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Episode 91



A day full of emotions in Springfield..........

Mental Facility:

Reva and Josh look around.
Dr. Tyler walks over, "I've read about you two."
Josh is confused, "Read where?"
The Doctor explains, "I looked through Annie's file. It didn't mention your names but she told me a lot you two."
Reva looks around, "You said you don't know where Annie is?"
He sighs, "No. I haven't been here in a few weeks. I had to go out of town. And Mr. Spaulding had been financing for a while but he hasn't latley. So the other nurses and doctors just ignored her while I was gone and now I have no idea where she is."
Josh walks over to him, "How long have you been Annie's Doctor?"
Dr. Tyler looks at him, "Not very long. I was studying her case."
Reva sighs, "So. Annie still believes that she is married to Josh."
Josh looks around. There are picutres all over, "She thinks we are together and raising Marah and Shayne."
Reva sits down, "That means she could go after them. I don't want them to have to deal with her. They both have to much going on right now."
Dr. Tyler walks over to them, "Well things were going the same way. Until.... Annie took a turn."
Reva and Josh look over to him.


Rick is walking down the hall.
Mindy suprises him, "Hey!"
He smiles, "Hi. What are you doing here?"
She hugs him, "I thought I'd come and see you. You seemed like you had a busy day today."
He nods, "Well this is a nice surprise. I actually was about to get off work. I thought about visiting you."
She grins, "Great minds think alike."
He kisses her, "So how was your day?"
She nods, "It was good. But it's better now that I'm with you."
He laughs, "Well that's always good to hear."
She kisses him again.
He looks at her, "So where should we go?"
She looks around, "I don't know we could go. Or we could stay."
He is conufsed, "What would we stay for?"
She puts her hand on his chest and begins to move it downward.
He grins, "Oh. But.... here?"
She nods, "Maybe in that closet."
He laughs, "You want to go in a closet?"
She smiles, "Let's go!"
The two run into the closet and start to undress.
They are complety unaware that someone has peeked open the door.


Upstairs in the boarding house.
David and Lucy walks into her room.
They are still kissing.
Lucy looks at him, "Are you sure you want to do this?"
He nods, "So sure."
He tears off his shirt.
She starts kissing his chest.
He unbottons her blouse, "I want you."
She looks into his eyes, "I want you so bad!"
David picks her up.
She wraps her thighs around his body.
He is kissing her neck.
He puts her on top of the desk.
Lucy moves her hands down his waist and opens his pants.
He looks at her, "You know once we do this it will change things."
She grabs his face, "Shut the hell up!"
The two go back to the passion.
He lifts her up against the wall.
The two begin to have passionate sex.


Liz looks at Colin, 'Are you okay?"
He nods, "Yeah. Why?"
She sighs, "I feel like there is something you aren't telling me."
Colin has a flahsback to his conversation with Reva:
"You can't tell her that her daughter is alive!"
Colin feels incredibly guilty, "Liz, I just want you to know that I love you and I don't want to hurt you."
She nods, "I know that."
He sighs, "I just want you and the people you love to be happy."
She smiles, "Your so sweet. I know what this is about."
He is shocked, "You do? What?"
She nods, "You want to invite my family to move in with us!"
He shakes his head, "What?"
She grins, "We were kicked out of the Spaulding Mansion and now you want us to all live here."
He doesn't know what to say.
She kisses him, "Colin it's so sweet. But I'm not so sure that they would want to move in with us."
He nods, "That's what I meant?"
She looks at him, "I thought. Isn't it?"
Colin is speechless.


Maureen and Jason are walking.
He turns to her, "Are you okay?"
She nods, "Yeah. I'm fine. It was just a fight. Kevin probably had a bad day."
He shakes his head, "I don't care if it's the worst day of his life. He shouldn't treat you that way."
Maureen sighs, "I know. But you need to understand that he was so embarrassed after what happened."
Jason nods, "Well I still think you should break up with him."
Maureen sits on a bench, "I really love Kevin. He's great. But I feel like there is something he is keeping from me."
Jason sits next to her, "Well you don't need him. You can get a guy who is honest with you and treats you the way you deserve."
She looks at him, "Like who?"
He turns ot her and leans in for a kiss.
She pulls away, "No! It's not right. I can't. It's not right."
He nods, "Yeah. I'm sorry. I"m gonna go get us something to drink and then take you home."
He walks away.
She looks over and sees a newspaper. She picks it up.
She is going through it when a certain story catches her eye.
She puts the paper down, "Oh my... Oh no! Oh no!"
She runs off.
Jason sees her and chases after her.


Remy and Stephanie go running through the park.
She stops, "I beat you!"
He smiles, "Yes you won!"
She laughs, "This has been a fun day!"
He nods, "Yeah. I'm enjoying it."
She turns to him, "And you thought I wasn't fun at all!'
He shakes his head, "No. No no. I knew you were fun. I just wanted you to open up. Be more of the girl that I see."
She grins, "Thank you. I like hanging out with you."
He nods, "Well I like hanging out with you too."
She steps closer to him, "This has been so much fun Remy."
Remy leans in and kisses her.
The two kiss for a moment but then pull away.
She sighs, "Wow. I didn't expect that."
Remy laughs, "Uh... yeah it just happened."
She nods, "Um... yes. I.."
He sighs, "I'm sorry."
Stephanie shakes her head, "Don't apoligize."
He nods, "Okay."
She walks away, "I got to go!"
He calls out to her, "Wait!"
She bumps into someone.
The two are surprised when they see that it's Blake.


Colin looks at Liz, "Um.. of course. I just think your right. Your family wouldn't be comfortable with us."
She grins, "That's okay. They can get another place to live."
He looks towards the not quite so built house, "Oh I set up a meeting with an decorator. She's cheap, but I heard she is talented. You know?"
She nods, "Yeah. I think that's great. I have a lot of ideas flowing through my head."
He walks, "Like what?"
She smiles, "Well maybe paint the living room Blue. I love blue. And a nice kitchen."
He turns to her, "Do you cook?"
She laughs, "No! But I think it would be nice. And a nice master bedroom."
He grins, "And guestrooms."
Liz walks around, "And bedrooms for children."
He walks over to her, "Children? You want children?"
She nods, "Yes. I mean I think they'd all be happy. I could have a room for the boys, girls, one for Sarah....."
Colin sighs, "Sarah?"
She starts crying, "I'm sorry! I don't know why I said that. I know she's gone I'm sorry."
He holds her, "You don't have to apoligize."

David sits on the bed, "Wow that was something."
Lucy gets up, "Oh God! Why did I do that?"
He laughs, "Don't act like you didn't enjoy it."
She gets dressed, "It was a moment of weakness. You took advantage of it."
He shakes his head, "I did no such thing. You wanted to be with me just as much as I wanted to be with you."
She scoffs, "I could do way better than you."
He gets up, "I'm sure. But you could do a lot worse too."
She stares in the mirror, "I'm such a whore."
He laughs, "Having sex doesn't make you a whore."
Lucy sighs, "I need to go for a walk."
He starts to get dressed, "Okay give me a minute."
She turns to him, "No! I need a lone time. We have had enough time together. Don't you think?"
He looks at her, "You regret it that much?"
She nods, "I do! I just broke up with Dylan a few weeks ago."
He laughs, "Weren't you still married to Alan Michael when you started dating Dylan."
She throws a book at him, "You are such a jerk!"
He shakes his head, "You wish I was. Then you would have a reason not to be with me."
She goes to leave.
He pulls her into a kiss.
She pulls away and then leaves.

Blake stares at Remy and Stephanie, "So how are you two?"
Stephanie smiles, "Uh we're fine.... well I mean I'm fine and Remy's fine. Well....'"
Remy walks over, "Hey Blake."
Stephanie steps back, "I'll give you two a minute."
Blake walks to Remy, "It's great to see you."
He nods, "You two. How are the kids?"
She smiles, "Well the boys have been busy latley. Clarissa is happy."
He nods, "That's good to hear. So have you thought about us much?"
She sighs, "Everyday. I miss you Remy."
He holds her hand, "I miss you too."
She pulls away, "It's just to soon. So much has happened."
He sighs, "I'm so sorry I lied to you Blake. I'm sorry."
She nods, "I know. But it's just... everything. It's different now. I need to look at my life and see what I need and what I want."
He puts his hand on her cheek, "I know what you want."
She sighs, "But is it what I need?"
He puts his hand down, "Only you can decide that Blake."
Blake looks at her watch, "I'm running late. I got to go. You have fun with.... Stephanie."
She walks away.
Remy takes a deep breathe.
He has no idea what is going on with them.

Mental Facility:
Reva walks over to Dr. Tyler, "What are you talking about?"
He turns to her, "A few weeks ago, Annie began to come out of her beliefs. She started to realize that this wasn't really the house. And that Josh wasn't here."
Josh walks over, "How did she react?"
Dr. Tyler sighs, "She was very upset and disturbed. I felt horrible. I had to leave."
Reva shakes her head, "Why? Why did you have to leave?"
He sighs, "Like I said. I had to go out of town. I didn't realize she would be gone when I got back."
Reva sighs, "But she was. And you have no idea where she is?"
Dr. Tyler shakes his head, "Your guess is as good as mine."
Josh is frustrated, "How the hell could this happen? Annie Dutton is insane! She could go after Reva or our children or anyone else we care about!"
The Doctor nods, "That is why we need to search for her."
Reva stands up, "She has to be back in Springfield. She is the one who has been sending us messages."
The Doctor turns to her, "What messages?"
Reva sighs, "Roses. Me and my sister both got them. And she was using my sister's credit card."
He sits down, "This just doesn't sound right."
Josh scoffs, "Well of course it doesn't. Annie is crazy! She could be in Springfield right now!"
Reva turns to Josh, "We have to get home! Now!"
The two run out.
Dr. Tyler looks at a book sitting on the floor.
He has never seen it before.
He opens it up.
He starts reading.
The Doctor is surprised by what he has found.

Mindy and Rick walks out of the closet.
Rick laughs, "Well this was by far the best day ever!"
She smiles, "I would like to think I had something to do with that."
He nods, "Oh you had everything to do with that!"
The two kiss.
They start walking down the hall.
Two nurses stare at them laughing.
All of the doctors are staring at them.
Mindy whispers to Rick, "What is going on?"
He shakes his head, "Do they know we were..."
She sighs, "I don't think so. We were quiet."
He is walking when something catches his eye, "Oh my God!"
Mindy turns, "Oh my God!"
There is a polaroid of them on the wall.
Mindy rips it down.
Rick turns to see them all over the walls of the hospital.
Mindy looks around, "Who the hell did this?!?"
Everyone giggles.
A mysterious woman is watching from the corner.

Police Station:
Maureen rusn into the station.
Jason follows, "Maureen!"
She looks around, "I need to find Mallet!"
He walks over, "What is going on? What did you see?"
She cries, "I just need to find him."
He holds her, "Maureen! What did you see. Tell me what you saw!"
She pulls away, "Mallet"!
Jason looks around, "I don't see him."
She gets a hold of an officer, "Excuse me. I need to see my brother in law. Detective AC Mallet."
Mallet walks over, "Maureen are you okay?"
She walks over, "We need to talk in private."
The three of them walk into another room.
Mallet turns to her, "What is going on?"
She cries, "We need to talk about this!"
She puts down the paper.
It's open to the article about Rocky Cooper's attack.
Mallet stares, "Rocky Cooper. Do you know him?"
She shakes her head, "No. But I think I know who attacked him."
Mallet stares at her, "Who?"
She sighs, "Kevin. It was Kevin!"
The two men stare in shock!

Reva and Josh break news to their kids
Liz meets with the designer
Mallet has information for Dinah
Maureen questions Kevin!
Bill feuds with Olivia
Marina and Danny have a serious talk


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Awesome! The love scene with David and Lucy was hot. Very well written. And as much as I like Remy and Blake together, I think a triangle with Steph will be great to read.

Lastly, you've got me soooooo hooked into this Annie story. I can't wait to see what happens next! :D:D:D

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I am looking forward to writing more for David and Lucy.

We'll get to Blake and Remy later on. But right now it's gonna start as a Sam/Stephanie/Remy SL.

Yep! Now I want to warn you that the Annie SL is not going to go as expected but bear with me because I think readers will enjoy where it's going.

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