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Episode 89



Very shocking day in Springfield.......

Reva Bend:

Reva stares out the window.
Josh looks at Reva in shock, "You think Annie could be behind this whole thing?"
She nods, "Yes. I don't know why. But it makes sense."
Josh shakes his head, "Okay but what about Cassie? Why would Annie be going after her?"
Reva sighs, "I don't know. But she did take everything from Alan. And that could affect Annie."
Josh sits down, "I really thought she was out of our lives for good."
Reva nods, "So did I Joshua. But if she's not..... Marah and Shayne could be in danger as well. So many people. She had a lot of connections."
He looks at her, "Should we tell people. Warn some of them that she could be back in Springfield."
She shakes her head, "No. Not until we're sure."
Josh doesn't understand, "What do you mean? How can we know for sure?"
She turns to him, "We need to find Annie Dutton."
Josh can't believe what she is saying.


Shayne takes Rocky inside of Company.
He is in on crutches for a couple of weeks.
Shayne sits with him.
Rocky sighs, "Wow I haven't seen this place in a long time. Or at least it feels that way."
Shayne nods, "Yeah. I've been staying upstairs in the boarding house. You since it's across the street from the hospital."
Rocky smiles, "You shouldn't have. I'm sure you needed to be with your Mom."
Shayne shakes his head, "No. What I need is you. And the thought of losing you put a lot of things into perspective for me."
Rocky sighs, "But you didn't lose me."
Shayne nods, "I know. But it still changes things."
Rocky looks at him, "I know what you mean. I wanted to talk to you about something."
Shayne smiles, "But I wanted to talk to you first. Rocky we've been dating for a couple of years now. We were in love before we came back to Springfield but we just seemed to have taken a few steps back. But now I know what to do."
Rocky is confused, "I'm not sure I understand."
Shayne takes his hand, "I want to marry you Rocky."
Rocky is in complete shock.

Country Club:

Alexandra is sitting and having a bite to eat.
Ed Bauer approaches her, "Nice day we're having?"
She nods, "Yes. I suppose it is."
He looks at her, "Mind if I sit with you?"
She grins, "Well know. I guess not."
He sits down, "So how have you been Alexandra?"
She laughs, "Well lets see. My brother just lost a baby. His son and him aren't getting along. And that psychopath Cassie has thrown me out of my own home. So yeah I'm fine."
Ed laughs, "Well I guess that was a stupid question. So where arey you staying?"
Alex sighs, "Well I'm staying at the Beacon. But last night Olivia told me I have one week to move out."
Ed nods, "Did she say why?"
Alex grins, "Well I'm not going to use her words. But she thought there was a much more hot and fiery place that me and my family belonged."
Ed smiles, "Well I know a place. It's not firey but I can turn the heat up."
She doesn't understand, "What?"
He laughs, "You could move in with me and my family. Into the Bauer Home."
Alexandra can't stop laughing at his suggestion.

Aitoro House:

Rafe walks into the house and starts looking around.
He sees a picture of his mother on the table.
He holds it in his hand.
Alan sees him from a distance, "Can I help you?"
Rafe smiles, "Ah. My favorite Grandad."
Alan quickly recognizes him, "Raphael! It's so great to see you! When did you get here?"
Rafe sighs, "Uh... not to long ago. So do you live here now?"
Alan nods, "Yes your father has been good to me."
Rafe grins, "Yeah. I can't wait to see you two sitting across the dinner table."
Gus walks downstairs, "Rafe?"
Rafe turns, "Hey Dad! Long time no see! How have you been?"
Gus is surprised, "You're really here?"
He nods, "Yup yup. I'm in town. To stay. I know Mom left but we can still have fun. Where should I put my stuff."
Gus knocks Rafe's bags down, "Not so fast."
Gus isn't to happy with his Son.

Spaulding Mansion:

Beth, Phillip, and Lizzie are on their way home.
They pull up into the driveway.
Lizzie walks out, "Oh my God!"
Beth looks out, "What is all of this?"
Phillip stares, "All of our stuff is out in front of the house."
The three start picking stuff up.
Lillian walks over holding Lizzie's dog, "Thank God! I've been trying to call you!"
Beth runs over, "Mom! Why is everything out here?"
Edmund stands at the gate, "Hello Beth. Phillip."
Phillip walks over to the gate, "What the hell? Edmund what is going on?"
Edmund smirks, "We're doing some house cleaning."
Lizzie walks over, "Edmund why are you doing this?"
Edmund sighs, "Oh Lizzie. I'm sorry but it wasn't my call."
Phillip shouts, "Edmund let us in our house!"
Cassandra walks out to the gate, "No Phillip. It's not your house. It's my house."
The Spauldings stare at Cassandra and Edmund from the outside of the gate.

O'Neill & Boudreau Law Office:

Mallet walks into Jeffrey's Office, "Hey Jeffrey. I need to talk to you."
Jeffrey looks up at him, "What can I do for you Mallet."
Mallet sighs, "I need you to help me with some information on Dinah."
Jeffrey laughs, "No! I'm not getting involved in your relationship with Dinah again! No. Sorry I've got enough on my plate right now."
Mallet sits, "Jeffrey. I'm worried. There is a part of Dinah's past that I need to know about. And you were there for it. Please help me."
Jeffrey sighs, "Mallet! This is your wife! Do you remember last time when she found out you were keeping tabs on her?"
Mallet nods, "Yes. But I need to do this. Please Jeffrey. Help me."
Jeffrey stares at Mallet, "How serious is this?"
Mallet shakes his head, "I don't even know but I need to ask you this. You were with Dinah in Europe for years. Did you and Dinah.... have a baby."
Jeffrey drops his pen.


Country Club:
Ed is sitting with Alex, "What's so funny about moving into my home?"
Alex stops laughing, "Ed Bauer can you really picture me living there?"
He nods, "Yes. We have a lot of different people there. My kids are there. The grandchildren. Mindy..."
Alex stops him, "Mindy Lewis? Oh no. I'm not going to live under the same roof as her!"
Ed sighs, "Well we still have the apartment over the garage. You could stay there."
Alex nods, "Well. That's seperate. I wouldn't even have to see Mindy."
Ed laughs, "No. I guess if you didn't want to."
Alex sighs, "Well.... I don't know."
Ed grins, "Come on! Alexandra I hate the idea of you being alone."
She looks at him, "I insist on paying rent."
He nods, "Of course. We can go over that later."
Alex giggles, "Me. Living with the Bauers. This should be fun. I like Rick."
Ed puts his hand out, "So it's a deal."
She shakes his hand, "It's a deal."
Ed walks Alexandra to her car.

Aitoro House:
Gus walks over to Rafe, "So you haven't talked to me or your mother and now all of the sudden you drop in and pay a visit."
Rafe grins, "Oh. You know how busy things can get."
Gus shakes his head, "We had a wedding. You didn't even show up."
Rafe laughs, "Well it was your second wedding. And all I missed was Sue running in and telling everyone the big secret."
Alan sighs, "Raphael. I'm so sorry about what I've done to this family."
Rafe shakes his head, "Mom. She was the one who was always telling me to put my faith in God. And she was banging my Grandfather the whole time."
Gus gets angry, "Watch your mouth! You don't talk like that in my house."
Rafe sighs, "I'm sorry. But it's kind of funny when you think about it."
Gus shakes his head, "It's funny? Is it funny that your mother had a miscarriage and now I don't know where she is?"
Rafe nods, "Maybe if you chose between Mom and Harley sooner than this wouldn't have happened."
Alan steps between the two before things get more intense, "That's enough! Now Gus I'm going to go for a walk with Raphael. You need to go see your children."
An angry Gus walks away.
Rafe walks outside with his Granddad.

Reva Bend:
Josh is shocked at Reva, "You want to go see Annie? Why?"
Reva scoffs, "Have you not been listening Bud? She is the one doing this! We need to make sure she is where she is supposed to be!"
Josh stands up, "Do you remember the last time we saw Annie? She is crazier than ever!"
Reva nods, "But she wasn't violent!"
He laughs, "And that's okay?"
She turns around, "But, last time we saw her she was insane. She was believing that she was still married to you. She was living in the replica of our old study. This doesn't make sense."
Josh walks over to her, "See! How can you be sure it's her that's doing this?"
She turns to him, "Who else could it be? Huh? No one. Only Annie would do something this crazy. I can't risk her going after the kids."
He shakes his head, "The kids? Reva the kids are in their 20's now. They aren't kids."
She sighs, "But seeing her could be hard for them. They used to be close to her."
Josh shakes his head, "Well in case you forgot she doesn't look the same as she did when we were married."
Reva looks in his eyes, "Joshua. I'm going to see Annie. Now are you coming with me or should I go alone?"
Josh sighs, "I'm not going to let you go alone."
Reva nods, "Okay. I'm gonna pack."
Reva goes upstairs. Josh sits down. He is nervous about seeing Annie again.

Rocky stares at Shayne, "What? Married?"
Shayne is excited, "Yes!"
Rocky is confused, "I... we can't get married here Shayne."
Shayne nods, "I know! But we can have a commitment ceremony. A legal marriage is pointless anyway. It's no different. I love you."
Rocky sighs, "Shayne. This is soon."
Shayne shakes his head, "We've been together for years!"
Rocky nods, "But we're a little young to even think about marriage."
Shayne is confused, "Not really. All of my old friends from school have got married."
Rocky sighs, "You keep forgetting. I'm several years younger than you. I'm getting ready to go to college."
Shayne starts to worry, "Don't you want to get married?"
Rocky looks at Shayne, "I just want to make sure your doing this for the right reasons. I mean do you want to be with me or you want to make us feel better."
Shayne scoffs, "I don't know what your talking about."
Rocky holds his hand, "You were worried about me! You thought I might not make it. I mean you don't need to do this."
Shayne looks into Rocky's eyes, "I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Please say yes."
A hesitant Rocky says the word, "Yes."
Shayne jumps up and kisses him.
Rocky isn't sure if he is ready for all of this.

O'Neil & Boudreau Law Office:
Jeffrey laughs at Mallet, "What? What did you ask?"
Mallet sighs, "So I take it you and Dinah didn't have a child?"
Jeffrey shakes his head, "No. We did not."
Mallet pulls out a picture, "I did some research. I found this. It's a picture of you and Dinah. She looks pregnant to me."
Jeffrey laughs again, "This is from when we were impersonating Richard and Cassie. Cassie was pregnant. Dinah had to pretend to be."
Mallet nods, "Oh."
Jeffrey looks at him, "That's what you were so worried about?"
Mallet shakes his head, "No. I think that some time when Dinah was in Europe she had a child. I just need to know if it was before or after she was with you."
Jeffrey is surprised, "Wow. Uh... Well I didn't see her for a couple of years before she came back to Springfield. But she was still impersonating Cassie. A pregnancy would have been difficult to hide."
Mallet looks at him, "So it had to be before that?"
Jeffrey sits back, "Well.... I found her in a turkish prison. She told me that she had miscarried a child recently."
Mallet sighs, "Oh God. The same thing Vanessa told me. But I have pictures the baby was born."
Jeffrey leans in, "Could the baby have died after birth? Maybe Dinah was to ashamed to admit it?"
Mallet shakes his head, "I don't know. But I want to know what happened to the baby and..... who the father was. And I need you help Jeffrey."
Jeffrey hesitates about looking into Dinah's past.

Spaulding Mansion:
Phillip stares at Cassandra through the gate, "What is going on?"
Cassandra laughs, "Well Phillip. I was informed that you and Beth were going to try and take me down."
Beth looks at Edmund, "You Son of a Bitch!"
Edmund grins, "Oh Beth. I'm sorry. But we can't have people like you in our house."
Liz walks over, "This isn't your house! It's our house. Our family has lived here forever!"
Cassandra looks at her, "Oh Lizzie. I'm sorry but this is my house now. I am CEO of Spaulding. And I am running the mansion. I really hoped you people would be there to help me. But all you did was turn on me. And for who? Alan? The man who made all of our lives miserable? Well good luck."
Phillip shakes his head, "You won't get away with this. Cassie you can't just take control of Springfield without getting hurt yourself. Believe me! I know!"
She laughs, "Oh this is priceless. The Spauldings are fighting to get into what used to be the Spaulding Mansion."
Beth is confused, "What used to be?"
Edmund smirks, "This is the Winslow Mansion now."
Phillip looks at them, "Wow you two have out done yourselves. Taking Springfield by storm!"
Cassandra nods, "Let everyone know that. I am no one to mess with!"
The two walk back to the mansion.
Phillip and his family stare in shock. Locked out of their own home.

Reva and Josh go to visit Annie!
Cassandra gets surprising news
Maureen and Kevin fight
Colin surprises Liz
David gets closer with Lucy
Stephanie has an awkward moment with Remy


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PLEASE do me a huge favor. Submit this to Barb Bloom at CBS daytime! I loved every scene, every character interaction, and every plot! It's so innovative and readable/watchable if it were on screen.

DK and EW really need to take a look at your page. Even if there were recasts for the characters who wouldn't return, it still would be an amazing show. It would be in the same ball park that ATWT is in right now.

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Thanks Matt!

I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. I wish they'd consider some of my ideas I've posted on here. And I miss a lot of these characters on GL.

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Way to go, Jay. Great episode. I can't wait to have Annie back and see Alex move into the Bauer home. Your ability to weave the stories together is really good.

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I'm glad you like the Annie SL. I have a lot of huge plans coming up with that. A lot of twists are coming up.

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