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S01 - Episode Thirteen: "Rock Bottom? Try Again"

Mr. Vixen



Heaven's Meadow

Season 1 - Episode 13

"Rock Bottom? Try Again"

This episode features:

Erika Slezak as Victoria Lord Banks

Ric Herbst as Lucas Erickson

Angell Conwell as Jacqueline

Catherine Hickland as Lindsay Rappaport


Kelly Ripa as Hayley Vaughan


Robin Christopher as Skye Chandler



skye.jpg Hayley: kelly_ripa_2.jpg

(Hayley is laying on the floor, sobbing. She is too ashamed to look her sister in the eye. Skye stands outside the window and is horrified by what she sees. Her mind races, and she realizes she should have come to see Hayley sooner after realizing she may be drinking again. She begins speaking in a calm tone.)

Skye: Hayley? Hayley, it's me, Skye. Open the door, and I'll help you get cleaned up.

(Hayley sobs loudly.)

Hayley: Go away, Skye.

Skye: Hayley, I know how difficult this must be for you. I understand that. But I'm here to help you, whatever you need.

(Hayley tries to stand from the floor, but her legs are unable to support her. She begins to fall, and has to reach out and grab the end-table next to her couch for support. A sharp pain shoots through her arm. She looks down, and notices several cuts on her arm, from the shattered glass on the ground. She wipes the tears off of her eyes and cheeks, and brushes the hair out of her face. She glances up and sees her sister still watching her through the window. She gains her footing, and walks towards the door. She swings it open, but is unable to say anything before Skye walks through the door.)

Skye: Hayley, I'm so sorry. I should have come to see you sooner, I--

(Hayley cuts her off.)

Hayley: I don't need your help, Skye.

(Skye is taken aback by Hayley's harsh tone.)

Skye: I know we've never been close, Hayley. But--

(Hayley cuts her off again.)

Hayley: That's right, Skye. And that's not going to change now.

Skye: I thought that we agreed to start over.

Hayley: Yeah, well I'm not falling for it Skye. I know exactly what you're up to.

(Skye is visibly shocked by Hayley's comments. She sets her purse down on the end-table and walks towards Hayley.)

Skye: What are you talking about, Hayley?

Hayley: You saw that I was in a bad place, Skye. You recognized it because you've been there. That much I believe. But you didn't approach me because you care. You approached me because you wanted to take advantage of me. What better way to weasel your way back into the Chandler family, then to befriend poor, drunken Hayley?

Skye: That is not true, Hayley. I would never do that to you.

Hayley: Why would I believe you, Skye? You've never cared about me before, why would you start now?

Skye: Because I have been there, Hayley. More times than you can count. And seeing someone in that place, it's awful. I see the pain in your eyes Hayley, and it breaks my heart. I want to help you. We are family.

Hayley: That's never meant anything before, Skye. And it doesn't now, either.

(Skye blinks back tears. She grabs her purse from the end-table and moves towards the door, stepping over the broken glass. She grabs the knob, but before she opens the door, she turns around and speaks.)

Skye: I know what you're going through, Hayley. And I don't think that you meant the things that you said. But even if you did, I'm still here for you.

(Skye opens the door and begins to leave, but Hayley begins to speak.)

Hayley: Skye, wait.

(Skye turns around.)

Hayley: If you truly care about me, don't tell anyone about this. Let me work through it on my own time.

(Skye blinks several times as tears drip down her cheek.)

Skye: I can't promise you that, Hayley.

(Skye turns around and exits the house, closing the door behind her. Hayley begins crying once more, knowing that Skye had been sincere. She turns to walk towards the kitchen, stepping right through the broken glass. She makes her way into the kitchen and opens the cabinet above the sink and removes a bottle of vodka, and a glass. She pours the vodka into the glass, and moves the glass to her lips. Her hand trembles as the cup touches her lip, and the burning of the alcohol in her throat evokes a feeling of both self loathing and numbness. She lowers the glass and pours herself another drink. Tears stream down her cheeks as she comes to the realization that she may have just turned away the only person who truly cares. The only person who could save her.)



3678_1_37847.jpg Lindsay: 2193340.jpg

(At The Meadow Club. Viki and Lindsay are sitting at their table.)

Viki: Excuse me?

Lindsay: You heard me, Viki. You cannot trust Anjelica Moore.

(Viki is visibly confused.)

Viki: Who the hell is Anjelica Moore?

(Lindsay looks at Viki for a long moment, confused.)

Lindsay: I am talking to Viki, right?

Viki: Yes, but I'm starting to think you may have lost your mind, Lindsay. You're not making any sense. That woman's name is Anjelica


Lindsay: That may be the name she gave you, but it sure ain't the name I know her by.

Viki: You must be mistaken, Lindsay. She grew up in this town. The people here would know if she changed her name.

Lindsay: Yeah, she gave me that story, too. But I did a little research. Anjelica was born in this town, but moved when she was 5. Her parents are both deceased, and she only had one brother. In fact, he's the only reason she ever came back here.

Viki: What do you mean?

Lindsay: I met her in prison, Viki. If you must know. And when she got out, nobody wanted to hire her. Her brother used to own your magazine, and he's the only person who was willing to give her a job. She changed her name so that no one would know they were siblings. She obliterated her past.

(Viki soaks this in for a moment, and then sighs.)

Viki: What could she possibly have done that prevented her from getting any type of job?

(Lindsay swirls the red wine in her glass. She takes a sip, and sets the cup back down. She sighs dramatically and begins speaking.)

Lindsay: Well, long story short...She embezzled her last employer out of millions and millions of dollars.



Jaccqui-1.jpg Lucas: pic-of-rick-hearst.jpg

(Jacqueline is sitting in her apartment. She is sipping a glass of wine and browses a magazine. She looks up when she hears the door to the apartment opening. Lucas Erickson enters.)

Jacqueline: Well, well, well. If it isn't my long lost husband.

Lucas: That would be me.

Jacqueline: Where have you been?

Lucas: I've been staying at the MeadowView Inn the past couple of nights. I needed to clear my head.

Jacqueline: A phone call would have been nice.

Lucas: Well, the phone works two ways my dear.

Jacqueline: I thought you might have been dead.

Lucas: And that still didn't prompt you to call?

(Jacqueline stands and moves to the other side of the room, refilling her wine glass.)

Jacqueline: Well, I was going to. But then I saw Hayley Vaughan's tweets about how wonderful you are. So I knew you weren't dead, just a deadbeat.

(Lucas ponders this for a moment.)

Lucas: Hayley has been going through a rough time lately.

Jacqueline: And it's about to get a whole lot worse, when she finds out that the only reason you ever took the job at WAVE was to ruin her life.


Thanks for reading!

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Recommended Comments

  • Members

These newbies sure do hate people from Pine Valley. The Lucas / Jaquie scene was hilarious and I could just imagine Lindsay being so proud being able to show up Viki. Lindsay really has been your MVP of the show so far.

The Hayley was very dark and very, very sad. Especially the end, where she takes to the alcohol, AGAIN! Damn good soap there. It'll add such a wonderful layer once Erica becomes more involved.

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  • Members

Thanks for reading, Bright Eyes!

Ha, I guess you're right - the residents of Heaven's Meadow have some bones to pick with PV's finest. :) I'm so glad you are enjoying Lindsay so much. She's so much fun to write for.

Your comments on the Hayley story mean so much to me! I'm glad you are enjoying it so much. Erica's involvement will be quite interesting. :)

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  • Members

That's a great cliffhanger.

I love the line about "Am I talking to Viki?" I can see Lindsay saying this.

Poor Hayley. What a mess. She's sort of become Skye.

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  • Members

Thanks Carl!

The parallels between Hayley and Skye are definitely there. That's what I'm aiming for, at least!

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  • Members

Still great. This needs to be an actual soap. If I just won the lottery like the big ol' multi-million type one. I would buy out ABC and get our soaps back. Hey we can't get back AMC or OLTL. But, we could sure make Heaven's Meadow and have GH going strong. Also another soap. Or 2.

But, that's just my dream. :D

You're a genius *won't say your real name but I know it* soapboy. :)

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  • Members

Just read this one. I love how there's always something shocking, surprising or even sad at the end of each "act." That's how it almost always should be! Even if it's just a fake out or something. Your stories leave us wondering and wanting more ;-). Highlight as usual for me was the stuff with Hayley. The Jacqueline/Lucas twist makes me a little sad but it's good!

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  • Members

Thanks so much, Spencer! I like to do these mini-cliffhangers so that people are intrigued/want to tune in the next day. I'm so glad you're enjoying the Hayley stuff so much! It means so much to me.

I knew the Jacqueline/Lucas stuff might be disconcerting to you but hey - Doesn't it mean there's a better chance for Jacqui/Brandon? ;)

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  • Members

Those Hayley and Skye scenes were powerful! I can tell Skye really cares. Hayley's a damn mess!

Wow.. so Jackie is married to Ric Lucas who was married to Skye and Lucas is trying to take down Skye's sister, Hayley? I love how well the connections are done! RC needs to take notes!

So is Erica missing? ;)

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