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  1. The Tennis Thread

    dramatistdreamer page does not exist what does it say?
  2. The Tennis Thread

    probably djokovic - nadal qf on june 3th (on nadal b-day interesting )
  3. The Tennis Thread

    @chithappens Djokovic said during the interview that he had no cramps at all
  4. The Tennis Thread

    Djoker baby is born today it is a boy congratz novak & jelena
  5. The Tennis Thread

    Congratz Cilic He served well Murray out of the top 10 Whoa
  6. The Tennis Thread

    Nadal is out for 2 or 3 weeks because of a wrist injury he cant defend toronto (next week) and cincinnati (a week after) he should be fit at the us open (starts at aug 25th)
  7. The Tennis Thread

    Wow what a match kudos to both players much better than last year final never thought djokovic would win he has his no 1 spot back congratz
  8. The Tennis Thread

    Nadal lost but Im not suprised he played average sinds round 1 Well done Kyrgios he played great
  9. The Tennis Thread

    @soapsuds I always thought Nadal's 2e best surface was grass but since 2011/2012 it is his worst
  10. The Tennis Thread

    I would not be suprised if Nadal wil lose early again at wimbeldon the last 3 years he barely do nothing on grass
  11. The Tennis Thread

    Damn it I wanted Halep to win
  12. The Tennis Thread

    Im not a murray fan but oh boy he was so pathetic/poor today
  13. The Tennis Thread

    Berdych played so bad against Gulbis I expected more from him what a shame but congratz Gulbis
  14. The Tennis Thread

    @soapsuds Verdasco should had beat murray at wimbledon last year
  15. The Tennis Thread

    Murray - Verdasco was not bad especially the third set Verdasco's attitude was hilarious he was cursing in spanish everytime when he made an ue or murray made a point and having a fight with the umpire