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DAYS #133: Nick hands more evidence to Abby, Sami vents to EJ about Nicole & Eric's wedding





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


Noelle paces nervously inside the Kiriakis Mansion by the glass doors to the garden. She holds her cell phone up to her ear, hoping her call will be answered, checking to see if anyone's coming from either the kitchen or the living room.


NOELLE: Come on, Nick. Pick up your damn phone.


After a second, the call goes to voice mail. Noelle hangs up in frustration and walks back into the living room, upon which point she hears the doorbell ring. Further exasperated, she walks out into the foyer and opens the door.


It's Anjelica.


ANJELICA: Ahh! Dear daughter-in-law. 


Noelle looks stunned by Anjelica's arrival.


NOELLE: A...Anjelica.


Anjelica responds with a chipper tone, dripping with a phony pleasantness.


ANJELICA: Well, aren't you gonna let me in?


As Anjelica says this, she walks right through the opened door, as a surprised Noelle stands back in shock.


Once inside, Anjelica makes a beeline for the Kiriakis living room, as Noelle turns and closes the door.


NOELLE: What are you doing here? And why haven't you been answering my phone calls?


Anjelica walks over to the bar in the corner of the room and pours herself a scotch, as though in her own home. As she does, she pours a second glass for Noelle.


ANJELICA: Oh come now, Noelle. I'm surprised at you! You know that the signals emitted from cellular devices have been known to interfere with the mechanical equipment on airplanes. 


Noelle looks annoyed at Anjelica, while folding her arms, as Anjelica turns around and holds a drink out to Noelle.


NOELLE: Of course, how could I forget?


Anjelica smiles at Noelle's sarcastic reply, as Noelle takes the drink from Anjelica's hand.


ANJELICA: I did get your messages, though. Have you been able to get ahold of Nick?
NOELLE: Not yet. But I honestly don't think it'll make a difference. Once he lets the board know what we have on them, they're gonna be eating out of the palm of his hand.


Anjelica raises an eyebrow to Noelle, a wry smile on her face as she casually leans her glass over to toast Noelle's. They share a quick laugh as they take a sip from their respective drinks.




Brady stands in front of the truck outside the rural general store, as a heavily disguised Sheryl stands before him, scarf covering most of her dyed-red hair, and large sunglasses. 


Brady pulls himself upright off the front of the truck fender, and extends a hand to shake Sheryl's.


BRADY: And you must be...
SHERYL: Crystal. Crystal Clarke.


Brady smiles, intrigued by "Crystal's" myserious appearance.


BRADY: Nice to meet you. Although, I gotta say...you look awfully familiar. Have we...have we met?


Sheryl looks on at Brady, mouth agape, as she tries not to show her internal panic on her face.




Abby and Jerome sit in the Brady Pub at a booth, laughing awkwardly as they smile at each other. Abby takes a sip of her soda, as Jerome looks her in the eyes with a warmth that Abby finds irresistable.


JEROME: You know...I think I'm starting to get to like Salem.
ABBY: Well, good. Cos I could get used to having you around. So tell me, where were you before here, anyway?


Jerome takes a sip of his beer before answering Abby, answering almost too quickly.


JEROME: Toronto. I was finishing my Masters' at University of Toronto.


Abby looks on, impressed.


ABBY: Oh NICE! What in?
JEROME: Computer science.
ABBY: Oooh a tech guy.


Abby laughs, giving Jerome a flirtatious look, as Nick opens the door to the pub, immediately spotting Abby and Jerome on their date. He smiles, observing them from afar.







Sami slams the door to EJ's office at DiMera Enterprises, startling EJ who is sitting at his desk.


SAMI: UGGGGH! That...woman!


Sami paces the room, tense and enraged. EJ looks up at Sami, still uncomfortable, as he looks at her through his reading glasses.


EJ: Jeez...what woman, Samantha?
SAMI: I'll give you three guesses.


EJ sighs and takes off his glasses, placing them down on the desk in front of him.


EJ: Nicole?
SAMI: We have a winner!
EJ: What did she do this time? Is that why you went running out of the house this morning?


Sami laughs maniacally, as she walks over to EJ's desk and leans over it, staring intensely at EJ.


SAMI: That's right! That manipulative bitch married my brother.


EJ looks at Sami, genuine surprise on his face.




Anjelica walks over from the bar in the Kiriakis living room, planting herself on the sofa kitty corner from Noelle, who sits in the armchair. She hands Noelle another scotch on the rocks, and holds another in her own hands. Anjelica sounds self-satisfied as they speak of their impending victory over the Titan board.


ANJELICA: You know, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, but I think this relationship is going to work out just fine between us.
NOELLE: Well, it can. It all depends on you.


Anjelica takes a sip of her drink, then feigns shock, holding a hand to her chest.




Noelle looks at Anjelica, speaking in a no-nonsense tone.


NOELLE: Yes, you. I thought we agreed that we would be in close contact whenever either of us made any moves. 
ANJELICA: Well, we have, haven't we?


Noelle picks up the newspaper from the coffee table, showing Anjelica's picture prominently on the front page. She holds it up, looking unimpressed.


NOELLE: You call this communication?
ANJELICA: I call that publicizing what we've already discussed for months. 


Anjelica sets down her drink, her tone changing from one of light-hearted repartee to a more serious business voice.


ANJELICA: Listen, I have not only this campaign to run, but I also have business deals to take care of, and family matters to ensure are being attended to. That's why I asked you to be involved in this arrangement. 


Noelle leans back, looking away and rolling her eyes as Anjelica becomes increasingly empthatic.


ANJELICA: You are the only woman that my son is ever going to love, and if I want my bid for the state legislature to be a successful one, that requires any and all scandals be headed off at the pass. 


Noelle continues to look away, and Anjelica leans in closer to Noelle, hardly blinking as she softly, but cuttingly delivers her next remarks.


ANJELICA: Harper Deveraux ran his political life on being a man of family values, and I intend to run my house the same way. Now, you know Alex has been involved in certain relationships that a lot of my base would be incredibly upset about. But he loves you enough to put those affairs behind him. 
NOELLE: I know he does, Anjelica. And I love him just as much.
ANJELICA: Good. Then we have no problem here. 


Anjelica gets up from her seat, walking toward the doorway of the Kiriakis living room. She grabs her clutch from the side table. Stopping momentarily before stepping out, she looks down, and turns back to face Noelle.


ANJELICA: Don't question my methods again, Noelle. I need you to trust that I know what I'm doing at all times. Even a second of doubt on either of our parts could ruin everything.


Anjelica turns back toward the door, leaving Noelle alone in the living room, deep in thought as the front door of the house closes behind a departing Anjelica.




Sheryl stands opposite Brady at the General Store parking lot, looking uneasy. She swallows hard, hoping to stay in character despite Brady's vague recognition.


SHERYL: Ah...no. I just...you must be mistaking me for someone else, I...I just moved up here from down south the other night.


Brady looks on, unsure for a second, before laughing to himself.


BRADY: Yeah, I guess I'd remember meeting someone with a southern accent in Salem. Well, look, if you wanna test drive her before you take her...


Sheryl shakes her head. She smiles as she looks the car over.


SHERYL: Nah, I...I think we're good. It's just a temporary thing until I get myself settled in and I get myself a new car. You know?
BRADY: Makes sense. 


Sheryl walks around to the other side of the car and reaches over to her purse to look for her cash.


SHERYL: Uh...how much do I owe ya?
BRADY: Ah, what was it, we agreed on $1000?
SHERYL: Well, how 'bout we do $800 cash, and you don't have to worry about them brakes?


Brady looks "Crystal" up and down for a second, before furrowing his brow. Sheryl holds up the $800 and smiles at Brady.


SHERYL: Do we have a deal?
BRADY: We do.


Brady takes the money, and hands "Crystal" the keys to the truck. Sheryl smiles and unlocks the door.


SHERYL: Good doing business with ya, Mister. You wanna ride back to your house?
BRADY: Ah, sure!


Brady loops around to the passenger side, as Sheryl puts on her best phony cowgirl voice and enthusiastically invites him in.


SHERYL: Hop in!


Brady opens the door to the passenger side of the truck, as Sheryl looks in the rear view mirror, smiling cockily as she realizes her disguise has worked.




Abby and Jerome sit at their booth at the Brady Pub, their eyes barely straying from each other, as Nick approaches the table. Spotting her cousin from across the room, Abby waves Nick over, to Jerome's chagrin.


ABBY: Nick! Hey! How are you doing?
NICK: I'm doing better. Was just at the hospital to make sure everything was okay.
ABBY: I'm glad, I've been worried.


Jerome stays silent, staring Nick down, menacingly, monitoring his interaction with Abby to ensure he doesn't fly off the handle again at her.


NICK: Not to worry. Listen, I...I don't mean to interrupt your date, guys, but...


Jerome tries to interject to try to get Nick to back off, but Abby cuts in before he can.


ABBY: You're not...interrupting, Nick. Don't worry.
NICK: Well...I had something I had to give you. It's ah...it's work-related.


Abby looks at Nick, confused.


ABBY: Oh...ah...for me?
NICK: Well, strictly speaking, it's...it's for Nicole but...well, she's not taking my phone calls right now.
ABBY: Oh, she's...well, she had to take the day off today. She's not even answering MY calls, so...


Nick nods, trying to feign innocence when he knows the real reason Nicole stopped responding.


NICK: Right. Well, this is part of the big story you're working on for Nicole's special this week. I think you'll find it very interesting. 


Nick pulls a flash drive from his bag and hands it to Abby.


NICK: Make sure Nicole gets it as soon as possible. Let her know that if there's any doubt about where it comes from or if it's real, that I have the originals.


Abby holds the flash drive tightly in her hand, before looking up at Nick and nodding.


ABBY: Alright. I'll let her know.
NICK: Thanks. Enjoy yourselves.
ABBY: Glad you're feeling better, Nick.


Nick waves back at Abby, as Jerome scowls at him, watching him leave the pub.



Once outside, Nick looks ahead, his trademark smirk on his face.


NICK: And another domino falls. Sorry, Will.


Nick walks off, as inside, Abby holds the flash drive in her hands, curious about its contents, before she carefully places it in her bag.




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