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ANOTHER WORLD 174 Reginald is captured, but is he finished?



ANOTHER WORLD 174 - Reginald is captured, but is he finished?

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written By: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, and DRW50

MONTGOMERYS HOUSE - Tyroneblogentry-14971-0-08335900-1405903519_th opens the door and it’s Vickyblogentry-14971-0-08593800-1405903534_th.

Vicky: Hey Tyrone.

Tyrone: What’s going on Vicky?

Vicky: Where’s my sister?

Tyrone: Right there on the couch.

Vicky: Looks like you’re headed out.

Tyrone: Marley wants pickles and vanilla ice cream.

Vicky: Cravings. I know what that’s like.

Tyrone: Yeahhhh. I’ll be back.

Tyrone leaves and Vicky goes to sit next to Marleyblogentry-14971-0-48288500-1405903570_th on the couch.

Vicky: How’s my nephew?

Marley: He’s giving me a sore stomach. Did your babies do that?

Vicky: Kirkland was a frequent kicker.

Marley: What about the twins?

Vicky: I think my boys gave me good practice so I knew what to do when I got pregnant with the girls. You know Steven’s back.

Marley: Oh wow, and I know Kirkland’s about to get married.

Vicky: Yes he sure is.

Marley: Dad’s back with Donna. I mean everything seems to be falling into place for the family, although I haven’t heard from Allen in a few days. I wonder what he’s up to.


BAY CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT - Toniblogentry-14971-0-20822000-1405903594_th has just made a shocking revelation to Allenblogentry-14971-0-36439200-1405903617_th about K.C.

Toni: Yes.

Allen: You...kept my daughter from me? Out of spite?

Toni: I couldn’t take care of her by myself.

Allen: So you gave her to Etta Mae to raise. If K.C. thinks that Etta Mae is her mother, and you her sister, then you lied to her, too. I wonder what she’s gonna think of you when she finds out.

Toni: She’s not gonna!

Toni’s cell phone rings and she answers.

Toni: Oh my God. You found her? Alright.

Allen: Who was that? They found my daughter?


BAY CITY CENTER - Joyblogentry-14971-0-89360100-1405903651_th sits a table sipping a coffee, but she can’t get something off of her mind as she flashes back to her encounter with Reginald.


CAVANAUGH CLINIC - Joy faces Reginald in his office.

Joy: Does your word mean anything?

Reginald: Just because you did me a couple of favors doesn’t mean anything.

Joy: What are you talking about? I dove into the river and retrieved the gun that Donna shot you with. I burned down the Harbor Club. What more could you possibly want?

Reginald: Oh, there is something else.

Joy: What did Thomasina Todd ever do to you? She’s one of the sweetest, kindest people I know, and you made her sick. Who do you think you are? What makes you think you can play God with people’s lives?

Joy flashes back to the present and her flashback prompts her to make a phone call.

Joy: Thomasina it’s Joy. You sound a lot better. What did they give you? Well that’s...that’s almost miraculous. You just made my day. Thank you.

Joy hangs up and looks up and utters “thank you”. She then gets an alert on her phone and it reads “Breaking News: Reginald Love captured in Monticello.”

Joy: Wow. They got him. I gotta see this for myself.

Then Tyrone walks up behind her with a brown bag, and she turns around to face him.

Tyrone: See what?


MONTICELLO POLICE STATION - Two officers escort K.C Burrellblogentry-14971-0-84860300-1405903686_th into the precinct, and then right after her, a handcuffed Reginald Loveblogentry-14971-0-67516400-1405903718_th is brought in by two more officers. Reginald has a seemingly confident smirk on his face as Margaretblogentry-14971-0-27548500-1405903742_th, Cecileblogentry-14971-0-02699200-1405903767_th, Jackblogentry-14971-0-88205800-1405903794_th, and the other officers look at him.





Vicky: He just got a job at KBAY.

Marley: See I didn’t know that. I thought we were close.

Vicky: Maybe he’s just busy. I’m sure he’ll call you.

Marley: I wonder if he’s met dad.

Vicky: I’m not too sure.

Marley: Did you get these cravings?

Vicky: Of course I did. I remember when Jake…

Vicky stops and gets up and takes a few a few steps away from the couch. Marley immediately picks up on Vicky’s mood.

Marley: Vicky?

Vicky: Marley?

Marley: Something’s wrong with you and Jake isn’t it?

Vicky: Whatever would give you that idea?

Marley: We’re twins remember? I feel it.

Vicky: Just like I felt it when you were gonna leave town, and I convinced you to stay.

Marley: I remember that, so now let me help you. Talk to me. What’s going on?

Vicky turns around and faces her sister again.

Vicky: Everything’s wrong. Jake and I are in trouble.

Marley: What kind of trouble?

Vicky: I hope you and Tyrone’s marriage stays strong; something for me to look to, because I don’t know if Jake and I are gonna make it.


Joy: Now that isn’t any of your business now is it?

Tyrone: No, but if you’re up to something, I wanna know about it. Enemies gotta stay close.

Joy: I wasn’t your foe when we were sleeping together was I?

Tyrone laughs and shakes his head.

Joy: Listen you’re fine and sexy and all, but this has nothing to do with you...not directly anyway.

Tyrone: Just like I thought. I’m gonna be watching you.

Joy gets face to face with Tyrone, and leans over to Tyrone’s left ear...

Joy (whispering): Careful, I might like that.

Joy looks at Tyrone seductively, smiles, and walks away.


MONTICELLO POLICE PRECINCT...Jack approaches K.C. whose arms are folded, and looking down at the floor.

Jack: We’re gonna need to take your statement Ms. Burrell.

K.C.: Okay.

At that moment, Toni and Etta Maeblogentry-14971-0-68158800-1405903937_th walk in and run to K.C.

Etta Mae: Oh my God. My baby! Are you alright?

Toni: Did Reginald hurt you?

KC: No he didn’t.

Etta Mae hugs KC, but KC does not hug Etta Mae back, and Toni picks up on KC’s lack of response.

Etta Mae: I was so worried about you! When you didn't come home…

KC: That’s...real sweet of you.

Toni: We both were worried.

KC: I’m not coming back home. I’m not goin’ anywhere until you tell me the truth.

Toni: Tell you what?

Allen walks in.

KC: Reginald said that he and I were family. Is that true? Where’s my father?

Allen: I’m right here.

KC, Etta Mae and Toni are shocked as Allen approaches KC…

Allen: My God. It’s really you. My daughter.


INTERROGATION ROOM...Cecile confers with her client Reginald.

Reginald: Toni wanted to see her daughter again.

Cecile: Yes I got on the jet as soon as she called.

Reginald: I’m glad you’re coming through for me.

Cecile: Yes I am. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am.

Reginald: You’d still be broke.

Cecile: Maggie’s trust fund money helped me become Queen of Tanquir again.

Reginald: So when are we getting outta here?

Cecile: Should be any minute now.


Meanwhile, Caseyblogentry-14971-0-04473700-1405903984_th approaches Jack outside the interrogation room with a paper and shows Jack.

Casey: I got this fax.

Jack: No. This can’t be.

Casey: I called them and spoke to a contact there. I had to do a double take my self.

Jack: After everything he has done, you mean to tell me we can’t hold him?

Casey: There’s only one thing we can do.

Cecile approaches the disappointed detectives.

Cecile: Gentlemen, should I call my pilot?

Meanwhile, Joy sneaks past everyone and gets into the interrogation room to face Reginald, and shuts the door.

Reginald: Joy Joy Joy.

Joy: Did you do it?

Reginald: The antidote?

Joy: Thomasina said she’s feeling better.

Reginald: Yes I called and they gave her the antidote.

Joy: Then we’re even.

Reginald: No we’re not. I can get to her whenever I want.

Joy: So what does that mean? What else do you want me to do?

Reginald: I don’t have to tell you. I want to raise the next patriarch of my family, and you’re going to get him.

Joy: Where the hell am I supposed to get...no. You can’t make me do that.


Meanwhile, at the Montgomery’s, Tyrone walks in with his brown bag.

Tyrone: Hey babe I got your pickles and ice cream.

Marley: Thank ya hun.

Vicky: I’ll give you two some privacy.

Tyrone: No it’s okay I got some work to do. I just wanna see how my little guy’s doing.

Tyrone sits next to Marley and rubs her stomach.


Back at the Monticello Police Station Interrogation Room, Reginald gives instructions to Joy...

Reginald: You don’t want Thomasina to get sick again do you? Get me my great grandson.



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Oh my gosh, the stakes have OFFICIALLY been raised in this whole Reginald storyline and I am freaking LOVING every second! I loved how you captured a moment between Marley and Vicky! Very nice! Nice to see all this history back into the fold of your show while still doing original material. K.C. and Allen... that is going to be good. This buildup with all your stories is gonna be explosive and I cannot wait. Excellent Job!!!

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  • Members

Very good show, a lot came together.

What is KC going to say to Toni and Allen and even Etta Mae? I'm liking her and I wonder who she will be paired with romatcially once she hits BC.

Cecile came through for Reggie. Idk y but I am kinda glad. Reggie in jail would be boring.

Who is Thomsina to Joy?

ANd Reggie wants his grandson, sounds like another campy plot which will be fun to see unfold..

Marley's craving and her scene with Vic and Tyrone was very nice. I'm excitedd for Tyrone and Marley and their baby.

A very good show. Fast paced and I liked it.

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Awesome show. A lot happening and a lot of good happening.

I loved Vicky and Marley's scenes. Something so real and yet so soap opera about it and it felt so very honest. Loved that moment.

Reginald getting out of jail, of course. I loved that tie-in to the history with Cecile's fixation on the Cory money. Excellent work with her.

I also cannot wait to see the rest of the KC/Toni/Allen/Etta Mae confrontation. Some major stuff coming up there and I'm excited for it. GREAT show!

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I really really liked the conversation between Vicky and Marley. Such a nice bonding moment they needed. Most soaps today don't give a damn.

And more intrigue with Joy. She's a fascinating character.

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