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Episode 76



Surprises are popping up all over Springfield..........


Natalia is sitting with her Bridesmaides, "Thank you guys so much for this."
Dinah laughs, "Hey maybe second time is a charm."
Mel smiles, "I'm just so happy to see you and Gus finally have a big wedding."
Natalia smiles back at her, "Well Mel if you and Alan Michael get married then we'd be related!"
Mel laughs, "Well that's not happening anytime soon."
Olivia walks over, "We just want you to be safe. And Gus can keep you safe. And atleast Alan seems to like you. I mean you know he won't treat you the way he treated Harley."
Natalia sighs, "Yes. I suppose not."

Across the hall Gus is with his Groomsmen, "How do I look guys."
Alan Michael fixes his tie, "I'd say you look perfect. I think this wedding will be perfect."
Mallet laughs, "So you are officially divorced? We're not gonna be doing this a third time?"
Gus scoffs, "Very funny. It was tough but Harley and I are divorced. You guys wouldn't understand."
Alan Michael and Mallet stare at him.
Gus sighs, "Okay I guess you do since you both divorced her as well. But you know what? She'll be fine and I'll be fine. Right Dad?"
Alan is sitting in the corner, "Oh yes Gus. This wedding will be fine."

Harley's House:

Cyrus comes in, "What's going on?"
Harley walks over, "Susan ran away! You were right!"
Cyrus sighs, "I knew it! My brother is gone too. But I thought we had another week!"
Harley is worried, "It gets worse! Mallet called last night he wants me to bring her in tonight for questioning. He wouldn't tell me what! I told him she was out of town."
Cyrus tries to calm her down, "It's gonna be okay. We're gonna find her."
Harley gets a text message, "It's from Susan! She wants me to meet her at the old church!"
Cyrus gets up, "Let's go!"
She stops, "Wait! Gus and Natalia are getting married there. Susan ruined this for them last time. She might be trying to do it again."
Cyrus nods, "I guess we will take that chance."
The two head out.

Susan is sitting in the basement, "Oh Natalia. I thought you were so innocent. Gus loves Harley so he needs to know your dirty little secret." She holds the DNA tests in her hand, "Did you sleep with Alan? Oh you don't deserve Gus. This one is for you Harley."
Susan goes down the hall.

Lewis Construction:

Lucy is walking out.
David approaches, "Well Lucy Cooper. How have you been?"
She laughs, "David! How are you?"
He smiles, "I'm fine. I'm actually here on police business."
She steps back, "What? Why? Lewis Construction hasn't done anything wrong."
David walks around her, "Well Lucy. There have been some illegal underground deals going on."
Lucy scoffs at him.


Ashlee and Coop are sitting with Doris and Buzz.
Ashlee smiles, "Mom look at the ring."
Doris sighs, "Well I guess he'll get you a bigger stone eventually."
Buzz looks over, "Doris?"
Doris laughs, "I'm kidding Buzz. I helped him pick it out."
Ashlee turns to her, "You knew?"
Coop holds her hand, "Yes she did. Your Mom has been great Ashlee."
Ashlee and Doris hug."
Buzz hugs Coop, "So have you two set a date yet?"
Ashlee laughs, "Well we aren't going to rush it."
Coop nods, "Oh and wait until Ashlee hears my next surprise."
Ashlee smiles.

The woman have all made there way down the isle.
Little Angela is the flower girl.
Natalia follows. She has her eyes on Gus she walks towards him.
In the corner of her eye she sees Alan.
The baby starts kicking like crazy.
She thinks to herself, "Why does the baby kick everytime I see him?"
But she keeps walking.
She gets to the end and smiles at Gus.
Natalia still has a small pain in her stomach.



Frank walks over to Eleni, "So what did you want to talk about?"
Eleni smiles, "Oh Frankie. I've got some news. Now it could be good or it could be bad."
He sighs, "Okay. Well whatever it is we'll deal with it."
She smiles, "I'm gonna be heading back to California soon."
He isn't happy, "What? Eleni how is there good news in that?"
She holds his hands, "I want you to come with me Frank?"
He is confused, "What?"
She continues, "I want to give our relationship another shot. But I don't think we can do that in Springfield. Please Frank. Please say yes."
Frank is very surprised by all of this.

Lewis Construction:
Lucy grins at David, "You know we used to be friends David."
David sighs, "Who says we're not?"
She scoffs, "You're looking at me like I'm some monster."
He takes a good look at her, "You look just as beautiful as ever. But there is something different about you."
She smiles, "I'm stronger. And I'm happy. I'm happy with Dylan."
David laughs, "Or are you happy with the fact that your dating your ex husband's rival?"
She shakes her head, "You know what I don't care how annoying you are. Welcome back."
She walks away.
He smiles, "You too Lucy."
He heads back to his car.

Gus is talking, "Natalia I've loved you since I was a kid. I never knew what love was until I met you. I know that it is fate that brought us back together. And fate will keep us together. And that our baby will know that."
Natalia taks through her tears, "Nicky. I love you. And I waited years to find you again. Now that I have I can't imagine waiting any longer. We are a family. You, me, Rafe, and our baby. Our child will grow up with two parents who love each other."
Natalia holds her stomach. She still isn't feeling well.
Susan is watching from the hall.
Harley grabs her, "Okay that's enough. You are coming home with me."
Susan pulls away, "Harley wait I have to show you something."
Harley looks at her, "No. Okay I tried but you won't. I'm gonna have to take you to the station."
Susan pushes her, "No. Harley no. I have to do something to make it up to you!"
Susan goes running into the wedding, "STOP!!! I have to say something. There is something everyone needs to know."
All eyes are on her.

Ashlee smiles at Coop, "What? Another surprise! Hey if your giving me a new car then I'm gonna flip."
Coop laughs, "It's not a car. It's another transportation."
He hands her airplane tickets.
She smiles, "Coop what is this? Are you....? Are we going to Europe?"
He laughs, "Yes! Ashlee you always told me it was your dream. Well I grew up there and I can show you the sights and introduce you to the whole Bradshaw family. Everthing!"
Ashlee is surprised, "But summer is almost over!"
Coop holds her hand, "I know. Ashlee I can't show you everything in a few weeks or a couple of months. I want to live in Europe. With you."
Ashlee is in complete surprise.

Harley runs in and grabs Susan, "I'm so sorry Gus. Natalia I'm sorry."
Natalia is upset, "Just get her out of here!"
Harley grabs her, "Okay Susan let's go!"
Mallet looks over at Harley, "You said she was out of town."
Harley sighs, "I'm sorry Mallet."
He shakes his head, "Hey take her to the station. David will question her."
Harley nods, "I will."
Susan pulls away, "No! Harley I'm doing this for you and Gus!"
Gus looks over, "Susan is everything okay?"
Susan pulls out the evnvelope, "Gus you don't have to marry Natalia. That baby isn't yours! It's not yours!"
Gus is confused, "What?!?!"
Susan shows the results, "Natalia's baby! I have DNA tests that prove you aren't the father!" She points her hand across the room, "Alan is!!!!"
The guests gasp.
The Minister closes his book.
The Bridesmaids drop their bouquets.
Gus looks at Natalia.
She glances at Alan in shock who looks guilty.
Harley drops Susan's arms and stares in shock.

Susan and Guillespie make plans
Edmund and Ava bond
Ashlee and Coop take the next step
Gus isn't happy with Natalia or Alan
Colin gets a warning about Lizzie
Three of Springfield's young adults move in together.


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OMG! Nice twist, my friend. Very good!! YAY!! Now I'll be waiting for the next episode to see what Gus is gonna do now. Should be interesting!

I didn't want to pressure you about Shayne and Rocky. I know you will get around to it soon enough. I hope Ash takes Coop up on his offer so they can live "happily ever after" in Europe somewhere. Less Coopers and more Bauers is always good for me.

Terrell Tilford is a hottie. Just thought I'd throw that in there somewhere...

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  • Members

Don't worry no pressure here. :D

Ashlee and Coop could ride off into the sunset. I'm glad you feel that way. I'm working hard to refocus on the Bauer Family. :)

I have a lot of plans for David's character.

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Hi Greenie!

At the moment Mindy is kind of on the back burner. But she is about to get involved in a big SL coming up. She'll be involved in a Love Triangle. And she'll be feuding with an old rival from her past. :)

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WOW!! Loved the wedding. WOW i am in total shock right now. Susuan of all people. She's really a bad little number. What is Gus and Nat going to do now that the cat is out the bag.

I see the ground work is being laid for some exits so sad to see Ash and Coop go. I don't give 2wo cents about Frank and his girl so good bye to them.

I have to echo's Greg comment Terell is so damn fine

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