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Episode 75



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Everyone has something to reveal in Springfield............

Bauer Home:

Mel is standing at the door with Leah.
Mindy answers, "Oh. Hello Mel. Leah your Dad's upstairs."
Leah goes up.
Mel walks in, "Hi Mindy. I didn't expect to see you here."
Mindy nods, "Oh I live here now."
Mel is surprised, "Oh. Well I just thought that after Beth moved out that Rick would just spend some alone time."
Mindy giggles, "Well we've been spending alone time... together. We are living together."
Mel is very surprised.

Spaulding Mansion:

Beth and Phillip are moving there stuff back in.
Lizzie walks over, "Hey Mom. Dad. Are you guys moving back in?"
Beth nods, "Yes. I'm going to be in this room and your father's down the hall. James took Penelope to her nursery."
Lizzie nods, "Well that's great. I actually wanted to talk to you two."
Phillip smiles, "What about sweetheart?"
Lizzie smiles, "I'm in a relationship that you guys should know about."
Beth is surprised, "You are? That's great. I know things have been hard since Jonathan and Sarah died."
Lizzie sighs, "Well yes I think they would want me to move on."
Phillip hugs her, "Well who is the guy? I want to meet him."
Lizzie smiles at her parents, "You already have. It's Colin?"
Beth shakes her head, "Colin? Who's Colin?"
Lizzie nods, "Colin McCabe."
Phillip questions, "Wait Dr. McCabe?"
The two are very confused.


Ava walks over to everyone, "What? What are you talking about?"
Olivia sighs, "Ava come sit down."
Ava shouts, "No! You just said that Edmund Winslow was my father! Jeffrey is my father!"
Bill walks over, "Ava he's not. Edmund is your biological father."
Ava pushes him, "No! Stop it! Jeffrey I'm sorry I don't understand what they are talking about!"
Jeffrey holds Ava, "I'm so sorry Ava. But it's true. I'm not your biological father."
Ava cries, "No! No! This is a mistake! It has to be!"
Jeffrey tries to calm her down, "We did our research."
Ava looks at him, "So what? You just couldn't believe I was your daughter! You went digging to prove it wrong!"
Marah walks over, "I did! Jeffrey didn't start the digging. I did Ava."
Ava jumps on her, "You lying Bitch! I will kill you! You worthless, jealous, BITCH!!!"
They pull her off of Marah.
Edmund walks in, "It's true Ava. I am your father."
Ava is completley overwhelmed with information.

Aitoro House:

Alan looks at Natalia, "You and Gus will be great parents."
Natalia shakes her head, "What? What?"
He sighs, "I'm not the father."
Natalia cries, "Oh! Thank you God! Thank you. Thank you!"
Alan take the envelope and heads to the door.
Natalia stops him, "Alan. Please promise that you will let Gus and I be happy. Please?"
Alan turns to her, "As long as your promise to raise my..... Grandchild with love and joy."
Natalia nods, "We will."
Alan walks out.
He takes one last look at the DNA test and then throws it in the garbage can.
Moments later Guillespie, who was following Alan, takes the envelope.


Cyrus is walking Harley.
Harley pulls away, "Thats enough Foley. I know what guys like you do taking people out to the woods."
He looks at her, "We need privacy."
She shakes her head, "For what?"
Cyrus sighs, "Harley..."
She stops him, "Excuse me! It's Detective Cooper to you."
He scoffs, "So what I can't call you by your first name?"
She shakes her head, "I don't even know you! I just know you dated my niece."
He continues, "I can help you. I can help you with Susan."
Harley steps back, "What about Susan? She's a good kid. She's not in any trouble."
He scoffs, "She's working with him isn't she? Mark Guillespie? Her boyfriend who murdered Tammy Winslow. And I know they were behind the murder of Mallet's sister Julie."
She gets worried, "How do you know all of this?"
He sighs, "He is my brother."
Harley is taken back by that news.


Blake looks into the camera, "Hello. And we're back with Ashlee Wolfe. Ashlee you said that your relationship with Coop had an impact on your problem."
Ashlee sighs, "Well it wasn't him. Coop has brought so much to my life. I mean I love him more than I could ever imagine but I guess I always felt uncomfortable because his last girlfriend was this tall, skinny girl. And his girlfriend before that was like a third of my size. So I felt like I was some sort of joke."
Blake nods, "And how did that impact your relationship?"
Ashlee goes on, "Well I still haven't been able to make love with Coop. I mean he has been more patient then I could ever imagine. I just don't feel comfortable and sometimes I'm afraid I never will."
A tear runs down Ashlee's face.
Coop holds her hand, "I would wait years for Ashlee. She is everything to me. I never knew I could have this kind of strong love that I have with her."
Blake smiles, "Well I must say Coop you are a great guy to Ashlee. And Coop has another surprise that proves this when we come back."
Ashlee turns to Coop, "What's going on?"
Coop just smiles.


Spaulding Mansion:
Beth questions Lizzie, "Are you saying that you are fooling around with your Oncologist?"
Lizzie scoffs, "What? No we aren't fooling around! We are in a relationship."
Phillip shakes his head, "No Lizzie. I know that you want to be with a guy but your doctor shouldn't be treating you like this!"
Liz gets upset, "What? What? I'm not some child anymore! I'm not the crazy little teenager that you have to keep your eye on okay? Two years ago! Just two years ago I was a Mother! And I was a Wife! And it took me a long time to get over everything and now I have. And I'm with Colin and you two have to deal with it."
Phillip sighs, "Honey I remember what happened with Shayne, and Joey. And your Mother told me what happened with Coop and Jonathan..."
Liz stops him, "Yes! But that was different. Shayne wanted Marina. Joey wanted Tammy. Coop wanted Ava. Jonathan wanted Tammy. And Colin wants me! For me!"
She storms out.
Beth sighs, "I don't know Phillip. Sometimes I see a strong woman in her. But sometimes I still see my lost little girl who can get very violent when things don't go her way and that leads to......"
Phillip hugs Beth.

Bauer Home:
Mel sits with Rick, "So I didn't know that you and Mindy were together."
Rick nods, "Yes. She was very good to me when I went through my divorce."
She sighs, "Well I guess since we're confessing I should tell you about my new relationship."
Rick smiles, "I already know."
Mel is surprised, "You do?"
Rick nods, "You and Frank! That's great! I mean he's my friend so it's weird. But I totally see the look you guys give each other."
Mel shake her head, "No. I mean we were but no. I'm seeing someone else. I'm seeing Alan Michael."
Rick is surprised, "Alan Michael? My cousin? Alan Michael?"
She nods, "Yes. I am."
Rick sighs, "Well first of all he's my cousin! And second of all he's a Spaulding! You hate the Spauldings."
Mel takes a deep breathe, "He is different. I really like him Rick. He makes me happy. Now if you'll excuse me I have to meet with him now."
Rick stands up, "Mel. I'm just worried. I know what the Spauldings are capable of. I saw it happen to Beth, Harley, and after what happened to Tammy... I just want you to be safe. Okay."
Mel nods, "Thanks Rick but I can take care of myself."
She leaves.

Blake smiles back at the camera, "We are back on 'Light Talk'. Now Ashlee I want to thank you for telling your story. Do you have a message for young girls out there in a situation like yours."
Ashlee turns to the camera, "Never give up on yourself and don't keep secrets from the people around you. You'll soon learn that things are million times better when your loved ones are helping you."
Blake smiles, "Speaking of which. Coop I think you had a question."
Coop stands up in front of Ashlee and gets down on one knee.
Ashlee covers her mouth, "Oh my God!"
Coop smiles, "Ashlee you have changed my life. I had no idea that one person could make another person this happy all of the time. Ashlee Wolfe will you make me even happier by being my wife." He takes out the ring, "Will you marry me?"
Ashlee is crying, "Yes! Yes Coop Cooper I will marry you!"
She jumps up and the two kiss.
Coop puts the ring on Ashlee's finger.

Aitoro House:
Gus walks in, "Hey Nattie! What's up?"
She smiles, "Nothing. I'm just waiting for you to get home. Are the papers signed?"
He nods, "Yes. Which means that in a week, you and I will be husband and wife."
She kisses him, "And now no one will do anything to ruin that for us."
Outside Guillespie holds the envelope, "DNA test? Why would Alan Spaulding be here with DNA test?"
He peeks in the window to see Gus rubbing Natalia's pregnant belly.
Guillespie laughs, "Oh Alan! No way! Well this little informations will come in handy."
He takes the envelope and runs off.

Harley stares at Cyrus, "What? You and Mark Guillespie are brothers?"
Cyrus nods, "Not something I'm proud of."
Harley walks around, "Does Marina know?"
Cyrus nods, "Yes. That's why she left me."
She sighs, "Oh God! I can't believe this!"
He walks over to her, "Listen I think they are about to go back on the run. He came to me yesterday and said he wanted to see me one last time before he left."
Harley shakes her head, "No! Susan is at my house. She won't leave."
Cyrus scoffs, "Harley listen to me! I heard you tell Gus that you were done chasing him. You need to focus on your daughter right? I can help you. Gus can watch the kids right?"
Harley nods, "Yes. Why? What are you talking about?"
He explains, "You and I can do everything to keep my brother and your daughter apart and out of trouble. Then I'll take him back to Austrailia. And this will all be over."
After a few minutes Harley agrees.

Ava looks at Edmund, "I don't belive you! This is some scam! You and Cassie are trying to sabatoge our family! Because I'm a Lewis now!"
Olivia slaps Edmund, "You Bastard! I trusted you!"
Edmund holds her hand, "I'm so sorry Olivia."
Ava walks to the doorway, "I remember that this is where I stood. Two years ago when you told me Olivia! You told me Jeffrey was my father."
Olivia walks over, "I'm so sorry! I didn't know Ava."
Ava looks at Marah, "Congratulations. You did everything you could and now you've ruined everything. I hope it was worth it!"
Ava storms out.
Bill follows after her.
Marah and Jeffrey leave.
Olivia throws Edmund out.
Olivia is still devestated by the news and falls to her bed crying.

Eleni has a proposition for Frank
Coop has yet another surprise for Ashlee
David questions Lucy
Gus and Natalia's wedding
Susan drops yet another bombshell!!!!


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Man, JAYJAY. I'm jonesin' for an update on Shayne and Rocky. Give us some good 411 on what's up with them.

I'm secretly hoping that the baby is Alan's, not because I want Gus and Harley back together or Natalia and Gus split, but "just because" :P

Anyway, you're really keepin em coming and telling a great story. I'll keep reading faithfully, even if I don't post comments very often....

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  • Members

Thanks Greg!

Don't worry about Shayne and Rocky. Because right now I wrapping up my current major storylines. I have a big one for Shayne and Rocky coming up which is going to be very dramatic.

I'm glad your enjoying the Gus/Natalia/Alan SL. I hope you love the episode I just posted. It's got a big twist!!!!

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  • Members

Wow another great episode. I dont feel bad for Ava one bit. I am glad this is all heppening to her. GO marah. I wanrted to comemnt on an ealeir episode bout a convo Josh and Shayne has.

I have a friend who belives thaat bi sexual people are just confused and I am glad that Shayne touched off on that.

I was shocked to see that Alan was not the baby's father. I thought for sure you was gonna role with Alan on this one. But now Cyrus has some info so lets see what he does with this.

And coops engangement was so nice on the show Very nice. Jay you have been doing some great wreiting for sure. It's getting better and better.

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Yes I wanted to make sure it was clear that not everyone thinks Shayne being Bi is real. I felt this was a story that soaps weren't telling. But the main reason I had the character be Bisexual was because on GL Shayne had a relationship with Marina and I didn't want to dishonor the fans of this couple.

Cyrus and Harley are going to team up to save Susan and Guillespie from themselves.

The Coop and Ashlee scene was fun to write!

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