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  1. Are there any John and Felicia fans here? I loved them together!!! I never saw the whole storyline other than what's on youtube. Does anyone have any episodes to buy or trade or post? I would love to see more!!! Thanks.
  2. Check out Judith McConnell in an episode of the Zombie Whisperer at http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/87adff037f/zombie-whisperer-episode-2?rel=player&playlist=337919
  3. Sorry, I posted the wrong video, they took down the one with Judith in it. Here is what they said about her on their facebook page, "And just in case any of you Judith Fans out there are wondering, she is the sweetest, sincerest, and most lovely person. Her performance in this is funny, touching, and wonderful and we can't wait to show you the episode which will hopefully be finished sometime in November. Plus the zombie is AMAZING and TERRIFYING!" "She told us a wonderful story about wearing a beard every day that made us laugh very hard." I know, I was kinda surprised sh
  4. Update on Judith McConnell!!!! Watch her in the making of the web series "Zombie Whisperer" at She still looks great!!! Check them out on facebook at https://www.facebook...pererTV?fref=ts
  5. Woo-Hoo can't wait for the CC/"Soretta" storyline!!! I would like to see Sophia go after her sister when she gets back home too!! Keep up the great work Greg, it sounds awesome.
  6. Welcome back Greg!!! I was so surprised to see brand new episodes!! It's great to have SB back. Shannon
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