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    • I hope his character just leaves.  No grand Exits, murder, death, etc.  He just disappears after going for coffee. 
    • This post re James MacDonald in the Soap Hoppers thread reminded me of a pet theory I had at the time when he appeared as "Blade" on Another World in 1986. Blade was an ex-con who hung around with a gang of creeps who menaced Nancy and kidnapped Victoria (thinking she was Marley). Michael hired him to help protect Donna when he knew Reginald was on the verge of coming back from the dead, and then Quinn hired him with Mitch to renovate the Cory mansion because they needed employment as conditions of their parole. He seemed to just disappear after that, but I think there must have been something in the soap press at the time hinting that Jake might have a brother because I really thought it was possible that it would turn out that that was the case, since he seemed to keep having significant interactions with Jake as well as other people. Nothing ever came of it and if it was the idea it was dropped and Jake left town with Marley soon after.  
    • Just a reminder that NYT is problematic and has had to retract and 'amend' stories that they've done and will likely have to continue to do so.  
    • There's certainly still time for someone back in the pack to surprise us. My concerns about Warren, Sanders and Biden aren't new - I've said them for months, and they probably aren't going to go away. Whoever gets the nomination will have my vote, and if possible, my money, and I hope that whoever gets the nomination wins, but I just can't shake my unhappiness about the state of the race. After 2004 and 2016, I'm past the point where I'm able to tell myself things will be fine - I'm in a place where I just muddle through. I'm not implying you are somehow telling yourself things will be fine, in case my comments come across that way, I'm just talking about myself. If my comments are causing you pain then I will try to phrase them in a way that won't - or you can put me on ignore (not that you need my permission to be put on ignore, obviously) and I will understand.    I agree Taylor's testimony was powerful in its own right, and isn't tainted by Trump's usual tweet rage, so people who aren't distracted will hone in on the real facts. I disagree about the media focus, which does hit people who are more easily distracted, but in the end I guess what the media says doesn't matter either way. Battle lines are hardened about impeachment, and it's just a waiting game until November 2020. 
    • Agreed.   I do think a lot of centrist Dems are spooked by Warren and trying to manufacture a narrative in the press. But I don't think the real situation is as dire as they want to make people believe it will be unless we nominate someone less progressive. We can certainly differ on how viable she is or isn't, but I think the recent fishing articles are an attempt to slow her down coming both from that wing and even from the center-right Beltway media, and it won't work.
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