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  1. I'd love to hang with Daryl's filthy self for about a day. He's my favorite! Carol? Scratching my head on this potential duo.
  2. Toups, don't keep us waiting too long for some numbers.
  3. IKR! I had to do a double take when Rick said that. Exactly what did he think would happen when you chop off a person's leg under those conditions? God, I wish time weren't wasted on Lori!
  4. Before Rick went for the leg, I thought to myself, "get rid of the leg". This show is AMAZING! Getting ready to watch it again to stretch this hour to 2!
  5. Yeah, Lori can go anytime now. Useless skank! As if there isn't enough to worry about, now they have to get this child into the world safely only to struggle to try and keep it safe? Hate her! Michonne freaking rocks. She and Daryl could do some serious damage together! Give them a little adventure. I love a bad badass!
  6. I'm gonna seriously hate for this hour to end! Damn! This is some good chit!
  7. 48 hour marathon until S3 premiere! Yay! Perfect for the rainy weekend in Chicago! I'm down with that!!!!!!
  8. Very disappointed in the rescue of Finch. How convenient for Root to just walk away. Carter came to Texas for what exactly? Nolan, let's not let this happen again!
  9. Absolutely loved the show! The duet at the end was on fire! Very sexy song. Does anyone know who sings that or is it a song for the show? Love love love this show! Has such an 80s feel to it, but why do I get the feeling CW lost a bet to ABC on this one? Doesn't feel like a show for a major network. But anyways, gonna make certain Nashville is on the DVR! Powers Boothe! Swoon! Loved this man since the Jim Jones story.
  10. I can't even discuss S2E1 because I'm so stoked about E2, that Reese and Carter are going to a Texas shootout. I love these two together! I have not seen a "shoot em up" team like them in a long time. Jim and Taraji are great together. Once I pull myself together, I can discuss the eppy. However, I will say that the man being tossed out of the window was all kinds of awesome! I had to rewind quite a few times. Are the ratings out yet?
  11. The Ohio Players "Rollercoaster"?! Somebody loves me
  12. That can't be his daughter painted on his chest...not after the "child support buyout". Dumb ass punk!
  13. Unfortunately, Scrappy just isn't on our screens. He's in our neighborhoods knocking up the women who know no better. Women fight over "Scrappy" every day and are proud to say, "I'm his baby mama". It's a badge they love to wear. Shay and Scrappy were friends, so she was owed better than he gave her. She even said as she walked off, "you said you were not going to do this to me on tv". Erica was lapping it up because, again, she thinks she somehow won. Idiot she is. I will go on record and say that I hate that dummy Scrappy more than Stevie J, and this says alot! I'm not perso
  14. "Now let me stop before this thing start to look like a dissertation". Too late I don't care about any of the 3, especially Scrappy, but I was ok with Erica. Scrappy is a dummy loser, and any woman after experiencing what he has to offer this season thinks of herself as a winner because she has his ring is a loser as well! Shay? Don't give a damn about her at all, but I'm speaking as a woman who gets easily disgusted by women seeing themselves as triumphant when her guy craps all over someone to get back to her only to crap on her some more. When Scrappy was talking to Shay about
  15. London, Assuming any of this is real - just the smallest amount, exactly what is Scrappy bringing to a long term relationship? We've watched this guy try to bargain to get out of long term child support by offering a lump sum payment and won't cough up extra money for the child willingly. He's completely disrespected Shay on national television, something no other woman should be comfortable with (even if she is too supid to realize she's really the loser) and he clearly does not know the complete English language. Scrappy is a big dummy who goes to mommy so that she can tell him he
  16. Poor Shay...too dumb to realize she's actually the winner here.
  17. I don't know about anyone else, but the countdown has begun! Cannot wait!
  18. Thank you! I don't follow any of this on Twitter, but K has been way too cautious on the show to not even hint at who the abuser was, so it makes no sense that she would broadcast this person on a social network. Rasheeda pointed the finger on the show.
  19. When did K actually connect the manager to the person who beat her, and how many managers has she had?
  20. He practically admitting guilt. Loser!
  21. If the abuser wants to sue, he can look in Rasheeda's direction. But again, no names were mentioned so he can step!
  22. She never named him, so he can go fly a kite!
  23. ROTF! These pics are amazing! I wish I had not seen them at work. We are not getting LAHHATL anytime soon? Say it aint so? Mona said NY would be back in January. I want ATL! That monkey! OMG! It was retweeted almost 1,100 times. Damn!
  24. Erica looked absolutely stunning on the Reunion! Flawless indeed!
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