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ANOTHER WORLD 216 Kirkland gets closer to uncovering Christy's plan




Consultants:  ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby

Kirkland gets closer to uncovering Christy’s plan




Carl walks slowly into the living room, and he looks around, as if to take in as much ambiance of the place as he can, because he doesn’t have much time left.  Rachel walks in and observes her husband with his back turned, but Carl feels her presence.

Carl:  This living room...this place.  So much has happened in here.  I’ve had the privilege to live in it.

Rachel:  It was meant.  You were destined to be here.  Everything has come to this.

Carl:  Tomorrow night, I’ll announce to all of our family and friends, that I have a brain tumor.

Rachel massages his shoulders.

Rachel:  I know you do meditation, but I’ve never seen you this nervous.

Carl:  I’m not trepidatious about me.  I’m just thinking about the children.  

Rachel:  The children are going to be okay.  They’re gonna lean on each other.

Carl:  They’re all going to need you.

Rachel:  And you can rest assured I’ll be here for them...all of them.

Carl:  They’re all on my mind, but Devin Lucas is the one I need you to...love up on.  You know?



Cory and Elizabeth are sitting at a table sipping coffees.

Cory:  One more day.

Elizabeth:  Don’t remind me.

Cory:  At least they told us first.

Elizabeth:  It doesn’t hurt any less.  I can’t bear the thought of losing daddy again.

Cory:  Neither can I.  We gotta get through it somehow.

Elizabeth:  Daddy came back to us last time but this seems like it’s final.

Cory:  Why did this have to happen again?

Elizabeth:  If you can answer why the sky’s blue then you can answer that.

Cory:  We gotta...stick together.

Devin Lucas walks up to them.

Devin Lucas:  I agree.

Cory:  And who are you?

Elizabeth:  Dad didn’t tell you huh?

Cory:  Tell me what?

Elizabeth:  This is our big brother Devin Lucas Hutchins.



Grant walks in.

Christy:  Grant what do you want?  And don’t forget to invite yourself in.

Grant:  You are really one piece of work aren’t you?

Christy:  I’ve been called worse I’m sure.

Grant:  You forget who’s paying for this suite.  I should be able to walk in anytime I want.

Christy:  And I can go to the police anytime I want with the dossier that proves you bankrolled Evan Frame’s reign of terror.

Grant:  You are really spoiling my mood.

Christy:  Oh here we go again.  Let me guess, Paulina left the dashing, handsome detective Jack Snyder...for you.

Grant smiles.

Grant:  That day is closer than you could ever imagine.



Paulina opens the door and sees someone holding a bouquet of flowers in front of his face.

Paulina:  Hmmm who could that be?

Jack moves the roses and smiles at Paulina.

Jack:  Is the lady of the house in?

Paulina:  It depends on who those beautiful roses are for.

Jack:  Alright you got me.  They’re for you.

Paulina:  Thank yoouuu.

Jack gives them to Paulina, and he follows her inside as she places the roses in a vase with water.

Jack:  There’s something I came here for.

Paulina:  Hmmm for what?

Jack:  I was wondering if you wanted to have breakfast with me tomorrow morning.

Paulina:  I think that could be arranged, but who says breakfast has to be in the morning?

Jack:  What other part of the day did you have in mind?

Paulina wraps her arms around Jack and looks up into his eyes.

Paulina:  Eating is good in all parts of the day.

Jack:  Eating out you mean?

Paulina:  Well...since you mentioned breakfast and all that, I was hoping for a nice, juicy piece of sausage.

Jack:  Is it the kind that...plumps when it cooks.

Paulina:  I used to co-own a restaurant.  I learned a thing or two about prepping meals.

Jack:  Any place you’re at is a nice place to...eat out.

They kiss passionately.



Kirkland walks in and calls out for Grant. “Daaad ya here?”  He walks to the back and doesn’t see his father.  He turns to leave but notices something on Grant’s desk.  

Kirkland:  What’s this?

There is something on the ledger that catches his eye.







Dr. Weston










Kirkland:  The day after my wedding reception.

Kirkland takes a picture of it with his cell phone and refocuses.

Kirkland:  Center Suites?  This is Christy.  Who’s Dr. Weston?




Jack and Paulina lie in bed.

Paulina:  This gets better and better.

Jack:  I’ll never get tired of it.

Paulina:  Reminds me of…

Jack:  That was a long time ago.  This feels different.  More mature.

Paulina:  More than we were back then.  You know I hate that...that you are going through a separation with Carly.  I feel like I might be responsible.

Jack:  Look, don’t start that.  Carly and I were having problems long before we…

Paulina:  Before we what?

Jack:  Fell in love again.  Truth is, Paulina, I always loved you.  Funny how we found each other again.

Paulina:  You found me fighting with my sister in the Bay City Center fountain.

Jack:  It seems like everything came back.  Everything I felt back then.


Christy:  You’ve been saying for the last fifty years it seems.  Do you still have all of your teeth?

Grant:  Not even your snarky little jokes are gonna hamper my mood.  

Grant picks up the jump drive and looks at it with confidence.

Grant:  Jack and Paulina better enjoy every little moment they have together, because I’m about to blow them to bits, and claim the woman I’ve always loved.


Paulina:  Me, too.  It was like time fast forwarded.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have two wonderful children and I had a great husband, but I’m here...now....with you.

Jack:  I don’t regret anything that happened between now and then, and I don’t regret anything that’s happening now.

Paulina:  What about Carly?

Jack:  Carly gave me two beautiful children and a great ride for the time that she did, but it seems that it’s over.

Paulina:  A great ride huh?

Jack smiles.

Paulina:  How about this rollercoaster?

They kiss passionately.


Christy:  I’ll believe it when I see it.

Grant:  Oh you’re going to see it alright.  You’re gonna see Paulina on my arm.  She and Jack will be history after I show him what’s on this drive.

Grant gets a text from Kirkland that reads:  “Can I see you tomorrow?  We need to talk.”, and his mood changes a bit.

Christy:  Who was that?

Grant:  That was my son.  He says he needs to talk  to me.  I hope everything is okay with him.



Kirkland puts his cell phone in his pocket, walks up the door of his suite, and flashes back…


Ryan:  One lie is gonna turn into another and another, and it’s the lies that are gonna break up you up.  The longer you keep lying, the more you destroy the trust.  The best chance for you to save your marriage...is to tell Charlie the truth.

Kirkland nods his head.

Kirkland:  I’m gonna tell her.  I’m gonna go tell Charlie everything....right now.

Kirkland flashes back to the present, takes a deep breath, and inserts his key into the slot.  He enters and faces Charlie.

Kirkland:  Hey babe.

Charlie:  Hi.

The two stay quiet waiting for the other to talk, and Charlie breaks the silence.

Charlie:  Look I’m sorry.  I’ve been thinking all day and...you were right.

Kirkland:  About Eric?

Charlie:  You are just trying to...be a good husband to me, and I’m grateful and I appreciate it.  

Kirkland:  Yeah...I love you so much Charlie.

Charlie:  I know...more so now than ever.

Kirkland:  Babe it’s....something I need to…

Charlie:  No...there’s nothing you need to do.  All I want you to do is let me make it up to you.

Charlie kneels down, unbuckles his pants and…

Kirkland:  There’s something I...I…

Charlie stops Kirkland by starting fellatio, then she rises up.

Charlie:  Make love to me.


Cory and Devin Lucas meet.

Cory:  So you’re the famous Devin Lucas?

Devin Lucas:  The one and only.

Elizabeth:  Well I kinda always wanted a big brother.  I didn’t know Ryan or Evan.

Devin Lucas:  I didn’t know any of you.


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Devin Lucas:  I didn’t know any of you.

Cory:  So all of a sudden now you show up.

Devin Lucas:  It’s a long story.  You can have dad and your mom to explain it to you.


(insert Bette Midler “In this life” here.  Please play while reading the scene.)

Rachel:  All of our children will need love.

Carl:  I needed your love Rachel.  I was so lost.  So empty.  So unfulfilled.  Your love changed my life.

Rachel:  And you changed mine.

Carl:  After everything I did to you and Mackenzie, you still loved me.  If anything I got out of this life, is that love is a powerful thing.

Rachel:  You taught me how to love and trust again.  I had lost Mac, and my mother.  I needed you more than we both even realized.

Carl:  These are my last days, maybe even hours.  I just want to make the most of all of them.

Rachel hugs Carl tightly and her eyes well up.

Rachel:  You...changed my life, too.

Carl:  Our love lives through all of our children.  Be the mother that you’ve always been to them.  That’s going to help you through this.  You are going to need them, and they are going to need you.

Rachel:  All the while, I’m going to miss you.

Carl:  It’s coming.  It’s almost time for me to move on, but people in this town look up to you; admire you; need you.  Even people who aren’t family.  That’s what I love you so much about you Rachel.  Your heart.  So open.

Rachel:  I haven’t always been that way  you know.

Carl:  We’ve changed each other.

Rachel:  Just...let me feel you.  Let me have as much as I can of you.

They hug.



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WOW yet another knock out episode. Its so heart wrenching watching this slow moton good bye for Carl. I hope Rachel will be ok.


I was LOL as Grant was with Christy talking about his plan for Pualina but she was in bed with JAck being ate out. Nice play one the words.

Ur dialog and and nararrtive have been very sharp the las few shows. Eye catching.


I love Devi Lucas. Every time he's on the scene he owns and commands it. He is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Kirk is onto Grant. Wow and will Kirk confess to CHarlie. Whew Good luck.

Great fukking show.

Oh btw it seems every one has a document or a thumb drive to take some one else out. lol. its slowly building and I cant wait to see it play out.

NO ONE does character rotation better than u bro. It makes ur show feel like its moving fast.  

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Very moving, seeing the end near for Carl, seeing him try to keep his beloved Rachel strong for when she's without him. 


Kirkland biting off more than he can chew...and clearly Charlie is doing the same.

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Wow this ep really captured everything a soap opera should be. The balance of romance with Jack and Paulina and treachery with Grant and Christy. Both the drama and sexiness with Kirkland and Charlie. The intrigue with Devin and the love and sadness with Carl and Rachel. Friggen awesome!


Good on Jack and Paulina seeming so happy. I still want carly to come back with a vengeance tho tbh.


Carls kids will start to know each other and I think like us they want to know more about Devin.


Christy is a hoot. I don't think Grant has anything on her ways.


Charlie stopping Kirkland from telling her the truth. I like that the drama keeps building so well here!


And great last scene with Carl and Rachel. The song well done and it all comes together to seep in that sadness about this whole situation with Carl fading.

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OKAY what an episode. So we have some great scenes with Cory getting meet his brother, after all these years. Can't wait to see their relationship develop. Hopefully in dramatic ways.

Kirkland getting some good head will shut him up for now, but will he end up telling Charlie? (Probably not, or else there'd be no story LOL)

I loved the juxtaposition between Paulina and Jack reminiscing and lovemaking with Christy and Grant's scheming and plotting. Grant knows he has the silver bullet that will take Jack down and give him his chance with Paulina (so he thinks), but I hope he doesn't. I rarely see Paulina this happy, so it would be nice.


Finally, the tender scenes between Rachel and Carl. It's going to be so sad to see him go. It's been a long build to this, but it  has been well-written throughout. Driving story in many directions, and so many nods to the past, with branches into the future. Brilliantly done!


Another great show! GOOD job! :D

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