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Episode 77



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Everyone has news to share in Springfield.............


Gus holds the DNA tests in his hand, "Oh my God! What is this?"
Natalia is speechless, "Uh..."
Gus gets angry, "What the hell are these?"
She looks at Alan, "You said that..."
Gus screams, "Don't look at him look at me! Tell me what the hell this is about!"
Natalia cries, "I'm so sorry. Nicky I'm so sorry."
Alan walks over, "It's true. Gus, Natalia. That baby is mine."
She slaps him, "You told me Gus was the father!"
Alan sighs, "You said that if I was a good father then I'd let Gus and you raise the child. That's what I was planning to do."
Gus walks over, "I'm confused. How could he possibly be the father."
Natalia holds his hand, "You left me Gus. The night of our last wedding you left to go be with Harley. I didn't know if you were leaving me for good. Then Alan showed up and we... We.."
Gus isn't happy, "You what?"
Natalia cries, "I'm so sorry!"
Gus looks over at Harley. She is still in shock, "I'm so sorry Gus. I had no idea. Susan." Harley turns around, "Susan? Oh crap!" Harley runs out to find her daughter.


Ashlee and Coop are out on the bench.
Ashlee smiles, "Coop. You really want to go to Europe."
Coop nods, "Yes. I want to show you everything. I think if we stay here then nothing is going to happen for us."
She sighs, "I don't know. I mean I've never traveled."
He puts his arm around her, "But I have! I grew up there. We can stay with my family until we get our own place. It'll be great. Ashlee if you don't want to then we won't. But I think we could be really happy there."
Ashlee smiles, "Coop I think I'm ready."
He laughs, "What to go now?"
She shakes her head, "No. I mean I'm ready."
He doesn't underdstand, "What?"
She kisses him and then smiles, "Coop. I'm ready to be with you."
He smiles and kisses her back.

Old Museum:

Marina walks over with Stephanie.
Marina looks at it, "Yep. I think this would be perfect."
Stephanie sighs, "But it's a Museum."
Marina laughs, "I know. But it works as a place to live. I used to live here. We just need another roommate."
Stephanie shakes her head, "Well I don't know. We need someone who can work on this place. Get it fixed up."
Marina looks around, "I'll ask Danny to do it."
Stephanie looks around, "Well I have no idea where we are gonna get another roommate."
Sam walks in, "How about me?"
Stephanie is surprised to see him.

Gus walks over to Alan, "You son of bitch! Your supposed to be my father!"
Alan shakes his head, "I'm so sorry Gus. I've wanted to be with Natalia for a long time now. Almost a year. I tried I really did."
Gus grabs Alan, "You son of bitch! You didn't want me with Harley. You don't want me with Natalia! Do you just want to ruin my life all together!?!"
Alan looks at his son, "I'm so so sorry Gus. I really am. There is nothing we can do to change this."
Gus gets ready to punch him but Mallet comes over, "Gus!"
Gus turns around, "What?"
Gus looks to see that Natalia and the bridesmaids are all gone.

Spaulding Mansion:

Colin walks in to the office.
Cassandra stands up, "You wanted to see me?"
He smiles, "Yes. Uh I like what you've done with the place."
She nods, "Well thank you Dr. McCabe."
He gets to business, "Well uh. I know that you own that big old land a few miles down."
She nods, "Yes that's where the farmhouse burned down."
He sighs, "Well I'm interested in it."
She laughs, "Okay well I inherited it from my ex who was killed. Who got it from his Grandfather. It burned down when I supposedly tried to commit suicide. What else do you want to know?"
He laughs, "Uh no. I meant I'm interested in buying."
She grins, "Oh. This wouldn't be for your new girlfriend. Lizzie?"
Colin nods.

Cross Creek:

Ava is sitting in the livingroom.
There is a knock at the door.
She answers it to see Edmund, "Hello Ava. I wanted to see you."
She is surprised, "Why?"
Edmund sighs, "I really hate how we ended things Ava. I need to talk with you."
She steps over and lets him in, "I'm sorry if I offended you but it's not every girls dream to find out Edmund Winslow is her father."
He nods, "I understand. I don't have the best history."
She scoffs, "You've destroyed people's lives. I mean I've never met you but I heard a lot of things. What you did to Cassie, Michelle, Reva....."
Edmund continues, "And Beth and so many others. I'm sorry."
She sighs, "Well I never really cared for Beth so that doesn't really bother me."
The two laugh. Edmund sits with her.


Old Museum:
Sam looks around, "Wow Marah told me this place was cool but I had no idea."
Marina nods, "You wanna be a roommate?"
He smiles, "I think so. Is Danny Santos gonna be moving in?"
Marina shakes her head, "No. Danny and I are still taking things slow but he might be over here from time to time."
Stephanie sighs, "I don't know guys. I mean....."
Sam laughs, "Think of it as an adventure."
Stephanie takes a deep breathe, "I'd like an adventure."
Marina smiles, "So your in?"
She nods, "Yeah. I'm in."
The three spread out to claim their rooms.

Ashlee and Coop are in a bedroom.
Coop wants to make it special for her.
There are candles everywhere and romantic music playing.
Ashlee lies down and smiles at him, "I love you Coop. I'm so glad that your the one."
He smiles at her, "I love you too. And you look so beautiful and so sexy. I just want to make this special for you."
The two kiss.
As they undress Ashlee stares at Coop as if she's never seen him before.
Coop lays by Ashlee and kisses every inch of her curvy body.
Coop and Ashlee share a romantic night of lovemaking.

Cross Creek:
Edmund looks around, "Wow you live in a cabin."
Ava laughs, "It's more like a house. And the other Lewises live here. I'm Lewis now so I live with Billy, Vanessa, Dylan, Bill etc."
Edmund sighs, "A Lewis. Well I like you anyways."
The two laugh.
Ava smiles, "I guess it's nothing compared to your homes. The Palace and now the Mansion."
He nods, "You know the mansion is always open to you."
She sighs, "Yes well I lived there once already."
He is surprised, "When did you live there?"
She nods, "I used to work for Spaulding. And I dated Alan Michael."
Edmund looks at her, "Alan Michael Spaulding? Really what other boyfriends did I miss?"
She goes on, "Well there was Coop. And I was married to Sandy."
He sighs, "Oh yes. I'm sorry about Sandy. He was a good man. But your happy with Bill now?"
She nods, "Yes."
Edmund gets up, "Well as long as your happy I'm happy. But I need to go home. I'll see you tommorow?"
She grins, "Sure."
Before he leaves he says one more thing, "You know Ava even though you have mine and Olivia's blood, I'm glad you didn't turn out like we did."
He then leaves.
Later Ava makes a phone call, "Hello. Yes it's me. I have another job for you. I need you to get rid of someone. I'll pay you double. Her name is Marah. Marah Lewis."

Spaulding Mansion:
Cassandra smiles at Colin, "So you and Lizzie huh?"
Colin nods, "Yes. Uh we are in a relationship."
She pours herself a drink, "And you want to give her my land. Where I had my home?"
He sighs, "Cassie I just want to surprise her with the home that she always wanted."
She grabs some papers the drawer and throws them at him, "Fine. Have no use for the dump. We'll go over the official stuff later."
He looks at it. It's a layout of the land, "Thank you. Very much. I really appreciate it."
She looks at him, "You seem like a good guy so I'm gonna warn you. Lizzie Spaulding is dangerous."
He shakes his head, "Come on."
She nods, "I'm serious. Her whole life she was jealous of my daughter Tammy. Tammy was sweet and everyone loved her. Lizzie wanted everything she had, and every friend, and every boyfriend. But now that's over. Because Lizzie's jealousy ended up costing Tammy her life."
Colin nods, "I'm sorry Cassie but she's changed."
She sighs, "Well for your sake, I sure hope so."
Colin leaves but can't get all of this out of his head.

Gus looks around, "Where is Natalia?"
Mallet shakes his head, "I.... I don't know man. We just turned around and the ladies were gone."
Gus continues to look around, "Harley! Where did she...."
Mallet puts his hand on Gus's shoulder, "She's gone too. I'm sorry. Hey let me take you home."
Gus shakes his head, "But the wedding....."
Alan Michael comes over, "I'm sorry Gus. Um... how about I take your kids to the mansion. They can stay the night. And you can go home and get some rest?"
Gus nods, "Uh yes thank you."
Slowly everyone exits the church.
Outside Harley is on the phone with Cyrus, "Yeah she's gone. Well they could be anywhere now. We need to find them before they cause anymore trouble. The cops are onto them now it's not safe."
Harley hangs up and goes looking for her daughter.


Guillespie gets in, "Hey Susan, I got another job before we go. Ava Lewis is gonna give us a bunch of money."
Susan calls from the bathroom, "Well I just got money from Lizzie. We don't need anymore."
He laughs, "Oh Sue! We always need money. How's the new look going?"
She sighs, "I don't know tell me what you think?"
She walks out.
He smiles, "Great! You look a lot different. I always wanted to date a brunette."
Susan looks in the mirror in hopes that the new look will help her hide.

Gus and Alan get devestating news
Ava gets the shock of her life!
Marah is in danger
Remy's guilt catches up with him
Mallet and Dinah have a sonogram
Reva warns Colin


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  • Members

I like Steph, Marina and Sam (that pic of him is :wub: ) living together. It's definately piqued my interest.

I think I have an idea of where Natalia is headed....

And JAYJAY - Cassie being a rich bitch works for me. I haven't liked the character in years and the only time I have found her the least bit interesting is when she was 'Crazy Cassie'. At least now, she can be someone I love to hate. For a good reason... ;)

Lovin' the blog, buddy. Keep 'em coming....

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  • Members

Why oh why can't GL be like this! I really like Ava hiring a hit out on Marah and Gus finding out the truth. This is such a great blog! Keep up the good work man.

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  • Members

Thanks Greg!

I'm glad you liked the story with the young characers. Expect to see more people move in.

We won't be see Nat for a while.

I'm so glad you like Crazy Cassie!!!

Thanks Matt!

Next week the Ava and Marah rivalry has it's biggest moment!

And Gus is about to get some more shocking news!

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  • Members

Wow Jay greatness. Ava calling that hit our for Marah is really intresting. Coop and Ashlee's scenes were very nice.

Wow Poor Gus. ANd what a Bastard Alan is.

Another nice scene was Ava getting to know her real dad and confronting him on his past deeds.

I love susan's new look.. THat damn girl is always up to know damn good in the neighboor hood. I hope this all catches up to her soon. SHe is always causing trouble

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  • Members

Ava and Marah's rivalry is right about to hit it's big moment!

Alan and Gus have yet another shock about to come.

I like Susan a lot better as a brunette too. Susan and G are gonna be on the backburner for a while. So I can give more time to other characters.

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