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DAYS #34: The Blackmail Continues




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Marlena is in her office, on the phone to Laura Horton. The old friends are chatting happily as Marlena sits at her desk, having a chuckle.

MARLENA: (into phone) Alright, so I'll expect you in a few days then? Excellent. Thank you ever so much, Laura! Bye bye.

As Marlena finishes her call, Will steps into her office. Marlena's smile widens upon seeing her grandson.

MARLENA: Will! What a lovely surprise!

Marlena gets up and gives Will a warm hug. She looks out the door as Will walks in. Will clues in immediately to what Marlena's looking for.

WILL: I didn't bring Ari with me. She's with Gabi this afternoon.

MARLENA: Oh. Well that's alright. What can I do for you?

WILL: Well, I'm hoping that that was the person that'll be helping mom you were talking to on the phone.

MARLENA: Ah, yes. That was Laura. I don't think you've seen her since you were about as tall as my knees though, so I don't know how well you remember her.

Will and Marlena share a laugh.

WILL: Well, you know. It's been a long time but I vaguely remember her. But I have to admit, I am worried for mom, even now.

MARLENA: Why's that?

WILL: Well, I didn't tell you this when I saw you yesterday but...when Mom was at our place the other night, she...she was going to cut off her engagement to EJ.

Marlena almost reacts with glee at Will's announcement, but holds back, overcompensating with concern.


JJ opens the door to head out for his community service. There at the door, about to ring the doorbell is Liam. JJ doesn't hide his dislike of Liam from his face.

LIAM: Oh hey, JJ! Is your mom home.

JJ: Yeah. She's inside. What did you want?

Liam smiles awkardly, trying to stay cool in the face of JJ's hostility.

LIAM: I, uh...I had a little surprise I wanted to give her. Our date last night went really well so...

JJ: Great. I'm glad. Isn't this like...your third or fourth date or something?

LIAM: Yeah! I think things are going really well. Do you mind if I--

JJ: ...I'll go get her. One sec.

JJ turns to go back inside, letting the door swing shut behind him, but Jenn is not far behind him and catches the door before it closes.

JENNIFER: JJ. I got it.

JJ: Kay.

JJ heads out, rolling his eyes at his mother and Liam. He brushes past Liam on his way out. Jennifer gives a disapproving look JJ's way as she leans in the doorway, before looking back to Liam.

JENNIFER: Sorry about that. How are you?

LIAM: GOOD! I'm doing fantastic! I had a little something for you.

Liam presents a box of chocolates to Jenn, who smiles widely at Liam.

JENNIFER: That's really sweet of you, Liam. Look. I'm sorry that JJ's not taken with you. He's...

LIAM: He's young. He misses his dad. It's okay.

JENNIFER: I'm glad you understand. God, it's like you've known me forever. I really appreciate the time I've spent with you, Liam.

LIAM: Jenn, you're a beautiful, special woman. And that's a rare thing to find. I just hope you feel the same about me.

JENNIFER: Absolutely, I do. Look, what are you up to tonight?

LIAM: Oh I just...I have some work to catch up on at home tonight and--

Jennifer looks to Liam seductively. She grabs the lapel of his jacket and pulls him in slowly as she speaks.

JENNIFER: ...Well...Abigail is working late tonight at her new job, and JJ is going to visit his Grandma Jo for the weekend, so...how about I go to your place and make you a nice quiet dinner, and distract you a bit.

Liam stops her and pulls away suddenly.

LIAM: I don't think that's such a hot idea, Jenn.

Jenn frowns, confused by Liam's sudden rejection.




Billie sits down at a table at Club TBD, a coffee cup before her. She checks her phone for messages, a look of concern across her face. Shortly thereafter, Theresa comes stumbling in, a bit panicked, in a way that Billie seems familiar with. Billie stands up with a smile and arms reaching out.

THERESA: Oh my God, I'm sorry I'm late.

Theresa rushes over to give Billie a hug.

BILLIE: It's okay, hon. I was prepared for you to be a bit late anyway.

Theresa pulls back from her hug, a mock-serious look on her face.

THERESA: Hey now, come on. I'm not ALWAYS late.

BILLIE: I kinda doubt that.

Theresa rolls her eyes a bit, jokingly, as she and Billie sit down at the table.

THERESA: Okay, fine. I'm...usually--

BILLIE: (laughing)...always late.

THERESA: Oh whatever. (laughs) So what's up with you, I haven't seen you since I left LA.

BILLIE: I'm alright. I...I'm kinda shocked I'm back in Salem, but...my mom needed me at work so...

THERESA: Ooo! Does this mean you're gonna be doing more amazing cosmetics work? Some 48-hour concealor that won't come off with an ice pick?

Billie and Theresa have a laugh, as T passes, Theresa stops him.

THERESA: Oh, T. Mimosa for me.

T looks down at Theresa, a bit of annoyance on his face, but still within the realm of professional appearance.

T: Only if you say the magic word.

Theresa shoots T a look of daggers.

THERESA: Please.

T: One moment!

T walks off, Billie giggles, and Theresa scowls.

THERESA: Can you believe the lousy service I get here?

BILLIE: Well, don't you have a bit of a rep around here already?

THERESA: That's not my fault. That's Jennifer Horton's fault.

BILLIE: Now, come on, Theresa. I've known Jennifer about as long as I've known you. She's really a great person--

THERESA: ...Oh my God. You too. Really? I've heard this speech like...a thousand times already from my parents, from my grandmother, from my aunt Kayla, from JJ, from Daniel, I don't need to hear it again from you. She nearly had me thrown back on a bus to LA with a slight detour at the county penn. I will not forgive that prissy bitch.

BILLIE: Theresa, seriously. I know how you feel about her but--

THERESA: ...But nothing. Jennifer Horton and her perfect little life where nothing bad has ever happened can go straight to Hell.

BILLIE: Theresa, stop it. Jennifer and you have way more in common than you think, honey. She's not had it very easy. I promise you.

Theresa rolls her eyes dismissively. Billie leans in closer to Theresa from across the table.

BILLIE: I'm serious. I don't want you to think I don't support you, but we have all been where you are. Trust me. Jennifer as well.

THERESA: Well, I do feel for her, whatever she went through, but that doesn't mean I'm going to suddenly become her closest friend, okay? Look can we talk about something else, please.


Theresa slowly cracks a smile.

THERESA: Liiiike the hot rich guy I'm seeing.

BILLIE: Oh my God. Who is it this time?

THERESA: Brady Black.

Billie's face drops upon hearing Brady's name.

BILLIE: Oh no.


Nick studies his iPad in the elevator at Titan. An article from the business section at the Salem Spectator is on it, detailing the scandal at the EnerNext press conference and what it could mean for Titan. The article specifically mentions that Titan TV, long on the decline in the ratings game, could be shipped off to pasture by the Titan board this coming week. The article puts a smile on Nick's face as the elevator dings, and the doors open.

Nick steps off the elevator and heads over towards Kate's office. There is no secretary sitting at the desk, so Nick simply walks in. Kate, focused on work, barely looks up from the paper in front of her on her desk.

KATE: I see your brush with death didn't instill any manners in you.

Nick stops in the doorway, reaching back to the other side of the door, and he knocks on it loudly.

NICK: (loudly) Can I come in?

KATE: Only if you've come to resign.

Nick walks in, and immediately begins to pace the room. Rarely looking at Kate, he almost seems to be making a grand speech.

NICK: Sorry, Kate. No such luck. I do, however, have a proposition for you.

KATE: Well that can't be a good sign. What are you going to blackmail me into doing now, Nick?

NICK: Oh come on, Kate. I'm not here to do anything like that. But if you insist. I have a little request.

Kate keeps her eyes on her work. Clearly disinterested in Nick's grandstanding.

KATE: Spit it out, Nick. I'm busy.

Nick walks quickly towards Kate, which throws her off a bit, but she tries to not make it obvious that he's startled her.

NICK: You need to drop that attitude. I'm making your pathetic little company millions upon millions of dollars and I'm treated worse than the unpaid intern.

Kate finally looks up at Nick, looking him straight in the eyes with a piercing quality that shows she means business.

KATE: There's an easy way to fix that, Nick. Stop threatening my family, and stop trying to take Ari away from her family.

NICK: I have absolutely no intentions of that. But I don't want that little girl to grow up with your morals, or Sami's morals, or heaven forbid, EJ's morals.

KATE: That's rich, coming from a would-be rapist and murderer.

NICK: Enough! Kate. You're going to understand something. I hold all the cards here. So follow what I say, or you're all going down. Got it?

Kate pulls her reading glasses off her face. She stays fixated on Nick.

KATE: Is this how you're going to conduct yourself? Go around town, day in and day out, making demands on people and blackmailing them if they don't agree?

NICK: If I have to.

KATE: Well, then you're of little use to me as an employee, aren't you? People will start to see through you rather quickly.

NICK: Oh, I'm sure you can cover for me.

Kate finally loses her cool. She slams her fists on her desk and stands up, now enraged.

KATE: Damn it, Nick! What do you want? Stop playing these stupid games and just tell me what you want.

Nick smiles, finally having got a rise out of Kate. He goes back to pacing the room, as though all is well once again.

NICK: There's a vote coming up. A very important vote. It involves our local TV station.

KATE: What about it?

NICK: It's incredibly important, for you, and for everyone else, if you vote against keeping Titan TV under Titan's control. Important enough that if you don't vote against it, it'll be the last vote you ever take part in. Got it?

Kate narrows her eyes, and shakes her head. Kate's face shows a sense of dread that is unmistakable.


EJ walks through the hallway at Countess Wilhelmina towards the elevator, deep in thought. He looks over some files as the door opens and he goes to step on without looking. Just before stepping on though, he sees Abigail about to get off at the same floor. EJ looks shocked to see Abby there.

EJ: Abigail! Wh-what are you doing here?

ABBY: Well...trying to get off the elevator, for a start.

EJ: Oh, sorry.

EJ steps to one side. He still has a look of confusion on his face, as he goes to ask Abigail a question, Abigail cuts him off.

ABBY: I didn't realize you were so involved with Countess W.

EJ: Samantha and I try to run the operation together as much as possible.

Abigail's eyes widen, surprised by EJ's statement.

ABBY: I had no idea.

Sami, seeing EJ and Abigail's tension, steps into the hallway to greet Abigail, almost as a rescue mission.

SAMI: Abigail! Glad you made it!

EJ motions to Abigail, still rather confused, but concerned at what might be happening.

EJ: Samantha, I--

SAMI: Was just greeting our newest addition to our promotions department. Today's Abby's first day at Countess W!

EJ looks to Abigail, his uneasiness with the situation painted on his face. Abigail looks nervously up at EJ before quickly looking away, an awkward smile on her face.



Recommended Comments

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Nick's head is getting big...he's gotta be knocked down a peg or two

We finally see why Theresa hates Jennifer...good show of that

JJ's reaction to Liam was realistic, and you've added another twist to that story by having Liam pull back from Jennifer...now I'm wondering what his deal is.

And Abigail working at Countess W with Sami...whoa nelly!!

I see everything being set up...good episode

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  • Members

Oh my gosh! Abigail now works at Countess W!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of your biggest shocks yet. Liam is just plain creepy now. Nice to see Marlena and is there a Laura return in the works? Loved the Billie and Teresa dinner. It was very real to me. This was an AMAZING episode and all of the long term things you have to work on is great!

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  • Members

What a great opening Scene, and hello to Marlena and a big hello to my fav horton of all time Laura. Love me some Laura Horton. Im so glad she is coming on baord and it seems she''ll be working with Sami. Great.ANd not marlena making herself sound old with her busted knee caps.

I love JJ I loved how he treated Liam HAHA. Loved it. Nice mention of his grandma Jo too!!

Really enjoyed Billie's scene with Theresea and their conversation about Jennifer. It was unique and I'm pretty ure that is going some where. It was also very nice seeing T as I really enjoy his character. It also nice to see a a bit of a softer side of Theresita.

LOL That damned Nick Strikes again. I love it. He is all over the place getting his way and what a good sub story this is gonna be, the Titan TV station. I liked how you gave a good back ground on the story the news article and the stations plummeting ratings.

And now Abb at CW working on the front lines with Sami and EJ. Oh my. This is going to get nasty, pun intended,

I liked this episode a lot more than your last show Al. maybe cuz I liked who you feat. in this ep a lot more.

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