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DAYS #33: Sami wants to move out + Victor, Brady & Tyler's secret meeting




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billie looks over at Daniel, who has stopped her at Horton Town Square, concerned with the company she's keeping. Billie is not impressed.

BILLIE: I'm sorry?

DANIEL: What were you doing talking with Theresa Donovan?

Billie leans back, arms folded, floored by Daniel's audacity.

BILLIE: She happens to be a very good friend of mine, thank you.

DANIEL: Well, I guess you're not quite the person I thought you were then.

BILLIE: Excuse me?

Daniel approaches Billie, a bit of menace in his walk. Billie still stares him down, unblinking.

DANIEL: Oh yeah. I went there. You remember your friend Jenn? Yeah, that girl you just were speaking to put her through a living hell these past few months. And me. And JJ.

BILLIE: Oh, I'm aware of all of that. I'm also aware of the hell that girl's gone through before she ever met you or Jennifer or JJ. So you can spare me your holier-than-thou attitude about things you know nothing about, Daniel.

Daniel's taken aback by Billie's impassioned defense of Theresa.


Sheryl and Jordan are sitting at Club TBD in a corner booth. Sheryl is on her laptop, attempting to access a file. Jordan looks over to her, looking occasionally to the laptop, and to the door. A certain tension is across Jordan's face, and she appears jumpy. Sheryl is focused on the work ahead of her.

Finally, Jordan's fidgeting and twitches gets to Sheryl.

SHERYL: Would you stop fidgeting?

JORDAN: I'm sorry. I just...you know this is crazy. I mean....anyone could catch us here.

SHERYL: Well, yes. If you keep acting like a complete nut, yes, they might.

JORDAN: (sighs) I'm sorry. I just...I'm really concerned that you're going too far again, Sheryl.

Sheryl turns abruptly to face Jordan. Jordan's words set her off like a switch had been flipped. She speaks with a quiet rage, not unlike a hot pressure cooker.

SHERYL: Again, hm? Like I did in Canada? Are you seriously gonna say that now? That operation was neccessary, Jordan. We have absolutely no choice but to do that. And if you think this is any different, then you need to go back to Birmingham, and never come back.




EJ approaches Sami's office desk, still reeling from her decision to move out. Sami draws herself up and back with every step EJ takes towards her.

EJ: Samantha, I--

SAMI: EJ. Please. Please don't...come any closer.

EJ fights the anger he feels from the sting of Sami's sudden fear of him. He fights the urge to lash out.

EJ: Samantha, I...I don't...I don't think this is a good idea.

SAMI: EJ, I can't. There is no other option.

EJ: What do you mean, Samantha? I can't...I don't know how much more space I can give you. You're already at the opposite end of the house as it is. And you know father's conditions for your freedom were that the entire family live under one roof.

SAMI: EJ, I never said I was taking Sydney, and Johnny away from you.

EJ: (sigh) You don't get it, do you, Samantha? YOU are my family as well. You are as much my family as my brothers, my sister, my children and my father.

SAMI: Look, I...I do love you. But I...EJ, this feeling, this fear I have in me...I buried it for so long. I tried to hide it and allowed myself to forget that that....side of you existed. I gave myself a sort of....selective amnesia. Our fight last night, it...I need to take some time on my own, away from everyone to just...heal. It's not about not loving you or not seeing you as a part of my life or...or...family. I just need time to truly move past what you did to me.

EJ closes his eyes as Sami speaks. He doesn't look up. The shame he feels washes over him, and he stands solemnly, feeling the gravity of the effect he's had on the woman he loves. He takes a deep breath before speaking.

EJ: Okay. You take the time you need. But remember something. I love you. More than anything in this world. You NEVER lose sight of that for one moment. Who I was then and who I am now are...galaxies apart.

Sami smiles, trying to look at EJ, but she can't, and looks away.

SAMI: I won't. Because I love you too. But I don't know if I'll ever be able to see the man I wanted to marry, without seeing the man who raped me. And I wish I could.

EJ's heart sinks, as does his head, as he fights back tears.


Victor slams his briefcase on the conference table at Titan. Around him sit Brady, and Tyler. All three men are in foul moods after the disaster that was the press conference. Victor opens his briefcase, sorting paperwork as he speaks to the other two men.

VICTOR: Well, that was quite possibly the most spectacular disaster since the Hindenburg. I'm sorry your introduction to the Titan board had to be this mess, Tyler. I expect the rest of your time on the Titan board of directors goes somewhat more smoothly.

BRADY: What I can't figure out is how Nicole, who was supposed to be helping promote the project, managed to be working to demonize this whole project to the public.

TYLER: It's obvious. And I think it should be obvious to all of you that there is a lack of editorial control at Titan TV. And it has become a complete liability to you.

VICTOR: If you're suggesting we divest ourselves of Titan TV, you can save your breath. We need that TV station, particularly if we want to see this project accepted by the public.

BRADY: Grandad's right. But...I also think we need some changes if we are to retain controlling interest in the TV station.

Victor furrows his brow at Brady's suggestion.

VICTOR: What in the hell do you think I was going to suggest? Let that lazy sleaze Miles lay back and light Cuban cigars with my money in his office?

TYLER: Well, with all due respect, that's essentially what he's done by allowing Ms. Walker's report to go public. If Miles is gone and Ms. Walker goes with him, I support retaining Titan TV. Otherwise, it's too big a liability, and it would also be a major conflict of interest.

BRADY: I second that. Nicole had no right to go ahead with a line of questioning like that.

VICTOR: She had no right being unleashed on this planet. If she isn't ousted, I'll personally drop kick her from the building. Now, if the rest of the board agrees to this--

BRADY: ...I talked to Kate after the press conference and she supports us.

VICTOR: Then that's four.

BRADY: If her little lap dog of a son follows mummy's lead as he usually does, that'd be five.

TYLER: Which would put us over the top.

VICTOR: So then it's settled. We'll put it to a vote Monday. I'll round up the troops and we'll get this sorted.

BRADY: Sounds like a plan.

TYLER: Good work, men.

The three men, exchange handshakes, standing up from the table in a subdued happiness at their damage control.


Nicole looks directly at Nick, clearly unsure of her decision, but she breathes deeply and chokes out her answer.

NICOLE: Alright. I'm in. I'll do it.

Nick smiles widely with his trademark sinister smirk.

NICK: 'Atta girl. I always knew you were smart.

Nicole grimaces, knowing she's made a mistake, but fearing the consequences too much to go back on her word. She folds her arms and shakes her head.

NICOLE: So how are you going to make this work.

NICK: Oh I'll find a way. And don't worry about moving your stuff out of your office. It's not going anywhere. I can guarantee it.


Daniel approaches an enraged Billie, whose back is turned him as she reaches for her phone in her purse. His demeanour is one of a sudden calm.

DANIEL: Look, I didn't realize that Theresa's past was so rough. But she had no right to treat Jenn, JJ, and I like that.

BILLIE: I know that. I'm sure she knows that too. Look, I...I shouldn't have even said as much as I did to you. But know that Theresa isn't the bad person you think she is. She's hurting inside, and she's doing the best she can with that pain in her heart.

DANIEL: (sigh) I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come down so hard on you.

Billie pulls herself together quickly, looking at her phone quickly and noticing a missed call. She looks over to Daniel with a sudden smile on her face.

BILLIE: Don't mention it. I won't hold it against you, as long as you don't do it again. Got it.

Billie pinches Daniel's cheek before stepping away, leaving Daniel puzzled by her wildly changing emotions, but also intrigued.

Once Billie steps away, she calls back the missed call. She whispers loudly in the phone.

BILLIE: Mom? It's me. Sorry I didn't call sooner, but I think I got something big that could help us.

Billie holds the tiny flash drive in the palm of her hand, looking it over as she speaks.


Jordan looks taken aback by Sheryl's reaction. She tries to motion to Sheryl to calm down as she's drawing attention to herself. Sheryl looks around and appears to relax, though she's still visibly upset. Sheryl returns her attentions to her laptop screen. She doesn't look up at Jordan at all from here on out.

JORDAN: Look, maybe I should choose my words more carefully next time.

SHERYL: Ya think?

JORDAN: Look, just...tell me what you're trying to do.

SHERYL: Okay, you remember that computer we were on at work?

JORDAN: You mean the one Nick Fallon caught us at?

Sheryl rolls her eyes, but continues to focus squarely at the screen.

SHERYL: Well, I snuck a little device on it that allows us unrestricted access to the Titan executive database, and no one can trace it.

Jordan's skepticism begins to melt as Sheryl explains. Jordan looks over Sheryl's shoulder in sudden interest.

JORDAN: You're kidding!

SHERYL: Nope! Just about to get us into the frameworks now.

Sheryl hits enter on her keyboard with a flourish. The login fails. Sheryl's face drops in shock.



Sheryl finally breaks her gaze with the monitor and looks at Jordan, a look of panic across her face.

SHERYL: The key's not hooked up to the system. Someone found it.



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loving Billie standing up for Theresa to Daniel, Sami needs to leave EJ and not sure about Jordan and Sheryl but I am also loving Victor, Tyler and Brady working togeher

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Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheryl and Jordan are caught!!!!!! This episode really qued my intrest on your stories. You get better and better. I gotta say that I almost cried between the Sami and EJ scene. Because it was classic soap opera pulling at you heart strings. And then the comedy lines with Victor was absolutely hilarious and golden! Wonderful work!

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  • Members

Whoops Sheryl...someone got the device...

And yes EJ and Sami's scenes were very heart wrenching.

As always, you capture the character of Victor Kiriakis and Brady. Tyler is very interesting (mostly because you've cast Jerry VerDorn to play him lol)..

And Billie seems like she might be falling a bit for Daniel..

Good show!!

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A toned down show yet things still moved. I cannot stand Daniel. I just cant do it.

I really enjoy Sheryl. Jordan I swear is such a wuss.

Victor is really going to kick ass with his old legs? He might lose his balance some where. Sit down old man but I loved his remarks about Nicole.

I don't know if Im feeling Danny boy and Billie, he slept with her daugher and mother, just gross.

Brady also seems to be on track the last few shows he's been in. I enjoy and miss that side to him.

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