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Episode 92



Interesting conversations in Springfield........


Danny and Marina are walking.
Danny turns to her, "It's beautiful isn't it?"
She nods, "Oh yes! I love it!"
He smiles, "I thought you might. Maybe next time we can go for walk with the kids?"
She sighs, "I don't think they'd like that."
He stops, "What do you mean? They love outdoors."
She looks down, "They love the outdoors. And they love you Danny. But they do not love me. Honestly, they hate me."
He shakes his head, "No. They don't hate you Marina."
She nods, "Yeah they do. I'm the woman who took their father away from their mother."
He holds her hand, "No. Your not. You are the woman that their father loves and can't live without."
She sighs, "My parents were divorced. I hated it. I prayed they would get back together. And now they are! Now I'm breaking up a marriage."
He hugs Marina, "No. Don't say that. Marina that is not true. I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
She takes a deep breathe, "If that's true Danny.... then why haven't you divorced Michelle yet?"
Danny is speechless.


Olivia is in her suite.
There is a knock at the door.
She answers.
Bill walks in, "We need to talk."
She sighs, "Emma is at school."
He shakes his head, "It's not about Emma. It's about HB."
Olivia sighs, "Okay you really need to stop calling the baby HB."
He looks at her, "You lawyer was over at Cross Creek. Warning me to give you the baby."
She nods, "Oh really?"
He scoffs, "Oh yes. Or else you would go after custody of HB and Emma."
Olivia looks at him, "Well Bill if you keep the baby from me..."
He shouts, "He's my child! Not yours!"
She sits, "Well Emma isn't your biological daughter."
He shakes his head, "Don't you dare throw that in my face! You know I love her with all of my heart. She is my daughter!"
She looks down, "Well a judge might see other wise."
He scoffs, "And what? Then you and Phillip raise Emma?"
She laughs, "Oh! Because I need a man to raise my child? I don't."
He sighs, "I didn't want to do this Olivia but if you push this I will push back and I have information that could cost you more than this custody battle."
Olivia stares at Bill.

Reva Bend:

Reva and Josh are talking with Marah and Shayne.
Josh is hugging his son, "Congratulations."
Marah smiles, "Have you and Rocky set a date yet?"
He shakes his head, "No. Not yet. But I'm sure we will once things cool down."
Reva wipes away tears, "I'm so glad we finally have good news in this family."
Marah turns to her mother, "So you wanted to tell us something?"
Shayne looks over, "Is it about Susan?"
Josh shakes his head, "No. No news on Susan yet."
Marah sighs, "I don't know what happened to her. She used to be a kind person. Now...."
Reva nods, "I know sweetheart. I'm sorry things aren't working out with you and Jeffrey."
Marah sighs, "Well I'm sure eventually things will be back to normal."
Josh looks at Reva, "Reva, we need to tell them now."
Shayne gets worried, "Tell us what?"
Marah sits up, "Oh Mom! The Cancer?"
Reva shakes her head, "No. No. No Marah. No. I'm fine."
Shayne looks at his parents, "Then what is going on?"
Josh looks at his children, "It's about your.... it's about..... Annie."
Marah stares, "Annie?"
Reva sighs, "Annie Dutton."
Shayne is confused, "What about her?"
Reva breaks the news to her children, "Annie could be in Springfield."
The two stare in shock.

Malah House:

Dinah walks inside.
Mallet is sitting on the couch, "Hey Babe. How was your day?"
She puts down her coat, "Great? How about you?"
He sighs, "We need to talk."
She looks at hin, "Well that's never good to hear."
Mallet nods, "It's about the Rocky Cooper case."
She comes over, "I thought he was doing okay?"
He nods, "Oh yes he's doing much better."
She sits, "So what's the problem?"
Mallet sighs, "I haven't repoted this yet. But I got a tip as to who it could be."
She is confused, "Why is that bad?"
He turns to her, "I'm not sure if it's true but the story adds up. But I wanted to tell you before we made an arrest."
She shakes her head, "Why? Why me?"
He holds her hand, "Because Dinah.... the person who attacked Rocky..... was your brother."
She scoffs, "What? Bill? What the hell are you talking about?"
Mallet shakes his head, "No..... Kevin. Kevin is the person who attacked Rocky Cooper."
Dinah's mouth drops.

Springfield University:

Maureen and Jason wait outside class.
Kevin walks out, "What are you two doing here?"
Maureen sighs, "I wanted to talk to you."
He looks at her, "You have school Maureen."
Jason looks at his brother, "We need to ask you some questions."
Kevin laughs, "Is this an intervention?"
Maureen looks down, "I need to talk to you about that night."
Kevin is confused, "What night?"
She sighs, "The night your house burned down."
He gets angry, "Maureen. You need to shut your mouth."
Jason walks over, "Hey you don't talk to her like that!"
Kevin shoves him, "I'll talk to her however the hell I want!"
Maureens steps between them, "Stop it! Please!"
Kevin shakes his head, "What is going on? Why are you bothering me?"
She sighs, "Kevin... that night you were with me. And then you left. Where did you go?"
He scoffs, "To my house."
She shakes her head, "No. Otherwise you would have been in the house when it caught fire."
He looks in her eyes, "Are you calling me a liar?"
She sighs, "I need to ask you about him..."
Kevin is confused, "About who?"
She cries, "Rocky Cooper?"
Kevin's face turns cold.

Day Care:

Liz walks up the sidewalk.
She looks at the address.
She is supposed to be meeting a designer.
Liz knocks on the door.
A young woman answers, "Hello."
Liz smiles, "Hi I'm Liz."
She shakes her hand, "Hello. I'm Ms. Willis."
Liz grins, "Well I'm surprised, I didn't expect this."
Ms. Willis laughs, "Oh well I do daycare too. I love working with children. I have to passions, decorating and children."
Liz is happy, "That's so nice to hear."
Ms. Willis lets her in, "We can go into the office and discuss this."
The two walk in.
Liz sits down, "I am so excited about the farmhouse."
Ms. Willis nods, "Oh yes. I'm excited too. Dr. McCabe is so nice."
She smiles, "Oh yes he's the best."
Ms. Willis pulls out some sketches, "I had an idea for the side room. Maybe a room where you and your girlfriends can get together and talk."
Liz sighs, "I actually don't really have any of those."
Ms. Willis giggles, "Oh me neither."
Liz smiles, "Well maybe this is the start of a new friendship."
The two smile at each other.


Danny stares at Marina, "What are you talking about? I'm divorcing Michelle."
She sighs, "You've been divorcing her for months and nothing has been signed."
He nods, "You can't rush something like this."
She looks at him, "I know that! But I can't help but wonder if I'm just a stand in. Until you and Michelle reunite?"
He shakes his head, "No! Why would you think that?"
She sighs, "Look at my parents. They got back together. I mean Michelle is the love of your life. You are always going to love her. She is the mother of your children."
He kisses her, "I love you Marina. Nothing will change that. I love you. I want to be with you. Don't you know that?"
She nods, "I do. But I have to wonder. Don't you ever wonder if you will ever be over Michelle?"
Danny is frustrated, "Marina! Please stop! I'm in love with you. It's over between Michelle and I! I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
Marina cries, "You told me that before. And then you married Michelle and left town. Letting go of you was the hardest thing I ever had to do!"
He hugs her, "And I don't want that to happen again."
Danny feels guilty as he knows he has been having doubts.

Cross Creek:
Olivia smiles, "Oh Bill you are threatening me?"
Bill nods, "Olivia I know a lot of things. Things that could cost you Emma, HB, and so much more."
She turns to him, "Like what? What I did to your father? You can't prove that I did anything to Billy."
Bill corrects her, "This isn't about my father and his drinking problem. It's about yours."
She scoffs, "What?"
He walks over to her, "You are an alcholic Olivia. And I bet you a million dollars that you fell off the wagon when Ava fell into a coma."
She gets angry, "You mind your own damn business! I can't take care of myself Bill! I can take care of myself!"
He shakes his head, "What about Emma? Can you take care of her? And the baby? Oh hell know. No judge would let you raise a child."
Olivia shakes her head, "You can't prove anything!"
He nods, "Oh yeah? I still know about your accident. When you were drinking and driving. You crashed your car! But I covered for you."
She nods, "Yeah! And now your in this too!"
He laughs, "Oh this is not over Olivia!"
Bill storms out.
Cassandra is in the hallway.
She talks to herself, "Oh Olivia. This ammunition is just what I need. Now I can focus on Bill."
Cassandra follows him.

Reva Bend:
Marah is confused, "Annie is out? She is in Springfield?"
Josh nods, "Yes. And we all need to be prepared because she could be anywhere okay?"
Shayne sighs, "Oh God! Why now? Things were just starting to turn around!"
Reva sits by her son, "Oh Baby! Things are not going to be ruined by her again. We won't let that happen. Your father and I will protect you."
Marah scoffs, "We aren't children! We don't need to be protected. I remember Annie. I loved her as a mother."
Reva nods, "I know that."
Marah sighs, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. But at one point in my life.... she was there."
Shayne nods, "It's hard to hate her after all of that."
Reva sighs, "I don't want you to hate her. I don't want you to hate anyone. Hate is ugly and it eats away at people. That is what happened to Annie. And that's what happened to your Aunt Cassie."
Josh looks at his children, "She has left a sort of message."
Shayen looks up, "What kind?"
Reva sighs, "I got a rose. So did Cassie. It must have been from her."
Marah cries, "Oh my God!"
Josh turns to her, "What?"
Marah looks at her family, "I got a rose too."
The room turns dead silent.

Day Care:
Ms. Willis walks Liz outside.
Liz smiles, "This was so great! I'm so excited. I mean I think this could be a fun project to focus on."
She nods, "I think so too. I think we are going to work great together. And this could help me start a good business for myself."
Liz nods, "I sure hope so."
Ms. Willis looks at her watch, "Oh I need to go call home. Will you excuse me for just a moment?"
Liz grins, "Oh yeah! Sure thing."
She walks inside.
Liz walks around.
There are children playing on the play ground.
There is one little girl who catches Liz's eye.
The little girl walks closer.
Her mouth drops, "Oh my God!"
One child calls out to the little girl, "Come on Sarah!"

Malah House:
Dinah gets up.
It's not as easy now that she's pregnant.
She paces, "I don't know what your smoking AC! But it's got you confused!"
Mallet sighs, "Dinah. I know this is hard to hear. But I think there is a good chance that Kevin is the one who beat up Rocky!"
She shakes her head, "No! Okay no! It's not Rocky. You are confused!"
He gets up, "The person who gave me the tip was a reliable source. I need to take this serisously."
She turns to him, "Who is it? Whoever it is lied! They clearly lied. Maybe to save their own butt! Maybe they are the one who attacked Rocky? Did you even think of that?"
Mallet sighs, "She wouldn't do that?"
Dinah scoffs, "She?"
He nods, "Maureen. Your little sister turned in Kevin."
Dinah is in shock, "WHat? Maureen? Why?"
Mallet walks over to her, "Because she knows that it's very possible that Kevin did this."
Dinah cries, "Oh my God! What did Kevin do!"
Mallet holds his wife in his arms.

Springfield University:
Kevin steps back, "What did you say?"
Maureen looks at him, "Rocky. Rocky Cooper."
He walks away, "I'm not going to listen to this crap!"
She follows him, "Where were you? You were angry and embarrased and you left me to go home. But you didn't go home!"
Jason follows them.
Maureen cries, "You didn't go home till hours later. After the fire started!"
Kevin turns to her, "Shut up!"
She sighs, "And your fists! I saw them! They were banged up when you were moving your things into the carriage house."
Jason walks over to them, "Kevin just tell her the truth."
Kevin shakes his head, "You stay out of this you annoying bastard!"
Maureen looks at him, "Where were you? Were you with Rocky?"
Kevin looks away.
Maureen cries, "Oh my.... It's true? You are the person who attacked Rocky Cooper?"
Kevin has a guilty look on his face.

Dinah breaks the news to Blake
Kevin is arrested!
Liz is in shock
Shayne has a surprising reaction
Danny runs into Michelle
Cassandra makes her next big move


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I loved Peyton on ATWT. Her character is going to become a MAJOR one very soon and will be a part of one of the biggest stories.

How does everyone feel about the reveal of Rocky's attacker?

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Oh, I did mean to comment on that one (Rocky's attacker). I can't believe it's Kevin, but I do like the story leading up to it with his disappointments in other things causing him to go a little bananas.

As usual, good job buddy.

I do have a couple of ideas that I will message you with in a few days, but you're doing great without any of my suggestions! :D

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