added in a relatively short time (Adrienne, Justin, Jo, Anjelica, Diana, Jack). Was there a definite "new chapter" feeling, especially since the show was also losing some popular characters (Marlena, Bo & Hope), or did it come across smoother than I'm imagining?

    I think I come from a different perspective because that was actually around the time that I first watched the show, regularly up until around the time that Kayla was dating Shane and a presumed-dead Marlena was on the verge of returning. (I did revisit briefly when Steve came back from the dead.) So, while I saw the intros of those characters you mentioned, I wasn't around for very long before and didn't have the investment or character knowledge longtime viewers did. From my perspective then as a new viewer, I was interested to see these characters that I was able to "get to know" right from the beginning and having them connected with established characters helped me to get to know those characters easier as well. I do remember the show being quite popular during that time, particularly as it began a period of focusing on couples (or creating couples) that the viewers really seemed to enjoy. Steve/Kayla, Kim/Shane, Drake-Roman/Diana, Justin/Adrienne, Mike/April, Jennifer/Frankie...even the pimp Nick Corelli and Eve Donovan, the teenager he got into hooking, were being written as a star-crossed couple and had their fans. I think it was remarked in print at the time how the show had a knack for creating so many "supercouples" with chemistry.

    Also, a couple of other factors...I think this was the first soap role for both Genie Francis (Diana) and Judi Evans (Adrienne) since their big successes on their previous soaps (ie, their "returns" to daytime) so I imagine they brought some new fans to the show. Wally Kurth (Justin) was likeable and could sing. There were a number of romantic musical pieces being used for these couples back then. I'm guessing Steve and Kayla were to fill the void of Bo & Hope. They became extremely popular. I mean, from what I was seeing and reading in the mags, viewers seemed to really enjoy this period.


  2. Matthew Cowles (Billy Clyde, AMC) was husband to Christine Baranski.

    Nicolette Goulet (Mary Ryan, RH), daughter of singer Robert Goulet.

    Richard Merrell, who played Viki's butler, Herron, on OLTL when her boys were little, was married to Jan Miner, aka Madge, the Palmolive lady.

    Antony Alda (Johnny Corelli, DAYS) was the son of Robert Alda and half-brother to Alan Alda.

    Erika Page (Roseanne Delgado, OLTL) married to country singer Bryan White.

    Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL)...leaving out Michael E. Knight as he wasn't really known beyond AMC, she was married to David Hasselhoff and currently married to Todd Fisher (director/producer/actor), thereby, her in-laws were Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

    Nana (Tucker) Visitor (Nancy/RH & Georgina/OLTL) is the niece of Cyd Charisse.

    Carolee Campbell (Carolee, The Doctors) has been married forever to Hector Elizondo.


  3. GH - In the mid 80s, Kevin Bernhardt subbed for Jack Wagner as Frisco, then was brought on as Kevin O'Connor.

    EON - Larkin Malloy returned as Sky Whitney after his surgically-altered imposter, Jefferson Brown, was killed off.

    RH - Diana van der Vlis as Nell Beaulac and Sherry Rowan

    OLTL did it a bit as well, particularly when they did their sci-fi or flashback stories:
    Larry Pine as Roger Gordon and Randolph Lord (he also was on GL as more than one character)
    John Brotherton as Jared Banks and a young Clint Buchanan
    Melissa Archer as Natalie and a young Maria Roberts
    Robert Woods as Bo Buchanan and a surgically altered Patrick London
    Roy Thinnes as Alex Crowne/Coronal and Sloan Carpenter
    John Fiedler as Virgil the angel and Gilbert the human
    Loyita Chapel as Blaze, Renee & Dallas
    Christine Jones subbed as Viki, then was Pamela Stuart


  4. 29 minutes ago, DRW50 said:

    Edmund and Cassie had a very sensual sex scene on GL, due to the intense chemistry between the actors. That pairing should not have worked, probably shouldn't have happened, but DAM and Laura Wright were great together. 

    Myself and a friend ran DAM's website and board back then and, yeah, we concurred! 😁 Actually, the scene they had in the closet of the hotel back in August 2003 was the same day we had a blackout in NYC. We joked that it was so hot it blew the power. 😛

  5. On OLTL, when Max was being played by Nicholas Walker (and calling himself Matt), he and Gabrielle had a pretty hot scene in Asa's barn. At one point, Asa and Cord even walked into the barn but never knew the couple was there.
    I always did think NW and FH had better chemistry than her and JDP. James' Max always felt more like a player to me, like he never really loved anyone more than himself.


  6. 2 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:


    Oh wow, you mean GL brought him back?? :lol:  P&G must've loved them some Larry Pine!

    I don't think I was watching at that point but something tells me that this must've been during the late years of GLwhen the storylines were not so sharp.

    I think he was playing a new character but, yeah, they offed him with a heart attack, then Reva and one of her young, blond boy-toys, Noah Chase, dragged him to a bar. I checked IMDB and this character was on in 2000.

  7. GH- Of course, Scott was part of the infamous Luke/Laura/Scotty triangle.  But he later became the focal point of a different kind of triangle, with Lucy & Dominique, which was particularly touching. Lucy had come back to town and found her old love married. Dominique was very sweet as well as wise and her being in their lives, as Scotty's wife and Lucy's friend (despite being her rival), made both characters more loving and less selfish people. The pinnacle came when Dominique was diagnosed with a terminal disease and Lucy agreed to carry her and Scotty's baby, out of love for both of them and not as a ploy to end up with Scott--even though she was hoping for it to happen eventually. The story played out with such depth of feeling, not only for Scott losing a true love but for Lucy as well, losing the closest (and only female) friend she had at the time who had accepted her.


  8. 4 hours ago, YRBB said:


    I'm sad applcin stopped, because, indeed, the show takes off at the end of Season 1 and becomes truly something wonderful to behold. Great characters added, strong story arcs with things becoming more serialized, a strong villain, LOTS of creativity and playing around with tropes. Halfway through Season 3 now and I love it more than ever. I would suggest at least watching the second season -- if it doesn't hook you in, then the show really isn't for you. LOL 


    Scorpius was actually one of the things that had me ff-ing so he's not a selling point for me, lol. I got as far as the first 1 or 2 episodes of season 2 but still wasn't feeling it. At some future point, who knows...took me more than one attempt to like The Orville, for instance, which I had turned off in about 30 minutes of the premiere. I also had no familiarity with Seth M's work. But, somewhere between the potty humor, actual episodes about pottying and Seth's somewhat heavy-handed attempts at stating his stance on things, things started to morph for me...or the show morphed enough to make up for the clunky stuff.

  9. On 6/29/2019 at 8:49 AM, Dr Neil Curtis said:

    Ray Gardner

    I was a teen when I first saw AMC and Ray Gardner and he was scary. Not because he was some powerful, uber-clever, Machiavellian, over the top villain, but because he was so ordinary. Like, he was the guy you'd be afraid to run into on the street or the one you figured would break into your house and attack you. It threw me a bit at first when Gil Rogers joined GL as Hawk because, while the Southern mannerisms were somewhat the same, Ray had been so vile, whereas Hawk was basically just a flawed good old boy...devious at times, yes, but not evil. 

  10. 22 hours ago, Khan said:

    Yeah, "Farscape" was one series (of many) whose appeal remains lost on me.  It's a shame, too, because Ben Browder is one delicious piece of eye candy. ;)

    IKR?  Usually, the supporting characters can be a series' saving grace.  With "Bones," however, I found them to be only slightly less annoying than Emily Deschanel.

    Yeah, I was noticing Stargate SG1 fans seemed to love the addition of Browder and Black in the last 2 seasons. But I watched neither show while it was still in production so I didn't know who they were when they came along on SG1. Didn't really care for either of their characters on SG1 or those couple of seasons, for that matter.
    As for Farscape, I did like their characters better there but the show itself, at least the first season, just didn't have a strong enough appeal for me to continue with it. And I wasn't that keen on the Henson Creature Shop muppets as regular characters. 

    Not giving up on Bones just yet. I think I generally get somewhat turned off when characters are written with an attitude of "let me show you how smart, snarky and narcissistic I can be", which seems to be so prevalent the last decade or so. And this show seems to have several of them. And...every time I hear her being called "Bones", I think of Capt. Kirk and Dr. McCoy. 

  11. Found a charming little BBC series on amazon called "The Indian Doctor". It's a dramedy about a doctor and his wife who come from India to a mining town in Wales in the 1960s...culture shock, class shock, etc. It's only 15 episodes and I'm about halfway through. 

    I've had Bones on my watchlist for a while but haven't gotten round to it. Never really been a fan of David Boreanaz so it's more a genre thing for me if I start it and stick with it.

  12. I have 2. I have about 230 channels downloaded but I tend to watch the same handful. I do have Amazon Prime on them (one of my faves). The classic tv and movie channels tend to get repetitive if you download enough of them (which I have, lol)....and some developers essentially make half a dozen versions of the same channel, just putting different themes on the top row (ie, scifi, comedy, film noir, etc.). It also makes a great 2nd cable device without having to have another cable box. 

    As for those other channels...well, I have them in case I get around to doing yoga, want to play Deal or No Deal, look at a recipe I'll never make...basically, "when the mood strikes me" type of channels. 😛

  13. Going back a long time but, on EON, I wondered at what point they decided that Sky Whitney #1 wasn't the real deal? I know when the character debuted he was, for all we knew, Sky. At some point the Jeff Brown storyline started. Was that the plan all along or did somebody along the way go "I know, let's make Sky an imposter"?

    Also, on OLTL, why was it so hard to figure out which Gordon sister, the older Megan or the younger Sarah, was Viki's daughter if Roger Gordon didn't have any other children at the time she was conceived?

  14. So...with the plethora of remakes, sequels, prequels, tributes, etc. in recent (and even not so recent) years...how do you feel when old shows, of any genre, get redone?

    Are you against the idea in general? Are you generally open to new interpretations? Does it depend on how well done you feel they are or how near/far in style they seem from the original? A case by case basis type of thing?

  15. GH - What if Ryan Chamberlain had not been turned into a psycho? JL and Kristina Wagner had some nice, romantic chemistry going on prior to that and I always wanted to see that play out rather than have him be a psycho killer and her ending up with Mac.

    GH - What if Genie Francis hadn't left GH in the early 80s at the height of L & L's popularity? Aside from how would their story have continued to play out, there would have been no need for the introductions of Emma Samms, Janine Turner and who would eventually become the bigger star, Demi Moore. Come to think of it, Genie may also have not ended up meeting and marrying Jonathan Frakes had she stayed throughout rather than leaving twice in a few years' span.

    EON- What if the show hadn't been cancelled? What would the next mystery have been?


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