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S01 - Episode Five: "Are You There, Hayley? It's me, Skye"

Mr. Vixen



Heaven's Meadow

Season 1 - Episode Five

"Are You There, Hayley? It's me, Skye"

This episode features:

Kelly Ripa as Hayley Vaughan

Colleen Zenk as Anjelica King

Catherine Hickland as Lindsay Rappaport


Robin Christopher as Skye Chandler

Jerry ver Dorn as Clint Buchanan


Erika Slezak as Victoria Lord Buchanan



kelly_ripa_2.jpg Skye: skye.jpg

(At The Meadow Club)

Hayley: Oh, wow. Skye. Hello.

Skye: Hello Hayley. I was hoping we'd be running into each other soon.

(Skye sits down next to Hayley at the bar.)

Hayley: I didn't know you were living in New Hampshire, now. Last I heard you were in New York.

Skye: I left New York a few years back, but I haven't been in New Hampshire for long.I read a while back that your show was moving to the East Coast, but I just recently found out you were here in Heaven's Meadow.

Hayley: Yeah, budget cuts are a bitch. What brought you here?

Skye: A fresh start, I suppose.

(Skye pauses for a long second, and the sisters sit in silence, pondering their lives. After a moment, Skye speaks.)

Skye: It's sad, really.

Hayley: What is?

Skye: We're sisters, Hayley. And yet we hardly know one another. My relationship with Daddy has always been complicated, but I wish I hadn't allowed it to cloud my view of you. I wish I had tried harder to be your sister. Maybe we could both make that effort now.

Hayley: I didn't know you considered yourself a Chandler anymore, Skye.

Skye: I'll always be a Chandler, no matter what a DNA test says. And that makes us sisters.

Hayley: You know, it breaks Daddy's heart.

Skye: What does?

Hayley: That you don't call, or visit him anymore. He loves you very much, Skye.

(Skye is taken aback by Hayley's comment. She is silent for a moment. Tears fill her eyes as she privately reflects on her complicated relationship with Adam Chandler, the man she still considers her father.)

Skye: Maybe I was wrong, to stay away. You know, I;ve always loved Daddy very much, but it wasn't easy for me. I know he loves me, I always knew that. But it was different for me. It was different for me, Hayley. You and Daddy, you have such a special relationship, and I'm jealous. I always have been. And when I found out that he wasn't my biological father, I told myself that that was why he treated me differently. I convinced myself that he loved me less because I wasn't his.

(By this point, tears are streaming down Skye's face. Hayley ponders this for a moment, and truly feels a connection to her sister for the first time. She reaches out her hand and places it on top of Skye's.)

Hayley: I'm sorry you've felt this way, Skye. And I'm sorry that I haven't been very nice to you over the years. But if it's not too late, I could really use a sister now.

(Skye smiles and wipes the tears from her eyes.)

Skye: I'd like that very much.

(Skye stands from her seat and removes her purse from the bar-top. She begins to say goodbye, but pauses. She removes a piece of paper and pen from her purse and writes down her phone number. She hands the paper to Hayley.)

Skye: Maybe we could do lunch or something later this week.

Hayley: That would be great.

(Skye turns to leave, but once more turns around to speak to Hayley.)

Skye: I'm sorry that you've been having a hard time, Hayley. I recognize the look in your eyes. I've been in that place, many times. You call me if you need anything.

(With a smile, Skye turns and exits the restaurant. Hayley instantly realizes that Skye recognized her lust for alcohol. She reflects silently on her history with Skye. She is genuinely happy that they may be on the brink of a good relationship , but for a brief moment she resents her sister for being stronger than she is. She collects her purse from the counter, and exits the restaurant, knowing she will stop for a drink on the way home.)



2193340.jpg Anjelica: Colleen+Zenk+Pinter.jpg

(At Patty's - A popular bar in Heaven's Meadow. Lindsay sits at a booth on the far side of the restaurant, sipping a drink and pondering her new life and budding relationship with Tad Martin. Anjelica King enters the bar and spots Lindsay. She walks towards Lindsay's booth and begins speaking.)

Anjelica: Well I'll be damned. If it isn't Lindsay Rappaport.

(Lindsay is shocked to see Anjelica.)

Lindsay: Well I'm certainly surprised to see you here, Anjelica. I thought for sure you'd have disappeared to the other side of the continent by now.

Anjelica: I did, briefly. But I realized that you can't run from your problems, or your reputation. Eventually it would catch up with me, so in the meantime I might as well be in the place that I love, the place where I grew up.

Lindsay: I didn't know you were from New Hampshire. If I had known you were here, I might have reconsidered moving here.

(Anjelica seems taken aback by Lindsay's comment.)

Lindsay: I didn't mean it like that, Anjie. I'm just trying to make a new start for myself, and I don't want my past to prevent me from doing so.

(Anjelica sits down at Lindsay's booth.)

Anjelica: Well, I certainly understand that. It's the same reason that I returned here.

(Lindsay chuckles.)

Lindsay: I'd hardly call moving back to your hometown a fresh start, Anjie.

Anjelica: It's different for me, Linds. I know the people here, and despite my past, they accept me. But, they aren't always as receptive to newcomers with...past indiscretions.

Lindsay: You mean like someone fresh out of prison?

Anjelica: Yes.

Lindsay: Well, I'm not too concerned. If they accept you, they'll come to accept me, in time. After all, it wasn't all that long ago that we shared a cell.



victoria_lord.jpg Clint: jverdorn_240x320.jpg

(Inside Viki and Clint's penthouse.)

Viki: Well, it's certainly a change. But it already feels like home.

Clint: I'm home any time that I'm with you.

(The two share a kiss, before having a seat on the couch.)

Viki: So tell me, darling, how are your new business ventures going?

Clint: Very well. I met Hayley Vaughan for the first time earlier. She's a lovely young woman. Erica Kane arrives tomorrow, as well. It will be a lot of work to get the show back on track, but I look forward to it.

Viki: That's wonderful, Clint.

Clint: Enough about me. How are things at The Banner?

Viki: Terrific. Challenging.But terrific. It's a totally different arena, running a magazine. But I'm very much enjoying it. There's one thing that's been worrying me, though.

Clint: What's that?

Viki: One of my employees, Anjelica. I have this nagging suspicion that she's hiding something.


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  • Members

Your dialogue for Lindsay sounds very much like her. The scene with Anjelica was filled with just the right tension and familiarity.

Very very good scene with Hayley and Skye. I'm glad Skye was so kind towards her, and regretted her past with Adam.

Hayley is driving drunk!

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  • Members

You're bringing in these newbies correctly so far. Half the fun of the show is all these different interactions.

Personally, I would have liked to see a little more hesitation and reservation between Hayley and Skye, but there's no way their relationship will be all roses so I'll just wait.

Linking Anjelica to Lindsay was a very nice touch. I wonder what she did that put her in the clink. LoL

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  • Members

Hey guys! Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm sorry it took so long to reply, I've been traveling all day and still am! I'm glad you are enjoying it so far. Bright Eyes, there will definitely be many different layers to the Hayley/Skye relationship. ;)

Again, thanks so much!

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  • Members

Thanks Spencer! Yes, Skye realizes that Hayley is drinking! That will come into play soon.

And thank you for the compliment on the title! :)

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  • Members

The Skye and Haley scenes were so great and what I miss on soaps. They dont do those type of scenes that much anymore ;-(

Love the Angelica and Lindsey twist!!!

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