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ANOTHER WORLD 217 Party at the Corys Part 1 Christy uses Eric; Maggie is in danger




Party at the Corys Part 1

Christy uses Eric; Maggie is in danger

Consultants:  ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby



Kirkland and Charlie are lying in bed.  As Charlie sleeps, Kirkland picks up his cell phone off the night table and it reads 7:35am.  He swipes to a picture of the ledger he took while at his father’s house:







Dr. Weston









Kirkland (thinking in his mind):  I gotta find out what that’s about.  Why did Christy go to Salem?



Someone is ringing the doorbell.  The alarm clock on Christy’s night table reads 8:56am, and she emerges from the bathroom holding her stomach as she goes and answers the door.  Brianna Jameson walks in.

Brianna:  What’s wrong with you?  Are you okay?

Christy:  I’m...I’m fine.  Cramps.

Brianna:  That’s a sign.

Christy:  I know that.  That means it’s time, and I hope you’re ready to do your part.


AT THE WINTHROPS...Maggie checks her cell phone as the time reads 2:42pm as she rings the doorbell.  Cass answers the door.

Cass:  Heeeey.

The two embrace.

Cass:  My God it’s so good to see you.  Come on in.  It’s about time you came and saw your old man.

Frankie walks into the living room.

Frankie:  And your stepmother.

Maggie:  Frankie.

She and Frankie embrace.

Frankie:  Hey honey.  

Maggie takes out her car keys.

Cass:  Why do you keep pressing that button?

Maggie:  I’m trying to lock my car.

Frankie:  Oh you don’t have to do that out here.

Cass:  Unless you left food in there.  

Frankie (smiling):  Yeah, the animals.

Maggie:  It’s a brand new car.

Cass:  So what did Cecile buy?

Maggie:  My mom didn’t buy anything.  I mean I am a doctor now right.  I can afford such things.

Cass:  That’s riiiiight.  Have you started yet?

Maggie:  No...I start tomorrow.  I just had to come see you guys.  

Cass:  And I’m happy that you came.

Frankie:  You know Cass and I are going to the Corys tonight.  You need to come with us.

Cass:  Rachel will be happy to see you.

Maggie:  Yeah sure but I gotta find something to wear, oh my God.  What time does the party start?

Cass looks at Frankie unsure how to answer Maggie’s question.

Cass:  What did the text say?

Frankie:  I’ll have to look at it.  I think you’ve got plenty of time though.

Maggie:  Well let me get outta here.  I gotta get something.

Cass:  I’ll text you with the time.

Maggie:  Sure sure.  I love you.

Frankie:  We love you, too honey.  Drive safe.

Maggie leaves and Frankie watches her from the door, and Cass joins her, and rubs her shoulders.

Cass:  Look at her.  She’s come such a long way.

Frankie walks back into the living room and Cass shuts the door.

Cass:  What’s wrong?

Frankie:  I can’t shake this feeling Cass.  Something is off.

Cass:  What do you think it is?

Frankie:  I don’t know.  I can’t put my finger on it.


Maggie gets inside of her car.  She smiles, turns the car on and the time reads 3:17pm and suddenly, unseen from the back seat, Brianna sticks a needle in Maggie’s neck injecting her with a strong sedative, and it knocks her unconscious.  

Brianna:  Should’ve locked your doors Maggie.


BACK AT CHRISTY’S SUITE…The alarm clock now reads 4:06pm.  Christy answers the door and it’s an unwelcome visitor, Kirkland, who walks right in.

Christy:  I didn’t invite you in here.  At least I know you’re not a vampire.

Kirkland:  No I’m not, and I’m not out for blood, but I want some answers.

Christy sighs with exasperation.

Christy:  To what?  A test?  Go to Bay City University.

Kirkland:  I’m not talking about an exam, but a limo ride to Dr. Weston the day after my wedding reception.

Christy:  I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Christy turns away from Kirkland, sensing he just might be on to something.

Kirkland:  You crash my wedding reception.  You and my dad exchange this weird look as if you know each other.  Then you take off to Salem, and get this suite on my dad’s dime?    

Christy:  You’re just getting warm aren’t you?

Kirkland:  That’s a question only you can answer, and I’m not leaving here until I get it!




Christy:  Well that’s interesting, because I also think it’s time you get your answers.  It’s time you find out the real reason I stayed in Bay City.

Kirkland:  You can start from the beginning.

Christy:  Oh I’m not gonna tell you the story.

Eric walks in and shuts the door.

Christy:  My son is, and it’s time for me to leave you two alone.  If you’ll excuse me.

Christy leaves Eric and Kirkland alone.

Kirkland:  What the hell is this?  Some type of set up.  Ambush?

Eric:  No, not exactly like that.

Kirkland:  So you’re gonna tell me why your crazy mother stayed in Bay City when she could have left after my dad got her out of prison.

Eric:  I’ll tell you what you need to know.


OUTSIDE CHRISTY’S SUITE...Christy gets a text that reads “I’ve done my part.”  

Christy:  It’s time.


Kirkland:  What?  That’s why she went to Dr. Weston?

Eric:  Yep.  You got the pure unadulterated truth.  Most of it.

Kirkland:  Didn’t know you had it in you.  You did the right thing Eric.  Now I can tell Cass and Frankie what Christy’s up to.

Kirkland turns to leave.

Eric:  Not so fast.  Don’t you wonder how my mom got all the evidence that links your dad to Evan Frame?

Kirkland stops as he realizes the gravity of what Eric is talking about.

Eric:  After all it was locked in your father’s living room safe.  It was so easy to break into.  My mom needed some leverage, something to make your father work his magic.

Kirkland:  You were the one who broke into my dad’s house.

Eric:  Yep it was me, and I gave the evidence to my mom.

Kirkland:  Where is it?

Eric:  Now you know I can’t tell you that.

Kirkland:  That’s the least you can do.  You can get from under your mother.  You don’t have to be like her.

Eric:  But I am.  It’s like you told K.C.  I come from a lineage of sociopaths.  I’ve embraced that about myself.

Kirkland:  I was right about you.  You’re a lunatic.

Eric:  I’m not a lunatic, but I am crazy...crazy about you.

Kirkland:  What?

Eric moves closer to Kirkland and comes face to face with him.

Eric:  Don’t act surprised Kirkland.  When I stole the evidence from your father’s living room, I kept something for myself and believe me when I say, I really enjoy watching it.  Over and over.

Kirkland:  You freak!

Eric:  Oh you’re gonna see...just how much of a freak I am.

Kirkland:  You’re dating my cousin to cover up your sexuality?

Eric:  Isn’t that why you married Charlie?

Kirkland moves away from Eric, but Eric follows him.

Kirkland:  You want sex don’t you?  I’m not cheating on my wife.

Eric:  You’re gonna give me what I want.

Eric walks over to his mother’s laptop, sticks a flash drive in the USB, and plays it.  The footage of Kirkland having sex with the bartender at Genoa City Athletic Club, and Kirkland watches in amazement.  As Kirkland walks to the laptop watching this video, and Eric walks up behind him.

Kirkland:  What do you want from me?

Eric whispers in his ear and massages Kirkland’s crotch.

Eric:  You know what I want.  I want a taste what that bartender tasted.

Kirkland grabs Eric hand, takes the flash drive, and moves it away from his crotch.

Kirkland:  And if I don’t?

Eric:  Then Charlie is gonna get a copy of this, and I don’t have to tell you what will happen after that.  Oh keep it.  I’ve got plenty of copies.  You could have another career on your hands if this went viral.  A lot of gay men, will want a taste of your frank.  I know I do...as often...as I can.

Eric unzips Kirkland’s pants, looks down, and looks back in Kirkland’s face.

Eric:  There we go.  I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.



Frankie is in the living room, fully dressed in a gray pants with an off white blouse.  She looks at her watch which reads 6:36pm.  Cass walks in dressed in a navy blue suit, shirt, tie and shoes.

Cass (sighs):  Are you ready?

Frankie:  As ready as I’m ever gonna be.  

Cass:  You seem tense.

Frankie:  I am.  Something is just not right.

Cass:  Maybe it’s Carl.  

Frankie:  That’s...part of it.

Cass:  I sent the text to Maggie about the party.

Frankie:  Did she respond back?


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(continued from above)

Cass:  Yeah.  She said she’s gonna get there a little late.

Frankie:  Oh.

Cass:  You seem relieved.

Frankie:  I have to be honest.  I didn’t get a good feeling when she left.  She couldn’t lock her car doors from inside here.

Cass:  You think something’s wrong with Maggie?

Frankie:  I did earlier but I guess I was wrong.  We’ll see her at the party right?

Cass:  Right.


IN A ROOM...Maggie is lying on a cot.   Her hands and ankles are tied.  Her mouth is gagged; eyes blindfolded and unconscious, with Brianna standing over her.  With Maggie’s cell phone, Brianna takes a picture of Maggie.

Brianna:  Yeah Cass, Maggie will be along later.  Not in the way you think though.

Cass (V.O.):  Nothing for you to worry about honey.  Maggie’s fine.



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Wow a super intense episode. Briana proved she is nothing to toy with SHe took out Maggie in broad daylight and in front of Cass's house. I wonder why and what is going to happen to her or how will she appear at the party.


Eric scene tih Kirk was IDK i could use so many adjectives. Suspenseful, shocking, sexxy. I knew Eric was crazy but what I didnt know was that he was crazy for Kirk. ANd I see Kirk slanging big thangs. No wonder Scotty cant let him go. THe scene was great. I was on the edge of my  seat not knowing where any of it was going. SO great and so youthful for AW. You know Im very big on that. Just so great. Im still shocked bro. But Kirk is in a lot of [!@#$%^&*] right now. I really wonder how is he going to handle all of it. I loved when CHristy brought her son out. WHen did  she go to Salem?


Again the dialog was crisp and sharp. SImply wow Cary. Great job. 

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I'm glad you keep Frankie's psychic powers as part of the narrative. Yet they are never used as a plot device or fix-it.


Eric and Kirkland - that's just going to be a disaster, but a hot one...


I'm intrigued at Christy's medical problems. 

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Well sh*t!

Im pretty surprised by the Eric and Kirkland scene. I wasn't so sure Eric had it in him. But the apple certainly doesn't fall short for either of his parents trees. I thought Eric my not like his father alive and well in Colorado but after reading this episode I think they will get along very well!


Very edgy stuff here. I really enjoyed it. Kirklands life just keeps getting messier and messier and as one of my fave characters on here I want to see how he will get out of it.


Maggie is also in trouble. Cass better get out of his denial and listen to the gut of Frankie!


Very suspense packed episode!

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WOAH! That was a GREAT shock. Maggie getting attacked like that. GREAT shock! I loved the little things of that scene too. Maggie playing with her new remote locks, while Cass, ever the traditionalist, is puzzled by them. He's been with Frankie too long! Haha. Too bad the locks didn't work.


Definitely could feel the tension as Eric blackmailed Kirkland. That was well-written as well. Things are getting steamy with them, and Christy is just warming up. Deliciously evil mother and son. GREAT stuff!


Brianna has a PLAN for Maggie, and I KNOW it isn't good, GREAT cliffhanger there. Frankie's intuition is more right than she thinks!


GREAT episode. VERY tight! Not much more to say, other than I am VERY impressed!

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