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Episode 90



It's all about relationships in Springfield.........


Liz is covering her eyes.
Colin smiles, "Just a few more steps."
She laughs, "Can I open?"
He nods, "Now!"
She opens her eyes, "Um. It's a construction crew. What are they building?"
He smiles, "A house."
She looks around, "Wait... this is Cassie's farm."
He shakes her head, "Cassie's old farm. Now it's mine."
She turns to him, "Yours?"
He laughs, "I mean ours."
She is surprised, "Ours? Your building a house?"
He nods, "Yes. I know it's a little much. But I just wanted to give you what I thought you deserved. I hope you don't think it's too much. If it is I'll.... I don't know what but I'll do something."
She turns to him and jumps into his arms, "I love it!!! Oh my God! This is our house! We're gonna have a house!"
He nods, "Yes. We are. I love you Liz. I want you to have the kind of home you always wanted."
She kisses him.

Spaulding Mansion:

Cassandra hangs up her phone.
Edmund walks over, "Who was that?"
She turns to him, "The lawyer."
He nods, "And?"
She smiles, "Apparently he discovered a few problems with a deal I made two years ago."
Edmund walks over, "What deal?"
She turns to him, "I sold my half of the Beacon to Olivia and bought Cross Creek and then sold it to Josh."
Edmund sits, "Okay. What were the problems?"
She grins, "Apparently I didn't fill out the paper work right. So the deal wasn't exactly finished."
Edmund looks at her, "So wait what does this mean?"
She sits with him, "I own one of the two. Either I still have half of the Beacon. Or I own all of Cross Creek!"
Edmund laughs, "Well which one?"
She sighs, "Well if I play my cards right, which ever one I want."
He nods, "So that means...."
She finishes, "That we can use this to take down Olivia or Bill."
Edmund smiles.

Mental Facility:

Reva gets out of the car, "Wow this is it."
Josh gets out, "We're here. Are you ready to do. See Annie again?"
Reva sighs, "No. But we need to do this. Because if Annie is the one who's been leaving messages to me and Cassie.... I just need to know Joshua."
The two walk towards the building.
Josh sighs, "I don't know if they are going to let us see her."
She nods, "I remember where her room is. We'll get to her."
He looks to her, "How do you remember?"
She looks down, "I don't know. I just do."
Josh shakes his head, "No. Reva this is too much! I don't want to see Annie Dutton. I don't. I thought she was out of my life for good."
She turns to him, "What? Do you think this is some game for me? Do you think I enjoy this? Going to see the woman who tried to kill me? I don't. I really don't. But I need to do this."
He sighs, "Reva. you don't need to do this. We could go to the police let them handle this. But you always have to handle things yourself."
She shakes her head, "No one can handle Annie like we can. We know her. I'm going in there."
Reva hurries inside.
Josh quickly follows.

Old Museum:

Stephanie walks to the bathroom downstairs.
She opens the door to see Remy stepping out of the shower.
She runs out, "I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry. Oh my God! I'm sorry!"
Remy puts on his towel and comes out, "Hey. I forgot to lock it."
She turns her back to him, "It's fine.... No problem. Sorry."
He laughs, "I'm not naked anymore you can turn around."
She shakes her head, "That's okay I'll wait until your dressed. Sorry."
He walks over, "Yeah you said that a few times. I'm not mad Steph."
She nods, "I know. I know that. Sorry."
He keeps laughing, "Your so nervous. You act like you've never seen a naked man before."
She scoffs, "I have it's just.... your...."
He smiles, "I'm what?"
She shakes her head, "My roommate. And I shouldn't see your.... birthday suit."
Remy grins, "Okay well I'm gonna go get dressed. I'll be sure to lock the door to my room."
After he leaves she falls to the couch.
This has to be the single most embarrassing moment of her whole life.
But for some reason she doesn't regret what happened.


Maureen and Kevin are on a walk.
Maureen smiles, "It's such a nice day."
He nods, "Yeah I guess."
She turns to him, "How was school? I mean you must have so much fun at Springfield U."
He sighs, "I don't know. I hate all of my classes."
She nods, "Oh. But football must be good. I mean you got a scholarship for it."
He scoffs, "I'm the worst on the team. I made a complete ass out of myself today."
She sighs, "I'm sorry. I know how difficult that must be sweetie..."
He pulls away, "What? No. You don't know."
She walks over to him, "Sorry. I didn't mean it like that. I just know that you try hard."
He shakes his head, "Oh yeah. What are you saying I'm not as good as I thought I was?"
She walks closer to him, "No. I just mean that I know you try your best. You were the best in school."
He walks around, "God! I can't talk to you anymore! Your so ignorant! You live in this fantasy world where if your a good person good things will happen."
She sighs, "Is this about what happened last month?"
He grabs her, "I told you not to talk about that!"
She cries, "I'm sorry but you were really upset that night. And then later your house burned down. It's got to be a lot of stress for you!"
He lets go of her and leaves her there.
Maureen is crying.
She hears footsteps and turns around to see Jason standing behind her.


Lucy is carrying a tray.
She bumps into the counter and hurts her side, "Damn it!"
She throws everything down.
The customers all stare at her.
She storms outside.
Lucy sits on the bench outside crying.
David walks up, "Hard day at work?"
She looks up at him, "No. I just thought it would be fun to make a fool out of myself and run crying outside."
He laughs, "What happened?"
She scoffs, "Oh 'what happened?' You! You made me lose my job! Now I working at my father's diner!"
He looks at her, "You've been a waitress before Lucy."
She stands up, "I know! But I was working at Lewis! I had a great job that I was good at! And now I'm waiting tables! I'm nothing."
He walks over to her, "Wow. I can't believe what you've become. You used to be a down to earth girl. Now your this stuck up brat."
She rolls her eyes, "What the hell is your problem."
He yells, "My problem is that you used to be my friend. Lucy Cooper. But now I don't know who the hell you are. You changed when you and Alan Michael moved to France. What the hell happened?"
She scoffs, "You annoying bastard!"
She goes to slap him but he grabs her arm.
They stare into each other's eyes.


Old Museaum:
Remy walks over to Stephanie, "I'm fully dressed now."
She nods, "Yes. I guess so. Sorry about before. I had no idea."
He smiles, "Your a really nice girl you know that?"
She laughs, "I've been told that."
He walks around her, "You need to loosen up though."
She shakes her head, "I'm a little shy sometimes I guess. But I'm not dull or anything am I?"
He laughs, "No. You aren't dull. I just think you need to learn to have a little more fun you know?"
She nods, "Yeah. I guess I just have trouble letting loose."
He smiles, "Well I used to. But I don't know after a while you just have to say that life is to short not have fun. That was my motto when I was with...."
She sighs, "Blake? I'm sorry that things didn't work out with you two."
He shakes his head, "Well we're just taking a break. We'll get back together soon. I mean we're not over. It's just time for us to step back and look at our relationship. We'll be back together soon and I'll be out of this place."
She nods, "Well I'll miss you when you leave."
He grins, "Yeah. I'll miss you too."
She looks at her watch, "Oh I have to get to the library."
He walks over to her, "You need a ride?"
She shakes her head, "No I was thinking of walking."
He walks to the door, "I'll go with you. I mean is that cool."
She nods, "Yeah. It's 'cool'."
He opens the door for her and the two leave.

Liz looks around, "Wow this place is beautiful."
Colin nods, "Yep. I wasn't sure it would look so good after Cassie burned it down last year but it still looks nice."
He walks, "I was thinking of planting flowers around the house. I know how much you love them."
She smiles, "You know me better than anyone else."
Colin looks out into the distance, "The barn is still there. Let's go check it out."
She shakes her head, "No. I don't want to see it."
He holds her hand, "Well we don't have to look at it but we could have some fun in it."
She pulls her arm away, "No! I'm sorry it's just.... that barn was one of Jonathan and Tammy's places."
He is confused, "Places?"
She nods, "They had places where they would meet up and.... be together. And a lot of it took place while we were still married so..."
He sighs, "Oh."
She turns to him, "Don't feel bad. You didn't know. But you know there is a lot of stuff you don't know yet."
Colin feels guilty as he knows that's a big lie.

Lucy pulls away, "God I hate you!"
David sighs, "You used to be different remember? Remember when we lived in the boarding house. We were friends. Now look at you."
She scoffs, "Yeah. I grew up! I realized that if you want something in this world you don't get it by being nice."
He shakes his head, "No. But you don't have to hurt people just to get what you want Lucy!"
She sits down, "I hate this! A few weeks ago I was in a relationship with Dylan. We were running Lewis together. We were gonna take on the world. And now... I have nothing."
He sits next to her, "You have your family."
She laughs, "Oh yeah. Look. I'm working in a diner. I want different things than my family."
He looks at her, "Well you have me."
She turns to him, "Your a cop. I can't trust you."
He sighs, "I can still be a good friend."
She looks down, "I don't need a friend. I need a man. And I know this sounds selfish. But I deserve more than this."
He looks at her, "That's not selfish. You deserve so much more."
Lucy turns to him.
David leans in and kisses her.
Lucy is surprised at first but soon puts her arms around him and kisses him back.

Spaulding Mansion:
Edmund smiles at Cassandra, "So you are going to use this to help me get custody of Baby Richard?"
She nods, "Yes. But the thing is I need to choose. Do I want to own half of the Beacon or all of Cross Creek. It comes down to who do we need ammo against."
He nods, "Well Olivia is a difficult rival. And that hotel means a lot to her."
She stands up, "But Bill and his family love Cross Creek. I just wonder what would happen if they're sweet cabin was in jeopardy."
He laughs, "Well wait isn't there some sort of loophole. I mean you owned Cross Creek... when it was in Cross Creek."
She nods, "Well I could just claim the cabin. It wouldn't be good publicity to destroy the verterans hospital."
He stands, "Are you sure you want to do this? Because you are going to make some strong enemies."
She grins, "Oh but in the end I win. I'm in control and no one can stop me. So what if they hate me? Join the club."
He laughs, "I like that attitude."
She goes walking, "I'm gonna go make some phone calls."
Cassandra walks outside to see the staff circling the garden.
She walks over to see that the plants have been burned, "What happened?"
A guard turns to her, "We were about to tell you ma'am someone threw something over the gate and set a fire. We put it out before anymore damage was done."
She knows this must be the same person that sent her roses.

Jason walks over to Maureen.
She looks up at him, "How long have you been here?"
He sighs, "Long enough. How often does he treat you like that?"
She cries, "He hasn't always been like this. It started a few weeks ago."
He helps her up, "What happened Maureen?"
She sighs, "The night of the fire Kevin and I were together. We were going to make love that night. But we didn't. He.... couldn't."
Jason nods, "Oh."
She takes a deep breathe, "He got mad and left. Then he got home to see his house on fire."
Jason turns to her, "That doens't excuse his actions."
She nods, "I know. But after that he changed. I think there is something he isn't telling me."
He walks over to her, "Like what?"
She cries, "Maybe I'm not attractive enough for him?"
He shakes his head, "No. That is not possible. Your beautiful."
Maureen smiles, "Your too sweet."
Jason takes her by the hand, "You want me to walk you home?"
She nods, "Yes. Thank you."
Jason walks with Maureen.

Mental Facility:
Reva is walking around.
Josh follows, "Reva I don't know if we are going to find her."
She sighs, "It'll be okay."
He shakes his head, "We shouldn't have snuck past the front desk. We'll get into trouble."
She sighs, "Joshua I need to do this! Please just help me or go home."
He looks at her, "Reva I know how hard this is going to be on you. I can't stand to see you go through all of this again."
She nods, "I know. But I have to stop Annie. I need to see her now."
Reva keeps walking and stops in front of a door.
Josh looks over, "Is this it?"
She nods, "Yes it is."
Josh sighs, "Are you ready?"
She quickly nods, "Yes. I'm ready."
Reva puts her hand on the door. She is surprised that it is already open.
Reva pushes open the door.
The two look in.
It still looks like the study of their old house.
Reva calls out, "Annie?"
A man walks in, "You know Annie?"
Reva nods, "Yes."
He looks at them, "Your Reva and Josh?"
Josh sighs, "Yes. Who are you? Where is Annie?"
The man sighs, "I'm Dr. Tyler. And I would like to know where Annie is too."
Reva and Josh stare in shock.

Reva and Josh are upset by the information
Maureen makes a shocking discovery!
Remy runs into Blake
Lucy and David share their passion
Rick and Mindy are set up
Liz has an upsetting moment


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Wow. Another fab episode, Jay. I don't know how you do it! I love the fact that Annie is missing, yet we still don't know what's happenin with the roses. And I know I've said this before, but pyscho Cassie is very interesting. Way better than the version on GL right now anyway.

I'm sensing a Remy/Blake/Steph triangle! And David/Lucy would be hot together too. Thanks for writing such good stories. :D:D

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Yep there are a lot of clues to the roses SL. When you find out what's going on it will all make sense.

I have a lot of plans coming up for Annie.

Lucy and David are the couple that I plan to be the next hot pairing!

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