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ANOTHER WORLD 175 Cass gets an uninvited guest




Cass gets an uninvited guest

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, DRW50



Allenblogentry-14971-0-40946400-1406519432_th has just discovered KCblogentry-14971-0-84702900-1406519446_th, his daughter. Toniblogentry-14971-0-27422500-1406519461_th and Etta Maeblogentry-14971-0-08912600-1406519480_th are with them. Allen slowly walks up to her, seemingly not knowing how to react to seeing K.C. for the first time.

Allen: My God. It’s really you. My daughter?

K.C. backs away.

K.C.: I don’t...know you.

Etta Mae intervenes…

Etta Mae: You’re scaring her.

Allen: We were robbed of all those years together. Toni and Etta Mae did that.

Etta Mae: This isn’t the place to talk about this. Why don’t we go home?

Allen: Why? So you and Toni can figure out more ways to keep me from my daughter!

Toni: KC you need to give your statement to Casey.

K.C.: Will you all stop it? I’m not a toy in your sandbox!


Meanwhile, Jackblogentry-14971-0-55853700-1406519519_th and Caseyblogentry-14971-0-62555900-1406519538_th discuss Reginaldblogentry-14971-0-84914700-1406519598_th.

Jack: This isn’t happening right now. He murdered Evan Frame; kidnapped Bridget McKinnon and K.C. Burrell, and you mean to tell me he’s gonna get away with it?

Casey: Reginald and his accomplice Margaret are citizens of Tanquir, so all we can do is have them deported.

Cecileblogentry-14971-0-01653800-1406519637_th interrupts.

Cecile: That’s correct gentlemen. So it’s time for you to release my clients into my custody.

Jack and Casey look at Cecile, knowing that they have no choice but to comply.

Casey: You will get a police escort to the airport.

Cecile: The flight plan has been filed, and I can assure you that Reginald and Margaret will be flown to Tanquir.


WINTHROPS HOUSE - Cassblogentry-14971-0-01357500-1406519668_th walks into the living room and sees Frankieblogentry-14971-0-85854800-1406519694_th.

Frankie: Everything is clean. All the trash is by the door, but you’re gonna have to take it out. I’m not taking out the trash.

Cass: I will take out the garbage.

Frankie: You don’t have to do it right now.

Cass: What do you want me to do now?

Frankie smiles.

Frankie: Do I have to show you everything?

They kiss passionately.


AT THE MONTICELLO AIRPORT - Reginald, Cecile, and Margaretblogentry-14971-0-38210100-1406519730_th on Cecile’s jet.

Margaret: I’m going to the ladies’ room.

Cecile: I hear there’s a storm coming. Why is the Monticello Police outside?

Reginald: Detective Casey Stoner is just making sure that I don’t try to give them the slip.

Cecile: It’s just as well. It’ll give me the chance to…

Cecile stops herself…

Reginald: Do you want to finish your sentence or should I?

Cecile: I was gonna go make sure that the Monticello Police did everything they were supposed to do.

Reginald: Oh come on. We both know you’re going to Bay City to see your former love slave...Cass Winthrop.




AT THE BLAKES, Mitchblogentry-14971-0-63482700-1406519844_th confronts Feliciablogentry-14971-0-05329600-1406519870_th about what Gregory said at the institution...

Felicia: What are you talking about?

Mitch: I heard you were running around town helping John find Michael.

Felicia: Who did you hear that from?

Mitch: That’s not important.

Felicia: John is a friend.

Mitch: Just friends?

Felicia: I can’t believe you’re actually asking me that!

Mitch: Are you having an affair with him?

Felicia: No! I am not cheating on you with anyone, and I am hurt that you would even think that I am having an affair with John again. It happened over twenty years ago.

Mitch: You didn’t even tell me about it.

Felicia: Just like you failed to mention the fact that Sharlene was confiding in you about one of her alters.

Mitch: That’s completely different. I’ve never had an affair with her.

Felicia: So you’re throwing my past in my face!

Felicia sighs with exasperation..

Felicia: My god-daughter is getting married tomorrow. I need to rest.

Mitch: Good idea.

Mitch tries to follow Felicia into the bedroom but she stops and turns around.

Felicia: You can sleep on the couch tonight. The blankets are in the linen closet.

She then slams the bedroom door.


Cass is holding Frankie in bed after having made love.

Cass: Wow. This time tomorrow, Charlie will be married.

Frankie: I’m still a little surprised that you gave your blessing.

Cass: I guess I felt better about it after...

Frankie: You can say it.

Cass: Charlie’s safety and well being are my only concerns.

Frankie: Mine, too. I thought Christy had changed, but the judge didn’t see it that way, but it shouldn’t come between us. I’ve always loved you Cass. I always will.

They kiss, and then Frankie reminds him of something.

Frankie: This would be a good time for…

Cass: The trash.

Frankie: Yeah you don’t want it smelling up the living room.

Cass: You’re...you’re…

Frankie: Right?

Cass: Yeah yeah you’re right.

Cass gets up and puts his robe on. He grabs the trash by the front door, and opens it, and his eyes widen as he is shocked by what he sees.

Cass: Cecile? What the hell are you doing here at this hour?


AT TONI’S APARTMENT - Toni, K.C. and Etta Mae walk in. K.C is quiet.

Etta Mae: Keneisha aren’t you gonna say something?

K.C.: What do you want me to say? That I understand why you kept me from my father all my life? Sorry I can’t wrap my head around that.

Toni: You may not understand right now, but I do need you to try. The situation was impossible.

K.C.: You had to know that he was looking for me. He was looking for me right?

Etta Mae and Toni look at each other.

Etta Mae: We told him that you were dead.

K.C.: Oh it gets better.

Etta Mae: He left. It wasn’t like he was going to the military. He had no excuse leaving Toni pregnant!

K.C.: So you told him that I was dead.

Toni: We told him that I lost the baby.

K.C.: Why did he leave?

Toni: He went looking for his mother.

K.C.: I guess she would be my grandmother right?

Toni: I couldn’t raise you by myself. I was in school.

Etta Mae: That’s when I stepped in. Toni needed to finish school, so I took care of you.

Toni: We didn’t want to confuse you.

Etta Mae: So we let you think that Toni was your sister.

Toni: I was devastated when he left. He didn’t even come back. Allen didn’t, and still doesn’t, deserve to be your father.


PLANE - The rain is beating up against the plane with claps of thunder in between as Reginald is being served a plate of food.

Reginald: This isn’t poisoned is it?

The servant looks at him puzzled by his statement.

Reginald: Never mind.

The servant walks away.

Reginald: I wish this storm would pass so we can get the hell out of here.

Allen walks onto the aircraft.

Allen: I second that.

Reginald: Well well. If it isn’t my grandson. Did you come to see me off?

Allen: I wanna know why you didn’t tell me about my daughter.

Donnablogentry-14971-0-72652100-1406519901_th and Michaelblogentry-14971-0-12306400-1406519932_th join Allen.

Michael: You’re not gonna get a straight answer from him Allen. Why don’t we just pound it out of him?

Reginald laughs.

Reginald: Look at this. Our mini-family reunion.




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Another fabulous episode.

I LOVED Felicia and Mitch's confrontation. Go Felicia. The whole scene played very well, I could see it on a TV screen. Very honest. Mitch is not right here, and is very insecure in his relationship with Felicia.

Also loved KC/Etta Mae/Toni. That was a very well-constructed scene and so on point. It's gonna play out for awhile and those emotions will be raw for KC, I can't wait to see what direction this influences her to go. Straight to Reginald?

Speaking of Reggie, the confrontation on the plane should be epic. Can't wait for that.

Charlie's wedding's coming! Frankie and Cass are so sweet together. I love that you can write very simple family scenes an weave them in so well. It's a talent, for sure!

GREAT work!

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Gosh, Cary. This is why you are my FAVORITE SON blog! Felicia and Mitch confrontation was an amazing, can't miss scene! It was jam packed of raw emotional lines! I could just picture it on TV. Loved this last scene. Reginald has it in for him now. He better watch it! I loved your beginning to the whole K.C. confrontation thing. And I know it is just the beggining. Cannot wait to c what is in for Ceicle/Cass that is gonna be great! Lot of things to look forward too! Cannot wait for more!

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I really could feel for Allen in scene one. And KC's confusion.

Reggie did all his crimes well most of his crimes in BC so how does him being a citizen of Tanquir enables him to espcape charges on the things he did in BC or did I miss that?

Very nice scene with Frankie and Cass but for only Ceclie to spoil it lol

Toni being a little selfish and almost vindictive at this point esp saying those thing about Allen in front of KC. Allen wanted to find his mother, Toni had hers. Toni cant play god and decide Allen cant and shouldnt be a father.

I love Donna she is about action. I love it yes. Another good show!!

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  • Members

Wonderful scenes all around. Can't wait to see more of Cecile's reunion with Cass. And I hope we get to see KC talking to Marley and maybe Toni talking to Donna, since they are in the same situation about the lies over mother vs. sister.

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Wow man. You're really good at playing all the beats to a story. Every single story is building so nicely and so smoothly to boot with scenes that really pack a punch.

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